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DeFi (Decentralized finance) is an application in cryptocurrency finance or financial system in the blockchain without the intermediaries or the third parties.

Why defi tokens? The tokens of decentralized finance(DeFi) are showing a higher value and are shaking things up within the markets. The main plan of defi is to recreate the financial services in a decentralized way that is without the help of intermediaries like banks etc.,. Instead of the third parties we make belief in the smart contracts(or computer code) in the blockchain.There are many defi tokens available in the market whose values are rising day by day.

Defi offers fighting interest rates that are unique if you would like to get returns from your crypto holdings, or if you would like to induce a much better interest rate than what the banks are supplying with you.

Tips to get into DeFi:


To save your cryptocurrency create a new crypto wallet.

Purchase a cryptocurrency using fiat to crypto exchange platform

Send your crypto from exchange to your crypto wallet.

For getting profit by earring interest transfer your crypto to crypto Bank.

Some brief talk about above tips:

  • Use of an exchange platform to change your Fiat currency to cryptocurrency using your credit/debit card or bank account.
  • Use your PC or phone to install a crypto wallet software which helps you to interact with the cryptocurrencies you purchased
  • Choose your cryptocurrency exchange platform which helps you to exchange your cryptocurrency with other cryptocurrency. You can also use your exchange platform to purchase new cryptocurrency with your fiat currency.
  • Earn interest using your cryptocurrencies by depositing your crypto in the crypto bank.

Want to know Benefits of DeFi?


DeFi can be accessed by anyone who is having internet connection. DeFi provides banking-like services instantly with smartphones.


Due to the unavailability of central authority and decentralized ethereum network , no one can block or cancel your transaction in your account.

High speed and low cost:

The use of blockchain technology makes high speed and low cost transactions.


Since DeFi is a distributed ledger which shows all the activities that are happening inside the blockchain network. And also the ledger stores all the information which can be viewed publicly.


The level of security in Defi, makes it highly difficult for the hackers to hack due to its developed blockchain technology.

List of DeFi tokens:

  • UNI
  • AAVE
  • LINK
  • COMP
  • DAI
  • WBTC
  • CRV

Brief note on DeFi tokens:

UNI (Uniswap):

UNI is a native control token of the Uniswap, where uniswap is a fast growing decentralized exchange in decentralized finance. The Circulating supply of the Uniswap token is 289,171,125 UNI. Uniswap permits patrons and sellers to swap ERC20 tokens. Uniswap is an ethereum based exchange that enables decentralized swaps.

AAVE (Aave):

AAVE is a token whereas Aave is a lending and borrowing protocol. The circulating supply of the Aave token is 12,303,436 AAVE. AAVE is used to reduce fees and it’s a multi-functional token used to control Aave protocol. Aave has advanced features of non-collateral loans, flash loans, Unique collateral type.Token price ($291.88)

LINK (Chainlink) :

Chain Link network helps various blockchain by providing data and helping smart contracts to firmly communicate with non blockchain platforms. LINK token is the native token of the chain link. The circulating supply of the chainlink tokens is 402,509,556 LINK. Token price ($22.17)

SUSHI (Sushiswap):

Sushiswap is a lending protocol whereas SUSHI is a native token of the Sushiswap. Sushiswap is a modern decentralized finance (DeFi) liquidity pooling platform. The Circulating supply of Sushiswap tokens is 127,244,443 SUSHI Everyone can add their token to the liquidity pool and earn.

COMP (Compound):

The circulating supply of Compound tokens available in the market are 4,470,006 COMP. COMP is a native token of the Compound lending protocol. The distinctive concern about COMP is that token holders can delegate their tokens to an address of their selection. Those who hold at least 1% of total supply can make new proposals. Compound Finance helps to exchange cryptocurrencies like ether, dai, etc.,.

DAI (Dai):

DAI is a stable coin which has a steady worth of 1 dollar. The circulating supply of Dai coin is 1,619,666,894 DAI. DAI is a ERC-20 token which works on ethereum blockchain. DAI was first implemented as a Stable Ethereum token. The main two key features of DAI is that it is decentralized and borderless.

WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin):

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is an ERC20 token that was created to integrate Bitcoin with the DeFi world. The token acts as a stablecoin for bitcoin, which means 1 WBTC can perpetually represent 1 BTC in worth. The circulating supply of Wrapped Bitcoin is 115,721 WBTC. Token price ($34,968.57).


Curve Finance(CRV) is a decentralized exchange liquidity pool which is designed on Ethereum for stablecoin trading in an efficient way.The Curve is an automated market maker (AMM) protocol since it uses market-making algorithms for reinforcing the liquidity of markets. This protocol offers a decentralized platform,which allows users to earn returns on their cryptocurrencies and to trade altcoins. The total circulating supply is 202,499,438 CRV. Token price $1.96.

Final touch:

Nowadays Defi tokens are showing a great growth in the world of trading and marketing. DeFi platforms are more secure by the developed technology of Smart Contract and also the Defi platform makes it difficult for the hackers to hack. As a Future of DeFi tokens, it is expected that the value of the DeFi tokens will increase further due to the increasing demand in the Decentralized finance platform in the market and the trading platform.

We hope the above description helps you to understand a little bit about the DeFi tokens. If you feel it provides you some useful information do share this page with your friends and colleagues. If you are more interested about defi share in your social media accounts.

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