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BEP20 Token Development

BEP20 Token Development Company

WeAlwin Technologies, the best BEP20 token development company, assists global entrepreneurs from blockchain project development to successful business launching. As the BEP20 token appears to be the base of tokens and paves the way for developing crypto tokens with the ability to offer compliance with multiple other frameworks, we build premium quality BEP20 tokens for our clients. So, you can smartly utilize the full spectrum of our BEP20 project development services and powerfully establish your business potency by applying Blockchain technology.

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Create BEP20 Token

Create BEP20 token for your business and win the market. The Binance Smart Chain is an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) blockchain, incessantly available with resources. Thus, its BEP20 token is low-cost, fast-to-create, and the best alternative to the ERC20 token. The blockchain has a massive volume that ensures your business project establishment; will have a wide community in the future, for sure. Additionally, the token is fully tailored to any practical use case, so that it can be traded on all major cryptocurrency exchanges in the market.

BEP20 Token Development
  • Migrate Token
  • ICO Development
  • Token Listing
  • BEP20 Token Wallet
  • SmartContract Development
  • Whitepaper Creation
  • BEP20 Token
  • BEP721 & BEP1155 Token

BEP20 Token Development Services

We, as a top-notched blockchain token developer, in the global dev industry, provide you with first-class BEP20 token development services. Regarding, the following are their details.

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BEP20 Token Creation - Benefits


The BEP20 token is fully decentralized. So that it lets all the token holders experience transparency in the entire token handling process.


We develop your new BEP20 token for business that can be bought and sold through different types of cryptocurrencies available in the market.


The BEP20 tokens are built on the dual-chain architecture, which is naturally compliant with both the networks of the Binance Smart Chain.

PoS &

While the PoS (Proof of Stake) enables token staking the DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) provides the token ownership and governance.

Different Types of BEP20 Token Development That We Provide

We offer you different types of BEP20 token development services mentioned below. Based on your business requirements, we can effectively work on the project.

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Utility Token

You can create your own utility token using BEP20 token standards with WeAlwin Technologies.

Governance Token

Governance tokens also can be built utilizing the BEP20 token standard for your business.


By using the BEP20 token standard, you can create a cryptocurrency that users use to trade.

Cryptocurrency Derivatives

Your own asset-pegged crypto tokens can be created with the BEP20 token standard, as well.

Features of Our BEP20 Token Development

Token Cap

BEP20 token development empowers you to decide whether they want to be hard-capped (minimum amount of funds) or soft-capped (highest possible amount of funds).

Token Minting

The BEP20 tokens can be used for generating further tokens, once they have been developed. It leads to an increase in the overall supply of the tokens concerning business.

Token Burning

Your BEP20 token also can be developed with the token-burning feature, which means if you wish to reduce the overall supply of the tokens, then, you can burn it.

Compatible Tokens

BEP20 token is compatible with Binance Chain (BEP20 Coins). So, using a basic wallet, you can switch between two networks: Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain.

Fast Transaction

BEP20 token is mainly created to speed up transactions into networks. Thus, your token transactions on the blockchain happen within seconds or as a swift.

Top Reasons to Create BEP20 Token on Binance Smart Chain

It Is On the Rise

The Binance Smart Chain and BEP20 token is now the most trending concept. So, your business establishment and raising funds will be easy and fast.

Minimal Gas Fee

The BEP20 token among others requires a minimal gas fee. Hence, it assists you greatly in creating a powerful token at the lowest cost for launching.


Your BEP20 token is interchangeable in both Ethereum’s ERC20 token and Binance Chain’s BEP2. So, it makes it compatible to use on both platforms.

Trusted Wallet Support

The BEP20 token standard is supported by trustworthy wallet apps. It establishes global users can securely receive, stake, and transfer their tokens with ease.

Can Be Swapped Easily

BEP20 and BEP2: both are generated by the Binance blockchain. So, they can be easily swapped and make a huge crypto adoption as a crypto-based economy.

Similar to ERC20 Token

The BEP20 token is very similar to the popular ERC20 token standard. Thus, its compatibility in use cases is highly embraced among crypto traders at present.

Fee to Create BEP20 Token

The fee or cost to create own BEP20 token will vary based on business requirements. The project development incorporates diverse immersive factors such as technology stacks, features, API integrations, the total project development timing, and complexity level. It all impacts the fee list for the project. Yet, we as an expert in the field of token development can make your investment entirely affordable and cost-effective. We could complete your project approximately between the cost range of $2K to $20K (approx.).

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BEP20 Token Development
BEP20 Token Development

Popular BEP20 Tokens

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Check Our BEP20 Token Creation Specifications

  • Token Name
  • Token Decimal Places
  • Balance of
  • Token Type
  • Token Symbol
  • Total Supply
  • Supply Type
  • Network

Our Development Process

We follow Agile development methodology in project creation focusing more on the quality of the project. Subsequently, here is how we create your token, step by step, for launching.

BEP20 Token Development
  • Exploration and discovery

    The initial phase of developing your token. We listen to all your business requirements, research the market, and discover targeted audiences to kick-start the token creation project.

  • Outlining

    We outline the project development plan based on your exact business needs. You can also collaborate with our experts for any additional ideas, market trends, and suggestions.

  • Designing

    Now, the project’s design process takes place following the plan documentation. We build a schematic design by tapping it into the BEP20 token parameters and sending that to you.

  • Development

    After you confirm the design, we move to the important process called “Development”. Here, on the basis of the parameters, a BEP20 token standard is developed without a hitch.

  • Testing and Project Live

    We accurately test your newly created BEP20 token and make it far away from bugs and errors. Now, it’s time to deploy it. Your project goes live for user access and your business is launched.

Develop Your Own BEP20 Token for Launching — Approach WeAlwin Technologies: The Industry-leading Developer for Your BEP20 Token Development Project.

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Why Choose WeAlwin Technologies for BEP20 Token Development?

WeAlwin Technologies is a leading blockchain development service provider that provides you with the best BEP20 token development services. We are a tech hub including 200+ web3 technology experts to work on your project. Here are the benefits that you acquire when developing your BEP20 token for business launching.

  • We offer complete transparency in the whole project development
  • You get your project completed with no compromise on quality
  • Your BEP20 token will be developed beyond your expectations
  • We provide plug-in and API integration solutions
  • The security of your token for business will be robust
  • Our development for your project is advantaged with a full customization solution
  • We provide you with 24/7 expert technical support
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BEP20 Token Development

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Frequently Asked Questions

BEP20 token development refers to the production of blockchain-based tokens (cryptocurrency) on the standard BEP20 of the Binance Smart Chain. It has various production stages right from ideation to its tokenomics for launching in the marketplace. Consequently, it is probably undertaken by crypto architects and developers like WeAlwin Technologies as having expertise in mining 250+ tokens under different token standards of different blockchain networks.
You can create own BEP20 token by partnering with a BEP20 token development company like WeAlwin Technologies. We provide you the best service by practicing effective token development services progressively that ideation, tokenomics (token name, ticker name, and maximum supply), and compilation.
BEP20 is a token standard for BNB (Binance coin) on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain), while the BSC is a Blockchain Network.
Yes, obviously. The Binance Smart Chain acquires lots of advantages for the users like marking BNB, validators return, and smart chain similarity across networks. Subsequently, its BEP20 standard token is dynamic with extra features and shine compatible with several tokens. Thus, it is definite to be beneficial for your business establishment and reach targeted audiences fast.
The cost to create BEP20 token on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) varies depending on business requirements. The development itself has multiple creation factors like feature-rich and custom-built BEP20 tokens. So, for approximate: the cost of building your own BEP20 token may be around $2K to $20K.
Yes. It is. We build your complete BEP20 token for launching at an affordable price. We also provide advanced technology solutions for your project to create BEP20 token for business.


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