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Smart contracts are digital contracts that are entitled to facilitate the business relationship among various businesses. It endorses blockchain technology and assists businesses by offering automated contract functionalities in a swift and a secure way. Their specialization is their automation without interruptions like third party interference, high costs, and time delays.

WeAlwin Technologies offers outstanding blockchain technology solutions and they have a wide experience in smart contract development services. They have an expert team who have experience in smart contract automation technology. Our protocol is a completely state-of-the-art process that assists you in generating and renewing contracts via our smart contract development technology.

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Our Smart
Contract Development Services

Designing & Development

We offer extensive smart contract design and development services with advanced and customizable features that would be adaptable for a wide range of industries.

Optimization Services

We help you to optimize the smart contract requirements as per your business needs and customize digital contract infrastructure. This can automate your business effectively.

Non-Fungible token

Enter into the world of digital collectibles and make million dollars by kickstarting an NFT marketplace or Non-fungible token using our exclusive NFT development services.

DeFi Smart Contract Development

Our DeFi based smart contract development mainly focuses on providing smart contract automation and execution with the decentralized functionalities without any interruption.

Smart Contract DEX

We contribute smart contract based decentralized crypto exchange platforms to perform business with proper contract management through automation and execution.

Smart Contract for Crypto Wallets

Start your crypto wallet business by inducting our smart contract development software that ensures the security of your wallet and conducts transactions swiftly and securely.

Ethereum and Hyperledger

Develop your ethereum based ERC20 & ERC 721 smart contracts in solidarity. We offer outstanding hyperledger based smart contracts for the health sector, financial sector, etc.

Swap contract

Swap contracts are financial derivatives that allow you to exchange your cash flow or financial liabilities from more than one fiscal instrument between businesses with our service.

Staking contract

The token owner can manage the staking operations of the users and traders by drawing a proper staking contract allowing the traders to use them as collateral for network operations.

Ethereum Smart Contract Development

As an outstanding blockchain development company, we provide exceptional, and highly secure and customizable ethereum based smart contract development services for your business.

ERC20 TokenERC20 Token Contracts

Convert your ERC20 tokens from one blockchain secured wallet to another eligible address, Our Ethereum ERC20 token contracts will provide you a better solution.

ERC 721 TokenERC 721 Token Contracts

Build your professional ERC721 resilient token contract for your NFT creation with our business specific ERC721 smart contract for managing your contracts and make it highly secure.

Stable Coin DevelopmentStable Coin Development

Get relieved of your uncertainty in the escrow and develop stablecoins for your business with our high-end and state-of-the-art technology based digital contracts.

Health walletHealth wallet

With exceptional blockchain solutions, we highly focus on providing impeccable ERC smart contract solutions for the health sector to securely store your health card and information.

Ethereum Based Computer ProtocolEthereum Based Computer Protocol

Our Ethereum based computer protocol will help you for token creation, redemption, distribution and exchange embedded with security features

Tron Smart Contract Development

Tron blockchain is the most sought by the businesses nowadays. It is because their transaction speed is higher than the Ethereum blockchain and their transaction costs are manageable and fine. Tron blockchain uses the Tron smart contract development for businesses which is seen as highly effective by several business verticals facilitating secure integration with high-end crypto payment wallets like Metamask, trust wallet, etc.

We, At WeAlwin Technologies are highly experienced in creating smart contracts thereby helping you to enhance your business to higher levels through a highly secure, automated and reliable tron token based smart contract development services. We offer customizable Tron TRC-20 smart contracts for your business.

Tron Smart Contract Development

Token Standards that
We use to Build your Smart Contract






Benefits of Smart Contract
for your business

  • Automated managementAutomated management
  • NO middlemanNO middleman in your transaction and completely decentralized
  • Speed and AccuracySpeed and Accuracy
  • no paperworkNo need for any paperwork.
  • Automated renewal and executionAutomated renewal and execution.
  • Transparency and clear communicationTransparency and clear communication
  • Storage efficiencyStorage efficiency in the cloud.
  • Secure and trustworthySecure and trustworthy
  • Irreversible technologyIrreversible technology
  • Reduced transactions costsReduced transactions costs

Industries and businesses that can benefit from our Smart Contract Development

WeAlwin Technologies help various industry verticals to get a distinguished blockchain for their business secured by a smart contract. Business that can benefit from our smart contract development include

  • Legal industryLegal industry
  • Retail industryRetail industry
  • IPR protectionIPR protection
  • HealthcareHealthcare
  • Energy sectorEnergy sector
  • Cryptocurrency exchange platformCryptocurrency exchange platform
  • Identity managementIdentity management
  • Accounting sectorAccounting sector
  • Supply chain managementSupply chain management
  • E-commerce verticalsE-commerce verticals
  • FintechFintech
  • Digital asset exchangeDigital asset exchange
  • Interorganizational recordInterorganizational record
  • Resource keepingResource keeping
  • Banking and securitiesBanking and securities

Our Smart Contract Development Tools


Our Smart Contract Development Process

Requirement analysis and research

We carefully listen to your requirement on smart contract development and thoroughly research and come out with a perfect plan that suits your idea and budget.

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Wireframing and Design

Our wireframing and design outline makes your smart contract look professional and hence most sought by many businesses because of our professional tinct.


With all the research and analysis that we have done before, we develop the smart contract software with updated smart contract coding by implementing the exact design and layout.

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Client Feedback

We regularly stay in touch with the clients to know about their feedback about our ongoing process and make necessary modifications as per their business requirements.


We deploy the software after a series of testing that involves testnet deployment, mainnet deployment and quality testing.

Why WeAlwin Technologies for

Smart Contract Development?

Being a forerunner in blockchain technology, WeAlwin Technologies is the best when it comes to blockchain development and smart contract development services. We have successfully completed blockchain development projects for various industry verticals and helped them to connect with their targeted businesses by a professional and automated smart contract software to ensure contract and management.

We, at WeAlwin Technologies, use updated and state-of-the-art technology tools to craft your blockchain smart contract. If you are about to start a business or you are likely to integrate blockchain to your business, it is best to reach us to get a highly secure, customizable, reliable and business-specific smart contract development.

Smart Contract Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart contract is a digital contract that outlaws the traditionality of the contract process eliminating the paperwork, time consuming processes, and storage facilities and approval within seconds.
It resembles the traditional contract but with an exception to physical presence. It is digital and online and can be cleared off instantly and renewed on the automation process.
You could not think of other companies if you want your smart contract more professional, efficient, reliable and trustworthy with various features for your business.
It depends upon the type of business vertical and your requirement. But we assure you we would take the minimal time possible to come out with your desired blockchain smart contract software.
It differs based on the requirement of your business and specific blockchain. We ensure an affordable blockchain smart contract service that would be helpful for your business in the long run.

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