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January 21, 2022

WeAlwin Technologies has been successfully submitting its presence in the crypto blockchain development market for years. Cryptocurrencies are distributed to the world finance industry. It is an effective alternative to our current transaction methodology.

Right from reducing the settlement time to eliminating a centralized organization on trading, it maintains a complete security quotient on its establishment among global merchants. In which, the crypto tokens or cryptos act as a cryptographically secure string of information. 

While cryptocurrencies are deliberate as digital money, crypto tokens are defined as digital assets. Yet, they are also transferable and transmutable with other cryptocurrencies or tokens. Touching on, let’s start exploring its absolute details in the following.

What Is Cryptocurrency Token Development?

The cryptocurrency tokens or cryptos are a cryptographical consequence of characters that constitute some data, which represents a virtual currency that could be lent, exchanged, sent or perform any other actions. It typically functions as a mediatory of exchange between traders and investors.

WeAlwin Technologies among the leading token development service providers offers you the best cryptocurrency token development service that meets all your project requirements in the global marketplace. It leads your expertise to an exponential currency trade to stay out by an exceptional functionality in the market with no.1 blockchain technology.

Benefits of Developing the Crypto Tokens

The cryptocurrency tokens are generally created and operate on an existing blockchain to empower transactions for building decentralized apps and executing smart contracts. And the cryptos are distributed in an established Initial Coin Offering (ICO) process. 

Consequently, here are the major benefits of developing crypto tokens for your decentralized blockchain cryptoprise online.

Streamlined Market

Token developments are the basic step to representing an asset on the blockchain. Once a token is generated, the particular asset could be easily traded or exchanged for other merchants without a centralized party. The effective flow boosts up your marketplace trading by eliminating frictions which are existing in the present market.

Robust Integration

One of the best benefits of cryptocurrency token development in your cryptoprise is it creates an integration in a decentralized fashion. Results, it performs adequately without any standards or creating dedicated channels. It offers eloquent experiences to the users by integrating different services on ability.


Blockchain is booming in the real-time crypto finance marketplace like Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Security Token Offering, and ICO. It firmly opens a very secured asset class along with providing an easy payment solution for the merchants. Besides, token creation also delivers a very active trading ecosystem in the market.

Value For Holding

Cryptos are more crucially represented physical assets. It holds value and could be also exchanged easily. Right from investment to store value and marketing, the tokens are highly advantageous in the cryptocurrency finance sector. As well as, they solve the problem of possessing multiple assets on trading.

Our Token Development Services

As WeAlwin Technologies is one of the leading giants in the global blockchain dev house, we provide the following cryptocurrency token development service to smart entrepreneurs like you for businesses.

      1. Security Token - As the name implies, the token provides 2-factor authentication. It could be used as a recognition to access your individual products or services.
      2. Utility Token - By the usage of a utility token, the owner can access blockchain-based products or services. For i.e. the merchants can use transact tokens Ether to access apps or make payments via smart contracts. Likewise, they can utilize the GAS coins to enter into the NEO network.
      3. Equity Token - An equity token is a kind of security token that creates equity in an underlying stock asset. To describe it in a clear view, one who owns an equity token has some type of ownership in his/her investment.
      4. Non-Fungible Token (NFT) - Non-fungible tokens are also unique digital assets. Hence differ from other Tokens. It has represented a specific asset owned by a specific owner living in the globe, there is no standard value. For i.e. it could represent any crypto goods like games, pictures, videos, music, etc.
      5. Governance Tokens - Governance tokens are highly important to the DeFi environment for the need for power balance. Utilizing the governance tokens, the users can vote on proposals that are related to their blockchain network.
      6. Stablecoins - Stablecoins are a subset of cryptocurrencies formed to hold steady to yield a value that does not change and they are also playing a vital role in the cryptocurrency market space. Stablecoins have become whole in the cryptosystem which offers a diverse set of benefits to the users.
      7. DeFi Tokens - Defi tokens empower the merchants and users to access financial services in a freshly built DeFi app. They elevate core DeFi options like investing, lending, borrowing, marketing, staking, and risk management.

List of different DeFi tokens that you can develop for your business employing experts from WeAlwin Technologies, the global DeFi token development company.

        • ERC-20
        • ERC-721
        • ERC-777
        • ERC-223
        • ERC-827
        • ERC-1155

Along with the majors, WeAlwin technologies also create tokens like TRC-10, TRC-20, TCR-721, BEP-20 for your cryptographical service business online.

Features of Our Token Development

We, at WeAlwin technologies, offer exhaustive cryptocurrency token development services and broaden our support and guidance for your blockchain campaign. Here are the best features of our token development for your blockchain-based DeFi enterprise in the crypto world. 

    • Programable Equity
    • Fractionalization of Greater Assets
    • Increased liquidity
    • Auto SEC Compliance
    • Secure Wallet
    • World Capital Investment
    • Largest Market Efficiency
    • No Middleman
    • Tailored Blockchain
    • Customized Smart Contracts 

Stuff You Can Ensure from Our Token Development

      • High Profit
      • Rights to Share Profit
      • Rights to Vote
      • Buyback Rights
      • Currency Flow
      • Assets in another fund

Along with these, you can also obtain additional characteristic benefits of your tokens from WeAlwin Technologies. They are like end-to-end ICO management and pre-ICO strategy to leverage your cryptocurrency marketplace governance.

How to Create Your Own Token:

Cryptocurrency token development prosecutes within a step-by-step progressive process in the creation segment. They are being listed out briefly in the following.

      1. Smart Contract - is specialized software, through which the cryptos are created and mediated to work on its fundamentals. Thus, an efficient asset transfer is enabled.
      2. Token Type Selection - Hence the tokens are smart contracts and being operated from the blockchain, it is the next step to select the framework to release effectual token supply management.
      3. Add-ons and Attributes - Following the framework selection, the tokens are activated upon. And, it is mandated now to make add-ons and attributes to facilitate the easiest token transfers.
      4. Token Identity Setup - It is an essential process of token creation. In which, the user’s identity particulars like name, symbol, and operational functionalities will be set up. 
      5. Token Out for Participant - After the identity setup, your token is now available in the transfer window absolutely, and listed for the use of representing crypto participants.

Why Choose WeAlwin Technologies for Token Development?

We, at WeAlwin Technologies, have cryptos market analysis experts to examine the latest trends ongoing in the global crypto token development. According to it, we deliver dynamic options in token creations such as fungibility, non-fungibility, marketability, and profitability.  These are the core factors that turn into grounds for the powerful performance of any cryptocurrency token in the current market space and trends.

We are always concerned about your complete desire to develop your cryptocurrency tokens with specified functionality parameters for the optimized use of the stakeholders at an affordable cost. Those parameters include expandability, tradability, burnability, fungibility, and viability.

Along with this, we also perform different kinds of token development aspects in our compelling blockchain network services. They are like 

ERC20 token development

TRC20 token development

BEP20 token development

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