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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Solutions
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Cryptocurrency wallets help you to store and manage cryptocurrencies for facilitating transactions within seconds. The transactions are highly secure as they are encrypted by public/private keys. Multi-Cryptocurrency wallets are the best way to store your cryptocurrencies as they have separate address for each coin as you can store them more securely under that particular wallet address

WeAlwin Technologies help you to create business specific cryptocurrency wallet development services and integrate them with your cryptocurrency exchange platform or crypto payment gateway. We offer customizable wallet software that you can modify based on your business requirement. Reach WeAlwin Technologies for your instant cryptocurrency wallet development solutions

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Our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

Single Wallet Development

We offer you single cryptocurrency specific wallet development services for your business that you can use to integrate to your NFT platform or for other purposes

Multi-cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Initiate your multi-cryptocurrency wallet and integrate with your cryptocurrency platform to make your transactions more smoother and efficient

Mobile and Web Wallet Development

We help you to create an outstanding cryptocurrency wallet that is highly compatible on various blockchain platforms and devices

DeFi Wallet Development

Make your users more confident by offering the control over the private keys and funds through the DeFi wallet with high security options

Data Masking

This is one of the security features in crypto wallet development services where blockchain technology is used as a data mask for securing user privacy and data protection

NFT Wallet Development

We help you to create your cryptocurrency wallet for Non-fungible token where you can either buy or sell your digital collectibles in a smooth manner

Merchant/POS Development Services

We offer end-to-end payment solutions to facilitate seamless transaction of cryptocurrencies through cryptocurrency wallet

White Label Crypto Wallet Development

Initiate your white label crypto wallet development services within 7 days with our instant and readymade crypto wallet development solutions

Types of Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
Services We Offer

Desktop wallet
Mobile wallet
Hardware wallet
Cold wallet
Web wallet
Keyless wallet
Types of Cryptocurrency

Benefits of our
Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

Seamless transactions


High end security features

High end security

Compatible on all devices

Compatible on all devices

Multi-signature wallet

Multi-signature wallet

Multi-cryptocurrency management

Multi-cryptocurrency management

Easy interlinking to any crypto exchange

Easy interlinking to any crypto exchange

Ease of use for both veteran and novice traders.

Ease of use for both veteran and novice traders.

Highly effective UI

Highly effective UI

Readymade customizable & High scalability

Readymade customizable & High scalability

Exclusive Features of our
Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

Multi-coin Compatible

You can start your multi-coin based cryptocurrency wallet for facilitating the exchange of various cryptocurrencies under one wallet

Enhanced Privacy

Our white label cryptocurrency wallet is built with unique security infrastructure that offer exclusive security and enhanced privacy to your transactions

Buy and Sell Crypto

Your users can easily buy and sell crypto directly from the cryptocurrency wallet software if they have integrated with their payment gateway or with the exchange

Customization Options

You can modify or customize the cryptocurrency wallet by adding or removing the features based on your business requirements

Multi Platform Compatibility

Our cryptocurrency wallet development software is compatible with all kinds of storage devices and operating systems like Android, iOS or Windows

Chat During Transactions

We have facilitated our software to make your users feel more comfortable with your cryptocurrency wallet by initiating in-chat transactions feature

User Friendly Interface

We offer user friendly user interface so that it suits best for your users (be it veteran trader or a newbie) to transact in your cryptocurrency wallet

Technological Support

We embrace technology and hence we offer technological features like QR code scanner and Near-Field Communication support to the cryptocurrency wallet

Portfolio Management

Your user can keep track of their current transactions and other transaction history on your cryptocurrency wallet software

Quicker Verification

Quick and automated KYC and AML verification helps the users to initiate the transactions instantly and exchange cryptocurrencies

Security Features of our
Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

Biometric authentication

2-Factor authentication

Optional logout of session

Multi Signature support

Private key support

Ledger based transaction register

Browser detection security

DDoS control and mitigation

Database encryption mechanism

Anti-Phishing properties

Cold wallet security

Log tracking

Our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Process

WeAwin Technologies follows a professional development process to craft your cryptocurrency wallet software

Blueprint Creation

We come out with an efficient blueprint for development & ask the clients about further suggestions. After approval from the client, we initiate the development process

Quality Testing

Once the design and development is done, we undergo multiple testing and send it to our client;s in-house team for confirmation

Customer Support

We offer uninterrupted support to our clients 24/7 based on any modifications or changes that the client needs to do in his crypto wallet

Cryptocurrency Wallet
Requirement Gathering

As a first step, we reach out to our clients and carefully listen to their requirements about the crypto wallet development & come out with best possible solution

Design and Development

After crafting a final design, our development team will customize the code and start developing the cryptocurrency wallet


After successful verification from the client’s side, we deploy the software with all the added essential features and provide the best crypto wallet that meets client’s satisfaction

Why Should you Choose WeAlwin Technologies for
your Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services?

Why Should you Choose WeAlwin Technologies

WeAlwin Technologies is an eminent cryptocurrency wallet development company with expertise in crafting business specific cryptocurrency wallets for your business. We offer unique, customizable and readymade white label cryptocurrency wallet development services that you can start your crypto business within a week

We have a team of professionals who are expertise in crafting the best cryptocurrency wallet development software. We use updated technology tools and quality testing engineers to make sure that the software has been designed and developed on client’s requirements. We provide 24/7 customer support that you can modify or alter your cryptocurrency wallet software at any stage of development. Kickstart your cryptocurrency wallet business with us

Frequently Asked Questions

Keyless crypto wallet is the use of a private key in the form of a biometric 3d scan in which you can let yourself be reminded of your private key address as it is no longer necessary.
Yes, for sure. We offer you the best and updated NFT specific cryptocurrency wallet (Mostly ethereum wallet) for your buying and selling activities in your NFT marketplace.
It may differ on the type of wallet you choose and the customization and add-on features you put into your wallet. We assure you the best crypto wallet development services at affordable prices.

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