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There is no unit to measure technology, and with its evolution, the things we thought to be far-fetched are gradually getting closer to the point where anything is possible. Considering the progress of Web 3.0 development, which is nothing less than a revolution, a different technological environment awaits us. With the emergence of decentralized applications, every domain has been rushing towards incredible innovations and ideas. The Web3 platform foresees a decentralized reality. Stepn is one such application that connects reality with the virtual world. Let’s get ourselves some insights into Stepn clone scripts, Web 3 lifestyles, move-to-earn apps, and the like. 

 What Is a Stepn Clone Script?

A Stepn clone script is a ready-to-use app script that mimics the essential features of the Stepn app and it helps in the creation of a move-to-earn app like stepn without time consumption. 

How a Stepn App Is Distinct from a Stepn Clone App?

A Stepn app is a Web3 lifestyle application that is built on the Solana blockchain, encompasses the Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements, and it offers users rewards in the form of tokens for running, jogging or any kind of physical activity. With the rewards the users receive, they can trade or create new shoes. 

A Stepn clone app bears a strong resemblance to the Stepn app in terms of pattern and functionalities. WeAlwin Technologies, a top-tier Web3 development company, provides white-label solutions thereby facilitating Stepn Clone app development.

Features of Stepn Clone Script 

The imperative features of a Stepn clone app are as follows: 

Cryptocurrency Integration

User Management

Activity Tracking

Social Features 

Security and Privacy

Decentralized Wallet  

Cryptocurrency Integration - The clone app has to include integration with blockchain a network so that users can store, send, and receive cryptocurrency. Distributing rewards to users and allowing them to exchange their rewards necessitate cryptocurrency integration.  

User Management -  The clone software should encompass user management features such as registration, login, and account settings. It is necessary that the clone app must include tools to manage activity history, transactional records, and reward balances.

Activity Tracking - The clone script has to be inclusive of the ability to track users’ physical activities for example, distance traveled, steps taken, and calories burnt. 

Social Features -  In order to boost up user engagement, it is expected of the clone to let users connect with friends, share and exchange rewards, and join communities.

Security and Privacy -  Ensuring the protection of users’ data must be the topmost priority of the clone script and the measures could  include two factor authentication, and encryption. 

Decentralized Wallet -  The decentralized wallet in the app is for storing coins and the swap function is aligned with the wallet and it allows users to exchange different tokens with liquidity. 

How does the Stepn App Function? 

The procedure for installing this app is the same as that for downloading any other application on a mobile phone. 

Users have to download the application and sign up with their mail address. 

They must link their wallets and deposit SOL tokens in the in-app wallet

They should check the variety of NFT sneakers available and buy them with the Solana tokens. The sneakers have different attributes such as efficiency, and resilience.

The energy of the NFT sneakers varies and they will let you carry out running or jogging according to it. 

Upon the completion of the activities, users will be rewarded with tokens.  

Revenue Generating Modules

By levying a certain amount of taxes on in-app activities like NFT trading, minting, and renting, the Stepn app generates revenue. Money can be made through issuing the tokens named GST( Green Sathoshi Token) and GMT( Green Metaverse Token)

Green Sathoshi Token -  Users can acquire this token through different methods, such as by taking part in activities like running, walking, or jogging. Through the users’ participation in the token generation event, GMT tokens can be acquired. GST tokens are crucial to leveling up NFT sneakers, repairing NFT sneakers, upgrading gem items, and minting new NFT sneakers.

Green Metaverse Token -  By participating in the premium game content, this token can be acquired, and profits are distributed through GMTs. It is a governance token and it is used to change the name of the sneakers and upgrade them to the next level.

Why opt for a Stepn Clone App?

Entrepreneurs, businessmen, or youngsters who are passionate about stuff like gaming could launch a Stepn clone app or other web3 platforms like Move to Earn, Play to Earn, or Sleep to Earn. 

The launch of the Stepn clone app garners of Gen Z and invigorates businesses. With its eccentric features that draw the attention of people, stepn can be considered an app that is way ahead of its time. It promulgates the concepts of fitness and a healthier lifestyle. The way it makes people engage by providing them with cryptos for carrying out physical activities is one of the major tactics that would enable this app to reach new heights. Stepn app has to upgrade over time as it could have enormous competitors in the future. 

Final Words 

WeAlwin Technologies is a pre-eminent NFT development company that is pillared by an esoteric team of blockchain adepts, will be of assistance building your Web3 applications from scratch. Web3 platforms have been the most talked about topics lately, and their growth is absolutely promising. Decentralized applications are likely to be prevalent in the future. Contact us to create one and flaunt it to a wide range of audiences.

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