All you need to know about Solana Blockchain: An Ultimate guide

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While traders are confused and excited that their solana portfolio is going up the charts, they do not exactly know the reason until they find out that the popular Blockchain streaming platform - “Audius” has come up with the integration of the Solana ecosystem in addition to that of Ethereum. 

It comes as an even bigger surprise when the NFT marketplace Metaplex ran their functionalities on the solan network along with Ethereum. 

Why this sudden eruption? Solana has come up with many advancements that have really hyped their markets now.

This blog is determined to explain 360 degrees about Solana Blockchain and how you can integrate them into your business. 

What is Solana?

Solana is a kind of programmable blockchain network that runs similar to the ethereum network taking up similar functionalities that can run effectively on multiple decentralized finance operations. With this multiple defi solution, it facilitates cross-chain compatibility so that you can transfer not only fungible coins, but also non-fungible tokens and digital assets.

Solana blockchain conducts transactions at very high speeds thereby improving the liquidity of the trade. A trader can use the SOL coins to trade or stake the cryptocurrencies in various popular exchanges. Solnana has come up with various new approaches including the “Proof of History” mechanism. 

Unique Perspectives of Solana Blockchain

There are some unique perspectives of solana blockchain that can help you to know why it is showing this much hype. 

Tower consensus - Solana endorses the Tower BFT algorithm  which resolves some major problems like rewards related risks, rollback costs, voting related risks, etc. The consensus will be resistant to proof of history ASICS that could be employed by the hackers to track the solana blockchain. The general idea of this algorithm is to stack the consensus votes and to double the lockouts. Each vote in the algorithm is a confirmation fork. Each confirmed fork is an ancestor of the fork above it. 

Transaction parallelization technology - The reason why Solana can be effective enough to process parallel transactions is that Solana blockchain will describe all the states that a transaction will read or write during the execution. This not only allows the concurrent execution of transactions that do not overlap, but also allows the concurrent execution of transactions that only read the same state.

Effectiveness of the Solana Blockchain - The solana blockchain is more effective as they can be able to conduct 5000 transactions per second at the rate of 400 to 800 milliseconds. The transaction fee of Solana is very low, say 0.00005 per transaction which is very low compared to ethereum and other transactions.

Solana Swapping Technologies - O3swap is the new technology in the solano blockchain that allows you to swap and process cross-chain compatible funcationlites more effectively. The cross-chain in the solano blockchain is useful in the following categories. They include arbitrage moving, ethereum gas fees, transferring the tokens earned in the yield farming, replenishing the positions and other certain activities.

The main effect of the O3swap is the cross chain aggregation protocol. This is the protocol where a user can either trade or move or transfer cryptocurrencies or tokens from one blockchain to another instantly. For example, a user deposits assets to the chain A contract, and subsequently, the chain B contract receives it and withdraws the same amount of assets to the user’s address.

Solstrater - IDO Launchpad

Solano takes up the initiative of starting a fair and decentralized manner with the assistance of the Solstrater. It helps in raising the liquidity of the trade thereby facilitating the transactions in the platform. Solstrater plays a vital role in the adoption of the ecosystem through incubation and adoption of future projects in the solano blockchain. The solstrater of the IDO platform allocates the pool on four tiers to the participants in the pool.

Solana Prime Brokerage Protocol

Oxygen is DeFi's secure premier brokerage service built in Solana and supported by Serum's on-chain infrastructure. Oxygen is built around groups or baskets of assets that take collective action. Starting with lending tools, users will be able to earn income and use their investment portfolio for leverage, thereby laying the foundation for a vibrant and decentralized financial ecosystem. 

  1.  You can use your assets more efficiently in three key ways: 
  2.  Use the same collateral multiple times. Oxygen enables you to generate income for your portfolio by lending your 
  3.  assets and borrowing other assets at the same time. 
  4.  Cross Collateralization With Oxygen, you can use your investment portfolio as collateral when you want to borrow other assets. This should mean that your portfolio's margin call / liquidation risk is low. 
  5.  Market-based pricing The Oxygen protocol is based on an order book, rather than following a preset market model that requires manual adjustment. This means that you can get the best / fair loan / loan price at all times.

Solana NFT Ecosystem

Solano has been integrated into the NFT marketplace “Metaplex” and other NFT ecosystems because of its aggregation protocol, smart contract, and most importantly, solano blockchain. If you are an entrepreneur starting with your NFT marketplace, we recommend you to integrate your platform with solano blockchain for enhanced security and effective outcome.

This is what you should know about Solano platform. 

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