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Our Binance Clone Script
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An End-User Based White Label Binance Clone Script

An End-User Based White Label Binance Clone Script

It's a 100% customized script that holds all predefined important trading modules and comes with microservice architecture to make the launch of a hassle-less cryptocurrency platform like --- Binance!

Our white-label Binance clone script enables safer and more secure trading for bitcoin, altcoin, and other tokens for traders worldwide anytime anywhere. Binance Clone is created particularly for crypto enthusiasts who want to launch a cryptocurrency exchange platform similar to Binance

An End-User Based White Label Binance Clone Script

Top Rated Features of Our Binance Clone Script

We provide a market-ready Binance clone script for busy investors and entrepreneurs who want standout features in a crowded market. The script is ready for instant use, and WeAlwin is confident that you'll stand out even in the competitive market.

Our experts are committed to delivering the best Binance clone with outstanding features that cater to users’ trading inclinations.

  • Unlimited Token Listing
  • Liquidity Integration
  • Dynamic Coin Pairing Module
  • Dynamic Token Incorporation Module
  • Hybrid Crypto Trading
  • Crypto Staking
  • IEO Launchpad
  • KYC & AML Verification
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • CSRF Protection
  • Distributed Denial of Service
  • Cloudflare Integration
  • Time-Locked Transactions
  • Biometric Authentication
  • Multi-signature Wallet
  • Data Encryption
  • Margin Trading
  • Derivative Trading
  • OTC Trading
  • Trading Bot
  • Crypto Copy Trading
  • API Documentation
  • Unlimited Trading Pairs (ERC20 & TRC20)
  • 3rd Party Wallet Access
Spotlight of Our Admin and User Features
Admin Features
  • User Account Details
  • Unlimited Token Adding
  • Admin Dashboard
  • CMS Management
  • Trading History
  • Multiple Sub-Admin Creations
  • Trading Fee Set-up
  • Admin Profit Management
  • KYC/AML Authentication
Spotlight Of Our Admin And User Features
User Features
  • Deposit Fiat / Crypto
  • Transaction History
  • Crypto Wallet Access
  • Spot Trading
  • P2P Trading
  • Track Buy/Sell orders
  • Refer & Earn Option
  • Payment Gateway
  • Light & Dark Mode
Curious to Decode?
The Tech Stack We Used

The choice of technology holds a keen influence on the Binance Clone, which is why we opt for React, an open-source cross-platform technology.

  • React library is updated regularly with new plugins
  • Exemplary UI & UX output
  • Development costs 3X less than Native technology
  • Dramatically reduces testing and development time








Mirco service

Mirco service



Prominent Business Benefits Of Binance Clone Script

Binance clone script can offer several business benefits since Binance is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges globally. Hence, replicating its features can provide a solid foundation for a successful business.

Speeding Up The Process Speeding Up The Process

Developing a cryptocurrency exchange from scratch can be time-consuming. A clone script accelerates the development process, allowing you to enter the market faster and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Cost-Effective Solution Cost-Effective Solution

Building a cryptocurrency exchange from the outset can be expensive. Binance clone provides a cost-effective solution, significantly reducing development costs and resources.

100% Customizable 100% Customizable

While the Binance clone script provides a base, you can still fully customize and add unique features to differentiate your platform. This flexibility allows you to tailor the exchange to your target audience's specific needs and preferences.

High Liquidity High Liquidity

WeAlwin’s Binance clone script offers access to Binance's liquidity pool, ensuring that your platform can handle large trading volumes and provide competitive prices.

Feature-Rich Feature-Rich

Our Binance-like exchange platform is loaded with a variety of features designed to meet the requirements of a wide spectrum of traders, spanning from beginners to seasoned professionals. It presents an extensive array of trading options.

Diverse Coin Listings Diverse Coin Listings

Choose our white-label Binance clone to list over 500+ cryptocurrencies, tokens, and stablecoins according to your business demands, attracting a broader user base.

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How Does Our Binance Clone Script Work?

How Does Our Binance Clone Script Work?
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The communication with team from start to finish was excellent. Development of the product was exceptional and the ongoing support after go live is great


Mark Shearer

rating 4.2 Out of 5

Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and continued partnership. We look forward to working with you on future projects and building on our successful relationship.


Jayaraman Subramani

rating 4.7 Out of 5

We appreciate your support in every aspect because you are always such a help. and we are looking forward to working with you as we move into the next phase of our growing project.


Yasmine Elsayeh

rating 4.7 Out of 5
Meet our Expert
Meet our Expert

Schedule a call with our expert to discuss your Binance-like crypto exchange business requirements.

Mohana Sundaram

Blockchain Architect

Add on Modules of our Binance Clone Script

Liquidity API Integration

Our Binance clone script connects securely to an order book via API, ensuring high liquidity. Admins can fulfill user orders within their account, updating the order status in the user's account upon completion.

Stop-limit and OCO order

A stop limit order combines a limit order with a stop price, activating the limit order only when the stop price is reached. Meanwhile, an OCO (One Cancels the Other) order lets users place two simultaneous orders, with only one executing; if either order is filled, the other is automatically cancelled.

IEO launchpad

We provide an IEO launchpad, functioning akin to those found on popular crypto exchanges. This platform allows your users to sell their newly launched cryptocurrencies and secure funding for their businesses.

Add on Modules of our Binance Clone Script
NFT Marketplace

Discover and trade top NFTs on the Binance NFT Marketplace, one of the newest and trending modules. Users can create and exchange Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), digital tokens representing real entities such as art, GIFs, music, or in-game items.

Crypto Loans

Users can secure crypto loans from the administrator using alternative coins as collateral. They must repay both the interest and principal within their chosen timeframe.

Crypto Staking

Users earn interest by holding specific cryptocurrencies, and long-term holders can utilize staking to earn rewards while reinforcing the blockchain's transaction power.

Profitable Binance Clone Revenue Models

Curious about how you can transform your Binance Clone into a robust revenue-generating engine? We've meticulously crafted a diversified array of income channels for you:

Trading Fees

Levying a modest percentage on each trade executed within your platform.

Listing Fees

Earning revenue by facilitating the listing of cryptocurrencies and tokens from various projects.

Withdrawal Fees

Enabling users to seamlessly move their assets while collecting fees in the process.

Margin Trading

Offering advanced leverage trading options that command higher fees.

Staking Services

Empowering users to stake their assets within your platform, allowing them to partake in rewards.

Premium Memberships

Delivering exclusive features and benefits through subscription-based premium memberships.

ICO Launchpad

Providing a platform for hosting Initial Coin Offerings and capitalizing on associated fees.

Strategic Marketing

Forge Ahead Smarter with Our Binance Clone App

Forge Ahead Smarter with Our Binance Clone App

Our Binance Clone App provides you with a seven-figure revenue generation opportunity for your business solution with customizable user activity-based push notifications.

Our clone app for Binance contains features, fundamentals, and additional functionalities with so much high security to make your cryptocurrency exchange app more secure!

Your users can download the Binance clone app for trading. And yes, it’s available on both Android and iOS. There are some more download options based on the user requirements: MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

Forge Ahead Smarter with Our Binance Clone App

Our Effective Binance Clone Development Process

Requirement Research

We analyze and gather your business requirements, like the type of exchange, target location, and audience that you are planning to run for a long or short time.

Strategic Planning

After assimilating your requirements, we formulate a meticulous plan designed to execute your ideas flawlessly. This strategic blueprint aims to provide optimal solutions that align with all your business requirements.

Design and Development

Our expert developers craft visually appealing designs with a keen focus on UI/UX intricacies. They leverage modern tools to create a distinctive exchange platform that stands out from the rest.

Technical Phase

The development phase involves implementing robust technical elements such as payment systems, escrow services, and secure wallets. Stringent security measures are integrated to ensure a reliable and secure exchange platform.

Testing for Excellence

Once the platform is developed, it undergoes rigorous testing, including security assessments, wallet and API enhancements, and performance evaluations. Our goal is to deliver an error-free exchange platform.

Launch and Ongoing Support

Following successful testing, we deploy and officially launch the exchange platform. Post-launch, we actively seek user feedback to enhance the platform further, with the option to introduce new features while maintaining a balanced approach.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Binance-Like Crypto Exchange Platform?

Developing your own Binance-like crypto exchange platform may cost you differently. It depends on your business size, model requirements, and your selected development method.

Basically, there are two crypto exchange platform development options available in the market. As a leading techie — we offer you both.

They’re crypto exchange development from the Binance clone script and from Scratch. Apart from this, some important factors on the development side also alter the cost estimation of developing a Binance-like crypto exchange platform.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Binance-Like Crypto Exchange Platform?

Top-Notch Binance Dex Clone Script

Our Binance Dex Clone Script offers you a professional and innovative solution. Just as Binance DEX has reshaped the world of cryptocurrency trading, our script empowers you to establish a decentralized exchange platform. This eliminates the reliance on central authorities to facilitate trades, granting you permissionless, limitless, and secure trading capabilities.

Why Opt for Our Binance Dex Clone Script?

At WeAlwin, we have conducted a meticulous analysis of recent cryptocurrency market trends to develop a script that epitomizes excellence. Our offering boasts an array of professional-grade features:

  • Unmatched Scalability
  • Robust Trading Engine
  • Tailored Customization
  • Liquidity Integration
  • Instant Buy/Sell
  • Automated KYC & AMI Security
  • Extensive Cryptocurrency Support
  • Decentralized Trading
  • Ironclad Encryption
  • Assertive Trade Match Engine
Why Choose Us?
Why Choose Us?

WeAlwin Technologies, a trendsetter in blockchain solutions, presents an advanced Binance clone script with many features. Our Binance clone script is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to launch their cryptocurrency exchange and seamlessly supports various trade modes.

Using its advanced features and user-friendly interface, you can easily create a trading platform that rivals the top exchanges.

We have over 5 years of experience in developing crypto exchange platforms with the help of our 100+ tech wizards.

We provide round-the-clock technical support, a transparent development process, and prompt project status reports that make us one of the top providers in the blockchain industry. Let our Binance clone help you achieve your dreams.

Your Business Strategy is Secure with Us!
Your Business Strategy is Secure with Us!

Let’s see your idea transform into a profitable exchange business.


A Binance clone script is a software package that enables you to build a cryptocurrency exchange platform similar to Binance. To create a platform, you need to install the clone script, customize the website's design, set up security measures, integrate payment options, and launch the platform.