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Binance Clone Script

Binance clone script is the exact replica of the world’s popularised exchange Binance which integrates all the exquisite functions and features of the original Binance crypto exchange platform. Binance cryptocurrency exchange has influenced enormous crypto enthusiasts to invest in the crypto business. Our Binance clone script allows you to build your own cryptocurrency exchange with best-in-class features and newfangled functionality.

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Binance Clone - Develop a p2p Crypto Exchange platform

Binance Clone is a ready-made script with integrated functionalities of Binance. It is a reliable, bug-free, highly customizable clone script-powered with security features, smart contracts, and management features. The implemented features in the Binance Clone allow you to add and remove as per your business requirements.


Statistics and scope of Binance

Binance was launched in 2017 by a group of highly experienced specialists. Binance is a Chinese-based company, it is now led by the CEO Changpeng. This company has pitched the ICO and its token launch to attract most cryptopreneurs. Binance is valued at around $2 billion beyond being a new platform on the digital exchange market.

Binance has also created unique services like "Gifto" for virtual gifting and the "launchpad" token sale program. The future scope and the value of BNB have been rising vigorously due to the number of trades made on the platform.

How to Create a Crypto Exchange Like Binance?

Here is a list of key features that is essential to create a high-quality crypto exchange platform like Binance.

It gets started with the crypto market research keeping track of the upcoming trends of the crypto market that could pull crypto investors.

Decide the operating location for launching your crypto exchange business which will help you start and run a crypto exchange platform like Binance without any obstacles.

Select the type of crypto exchange business model, there are three types - User to admin, Peer to peer, Orders book

Plan the architecture of the crypto exchange platform, you have to structure a perfect business model that will help you build a better architecture for your crypto exchange platform like Binance.

Set up a proficient team of blockchain developers to assist you in developing the Binance crypto exchange platform from scratch or from a clone script. Choose a reliable cryptocurrency exchange development script service provider to kick-start your exchange business.

Establish high-end security features for your secured exchange platform. After undergoing successful testing, the platform moves live to make you gain profits.

Features of our Binance Clone Script

Stunning dashboard of our Binance Clone


How does our Binance Clone Script work?

Binance Clone App Development

Binance Clone app development is the process of developing a crypto exchange app that resembles the eye-catching features of the Binance app which facilitates people to trade cryptos from anywhere at any time instantly with their mobile phones. Binance Clone app offers all exchange services into your palm. Our Binance Clone app development comes with all the essential and updated features to make the cryptocurrency exchange business fruitful.

Create, manage, and scale your Binance-like business now with a comprehensive Binance clone script.


Elite features of Binance Clone app

  • Push notifications
  • Multi-lingual access
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Multiple trading options
  • Additional security features
  • Content security policy
  • Jail login
  • Fingerprint access
  • Close monitoring
  • Customer support system

Binance DEX Clone

Binance DEX Clone features decentralized exchange with the prime focus to eliminate third-party intrusion and to avoid the need for a central authority. Binance DEX Clone offers permissionless, endless, secure trades in a safe environment. Our Binance DEX Clone supports users with multi-cryptocurrency wallet integration. Our Binance DEX Clone is specially built for startups and Cryptopreneurs who want to launch a stunning crypto trading platform like Binance.

Business benefits of our Binance Clone Script


The user's login will be protected by the IP address verification email to disable multiple logins.


Admin can enter any number of liquidity APIs based on the changes in the market.


Trading and technical fees can be modified and updated accordingly to the latest upgrades.


Admin URL login is given with HTTP access to prevent fraudulent activities and URL hacking.


Businesses can promote their own token by listing them on the exchange by filling in the necessary details on the form.


Users are required to follow advanced security methods such as two-factor authentication, SMS, and email verifications.

White Label Binance Clone Script

White label Binance clone script is a readymade software equipped with business advanced features and security options that provides users an exciting experience while trading. Our white-label Binance clone script is a customizable script that allows users to personalize and create them as per their business requirements. The white label Binance clone script allows you to start your crypto exchange business promptly.

We can make an app like Binance with the best developers with expertise in crypto exchange platform development.

Binance Clone script price - Cost to start a Crypto Exchange like Binance

Binance Clone script price is determined by two major factors they are, choosing the best method for creating an exchange and implementing a return of investment. Development methodologies that impact the crypto exchange development cost can be created in a couple of ways such as,

  • Development from scratch
  • Start from cryptocurrency exchange clone script

ROI features that impact crypto exchange development costs are,

  • Margin trading
  • Crypto derivatives
  • IEO launchpad
  • Staking

Starting a cryptocurrency exchange business by using a first-rate cryptocurrency exchange clone script will be the ultimate solution. The cost of building a Binance Clone script may be around 5k with basic features and it gets varied according to the extra customization, the addition of security features, and the needed modifications based on the advancements. We provide the best top-grade Binance-like crypto exchange development services at an affordable cost.

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Why choose Wealwin Technologies for Binance Clone script

You deserve more than the ordinary Binance clone app development, so why settle for the usual? Stand out in the market with your Binance-like app when you add advanced features like PRO.

We think that our customers should be delivered with the highest quality products possible, and we work hard to create the ideal plan for your exchange business.

We will assist you in every aspect of your Binance clone script development from planning to implementation, ensuring its success.

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  • Advanced technology

    We incorporate the latest built-in technology stack to ensure that our software meets the latest market standards. We upgrade regularly based on technology advancements.

  • Proficient Expertise

    Our team of experts are actively involved in designing and developing a well-qualified product. Their energetic experience motivates them on developing various software and inspires to keep on progressing with challenging projects.

  • Customer service

    Our technical support clarifies the queries regarding the functioning of the Binance Clone Script. We provide effective guidance and assist our clients in giving them the best output.

  • Cost-effective

    Our top-notch solutions can be developed and utilized at an affordable price. We deliver remarkable noteworthy solutions at a low cost.

Our Binance Clone development process


We have end to end Binance Clone solution

  • Binance NFT marketplace
  • Binance CEX
  • Binance DEX
  • Institutional and VIP
  • Binance token launchpad

Binance Clone GitHub

Binance Clone GitHub is a significant tool used for accessing the project directly and to store the codes or projects on this platform. Codes can be easily shared with other users across the globe easily using this GitHub platform. They can also do the change and apply customization to the development. GitHub provides the facility of easy availability, easy management, and easy sharing. It may take a long process to do all the implementation and moreover, it will not be easy to get 100% successful results for all people. We are here to build your Binance-like crypto exchange platform using our ready-to-deploy clone in an easy manner. We offer excellent customization options and upgraded features to improve the users satisfaction of your platform to run a profitable business.

Binance Clone Script free

Binance Clone script free refers to the availability of the source code of the app which can be used for future reference. One who developed the Binance Clone script has the main aim to earn the money. So to make the codes of the project available for the public required a place where individuals can store the same in the platform. It may also result in more functional errors and you may not be able to fix those bugs. At the end of the result, you will not get your Binance-like platform successfully. So approaching an expert developers team like us will be the greatest and quickest way to get your bug-free Binance clone to run a familiar exchange business like Binance.


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