September 23, 2021

Cryptopunks Clone Script | How to Create Own Cryptopunks?

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The entire world is moving towards digitalization and NFT is familiarizing around the whole world. To be frank, NFT had kindled the digital artists to the marketplace and forums where you can see some of the stunning crypto works that you would have never seen anywhere. This is an advancement in the technological front and this time you could be hearing some voices about cryptopunks, right? That is cool. It is cool even if you have not heard about it. Because this blog is all about providing you complete information about cryptopunks and the significance of cryptopunks clone script that is in the hype at present. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and willing to start an NFT business, this blog is for you. So, why waiting? Let us jump into the article.

What is Cryptopunks?

Like any other NFT which ought to be created in a unique fashion, cryptopunks too followed that fashion of creating some stunning and unique digital collectibles which are pixelated 24x24 images that normally look like punky images of either male or female characters of their uniqueness. You can differentiate one image from another by their dressing and fashion styles and their gender. Almost all of them have some unique characteristics and that is the specialty of cryptopunks. 

You know what? All the NFT created by cryptopunks are constructed on the Etherum blockchain and they have limited the construction of the 8-bit crypto collectibles to 10,000. The first pixelated image has been created by John Watkinson and Matt hall in 2017. 

Actually, the inspiration for the creation of cryptopunks has originated to laud and respect the participants in the cyberpunk movement, Daft Punk, London punk scenes, and also honoring some films like Neuromancer and Blade Runner. 

Interesting right?

Do you know about the recent advancements that the cryptopunks have made in their present NFT journey?

Being introduced just to entertain the nft world and to make the cyberpunk movement familiar, the cryptopunks have skyrocketed their value to multiple times. It is no wonder that the cryptopunks had become the second-best ethereum based NFT by reaching 1 million united states dollars. The least expensive punk was sold for 38k dollars that has a normal appearance with a cap and normal casual wear. 

Now you would be interested in starting a nft business similar to cryptopunks right? Keep up the adrenaline. I will help you to rush even more and help you to start your NFT business like cryptopunks. For that to happen, you will have to create an nft using cryptopunks clone script.

Cryptopunks Clone Script

There are two ways to create your nft business like cryptopunks. First one is to create an nft like cryptopunks or you can also start your nft marketplace like cryptopunks. The best one and the viable business opportunity is to create an nft marketplace like Rarible as it could be the best one to start your nft based business in an effective way. You know what, there are still two modes in creating your cryptopunk like NFT marketplace. The primary one is to start your nft marketplace like cryptopunk from scratch by manually creating it. 

The second and the best mode to create your nft marketplace is to start your cryptopunk like nft marketplace from the cryptopunk nft clone script. This is customizable and completely modifiable that you can add or remove the features and options as per the business requirement. 

Cryptopunk clone script is the customizable clone of the original software with all the customization and editing options that can make your Ethereum or Binance blockchain-backed nft marketplace like cryptopunks. In this marketplace, your users can start trading on the nfts in the form of punks. But how do your users create the punks in your cryptopunks like nft marketplace. Let us learn how you can help your users to create cryptopunks in your platform.

How to Create/Buy a Cryptopunk From the Marketplace?

  1. As the first step, you will have to connect your metamask or any other crypto wallet like the trustwallet with the platform and log-in. (Note: Cryptopunks support only metamask as of now)
  2. Fund your crypto wallet with ethereum that you might need during the transactions of nft.
  3. On the successful verification, the platform will allow the users to trade on any punk-related nft’s on the basis of available ethereum.

Now let us get into the creation part. Your user can create a unique cryptopunk by following the certain methods

  1. First, you need to select any popular image editing app that can fit your art creation.
  2. Make sure that you select the dimensions as 24X24 or 32X32 canvas
  3. Design your crypto art with some valuable accessories like face, hair, eyes, mouth, and others as per your requirements.
  4. Complete each nft element of your cryptopunk in various layers.
  5. Export those images in the PNG form that can assist while combining with the clone script.
  6. Create a specific directory in your clone script folder and mark it with an identifiable name.
  7. In that directory, you will have to make separate subdirectories for each of the element.
  8. Install the programming language that your cryptopunk clone might prefer
  9. Combine all those png. images with the clone script through perfect coding using the installed coding language.

Features of our Cryptopunk Clone Script

  1. Customizable NFT software
  2. Unique cryptopunk images
  3. High-security software
  4. Attractive UI design
  5. Completely decentralized codes.
  6. An innumerable amount of digital collectibles
  7. Sorting based on the attributes and characters.
  8. Code Reliability.

Benefits of our Cryptopunk Like NFT Marketplace

  1. Highly unique pixelated NFT 
  2. Unique source code with immutable characteristics.
  3. Decentralized source code
  4. Multi-lingual assistance
  5. High security
  6. Transparent nature. 
  7. Interoperability
  8. Indivisibility of the platform.

Where Can you Get the Best Cryptopunks Like NFT Marketplace?

Wealwin Technologies is one of the best and efficient NFT marketplace development company that provide exclusive and complete solutions to clients and helps them to start their nft business effectively. We have a team of professional ethereum experts who are well versed in creating NFT based solutions. Our team have recently researched and gathered updated resources for cryptopunks clone software and have successfully completed some projects regarding them. If you are looking for a nft marketplace creation like cryptopunks, then WeAlwin Technologies can be the best solution.

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