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July 23, 2021

Kucoin Clone Script | Start your crypto exchange like Kucoin with Kucoin clone script

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Starting a cryptocurrency exchange is not a fashion anymore. Nowadays the startups and entrepreneurs have known the significance of the crypto business and start various crypto businesses. But you see, starting a cryptocurrency exchange software with a clone script is the most profitable business because of their return on investment along with the low investment they attract.

With the abundance of various popular crypto exchanges, the Kucoin has gained significance that includes multiple order types with risk appetite, safe and secure bitcoin transactions, amazing rewards for the users, etc.

This blog is all about the Kucoin clone script and how they could help you start your crypto exchange business in an effective and professional way. 

What is Kucoin?

Kucoin is one of the latest cryptocurrency exchange softwares that helps the users and traders by facilitating the transactions through digital value. Kucoin strongly believes that technological progress is mostly possible with the advancement of digital finance - cryptocurrency. The main aim of the Kucoin is to involve the population into crypto. 

The founders were keen on making kucoin - the people’s crypto exchange. To be frank, they have succeeded in their attempt. Yes, Kucoin has attracted a huge number of traders and investors that had dragged the startups and entrepreneurs to start exchange like Kucoin.

Kucoin Clone Script - Overview

Kucoin clone script is the clone of the crypto exchange software - Kucoin with the adoption of all the essential features resembling the features of kucoin exchange. It is completely customizable that you can add or remove the features and attach some of the unique features as per your requirement. It is equipped with the adoption of blockchain technology and additional security features that enhances the encryption of the software. Their KYC/AML guidelines are automated that makes the approval process quicker and efficient.

If you are about to start your cryptocurrency exchange software like Kucoin, you should know the significant areas that Kucoin covers to expand their market. 

Highlights of Kucoin Exchange

  1. It supports the transaction and trade of more than 400 cryptocurrencies and 300+ trading pairs with multiple payment options for deposits.
  2. They have allowed for the community services that include AMPL that allows the traders to deposit the amount as per their desired time.
  3. They have all kinds of trading options including margin trading, perpetual and future contract induced derivatives trading, etc. so that the trader can trade and invest as per his convenience.
  4. They have started their own cryptocurrency Kucoin shares (KCS).
  5. They have separated the OTC (Over-the-Counter) trading options in the vietnam marketplace.
  6. They allow integration features that allows integrating your cryptocurrency wallet and cryptocurrency payment gateway to facilitate the transactions among the investors and traders.

Kucoin Exchange Clone App

Technology has grown wide and large and it is mandatory that you should advance the market by starting your kucoin exchange clone app with all the updated features that the kucoin app includes. This will help you to reach your users and traders more easier and it helps in expanding your user base. 

Some of the notable features of the Kucoin clone app include

  • Pop-up notifications
  • Geo-tag identification
  • UI/UX interface
  • Trading options
  • Match engine
  • Stunning dashboard.
  • Multi-lingual assistance
  • Multiple payment options.

Business Benefits of Starting your Kucoin Clone Script based Crypto Exchange

  1. Low trading fees  that allows the user to trade with less fees to pay.
  2. Free deposit and withdrawal without any charge from the trader or user.
  3. User can trade on the site without verifying their bank details. But to withdraw, the user needs to verify the bank details.
  4. This website is user friendly and helps even the beginner to trade more effectively.
  5. This platform helps the users to earn commissions by their affiliate programs, providing the users with rewards and airdrops for the trade of new cryptocurrencies in the crypto market.
  6. It comes with good trading volume and high-liquidity level that facilitates the transactions that can potentially increase the user base.
  7. Reputation and branding - Kucoin is one of the branded cryptocurrency exchange and starting a crypto exchange platform like Kucoin is a reputation as it has a huge user base 
  8. Global presence - Kucoin is a renowned crypto exchange and starting a clone like Kucoin with kucoin clone script will lift your business to the world class level. 

Fee Structure in Kucoin Clone Script

  1. Kucoin clone script does not charge the users for trading and withdrawing on accounts.
  2. It charges only 0.01% trading fee for the trading irrespective of the type of trading that you involve in.
  3. When you send the cryptos out of the exchange, then the fee may depend on the type of cryptocurrency you are exchanging.

Exclusive Features of Kucoin Clone Script

  • Efficient Trading modules 
  • Attractive UI design 
  • Multiple payment options
  • Crypto integration features
  • Secure Admin Panel
  • Payment Gate API integration
  • Blockchain technology enabled features.
  • Jail login
  • Protection against Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)
  • Multi-device compatibility

Why Should you Choose WeAlwin Technologies for your Kucoin Clone Script?

WeAlwin Technologies - Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company is an expertise in providing cryptocurrency exchange development solutions. We are equipped with a high-value team of blockchain experts and cryptocurrency developers who can help you get your cryptocurrency exchange within a short period of time. 

WeAlwin Technologies offers the best Kucoin clone script software and app solutions and help you to start your updated crypto platform for your crypto business. Our software is 100% customizable, secure, and bug-free with optional benefits of adding or removing the features as per your business requirements. 

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