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Start your Own Token Like Safemoon

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May 21, 2021

This is the decade of DeFi. Since the emergence of the cryptocurrency, we are getting introduced by new technology in the crypto field every decade and this decade is all about the emergence of decentralized finance technology. After the successful implementation of Uniswaap, pancake, etc. this is the time to introduce you to the newly emerging DeFi token in the crypto space. 

Yes, I am talking about the safemoon defi protocol. Starting with the lowest price of 0.00006 dollars, it is expected to reach ATH in the shortest time possible. Without any further prediction, let us know about safemoon that can help you to create a token like safemoon and generate profits.

Why should you start a safemoon token?

Unlike other tokens, safemoon is created as a defi protocol that facilitates three functions during each trade - Reflection, LP Acquisition and Burn. It is a community driven token protocol that has more than 2 crore holders within the short period of their launch. 

With such a specialty revolving around it, there is no wonder that startups and entrepreneurs would love to start an impeccable token like safemoon using safemoon clone script.

How safemoon differ from other tokens?

1. Safemoon is a community token with pyramid token properties.

2. That means the token prices increase after every transaction as it would be manually burned to manage the prices.

3. Safemoon is burned on three criteria - Manual burning, LP acquisition, Static rewards or reflection.

4. The token admin can initiate the manual burn and inform the safemoon community. 

5. Transparency is rest assured with the token as the information about burn and its details would be showcased in the site.

6. Liquidity Pool aquisition (LPA)

a) 10% fees for every transaction

b) 5% of the fees would be redistributed to the safemoon token holders.

c) 5% split into two parts - 2.5% would be sold in Binance against BNB and another 2.5% would be swapped with BNB in Pancake swap.

d) The admin will burn the token after the LPA transaction that brings scarcity in distribution thereby increasing the prices.

Safemoon clone script

Safemoon clone script is a token software that imbibes all the essential features and specific functions of safemoon crypto without deteriorating the copyrights. Along with the special feature of three functionalities of reflection, Automated liquidity generation and burn mechanism, It may be filled with other additional features and security options that the owner might add or remove as per their business requirement. 

WeAlwin Technologies is the best DeFi Token development company with expertise in creation of highly secure white label safemoon clone software with exemplary features along with minting and burning options. It is completely customizable, reliable and affordable.

Before proceeding with your safemoon clone script, let us explain about safemoon, its working process, its features and benefits to have a clear ideology.

What is safemoon?

Safemoon is a defi-backed altcoin released and listed in exchanges in March 2021. The safemoon infrastructure encourages holding and staking as it disincentivizes selling. It is because it charges 10% fees for those who sell their tokens and 5% fees is redistributed to the safemoon token owners.It is highly expected to reach higher prices and that is the main reason behind the name “safemoon” that is named after the ideology - “safe to the moon.” 

Present safemoon tokenomics

Current price - $ 0.000006277

Holders - 2,103,745

Supply - 584,496,124,802,267.8

Market cap - $3,647,840,073.03

Safemoon clone script for your business

As WeAlwin technologies help you to create a white label defi protocol software similar to the safemoon software that has the highest probability to increase the user base for your token and for your business. Along with a secure token software, we offer token based smart contracts and other integrated features to make your safemoon clone script highly effective for your business. Our safemoon clone script is enveloped with variable features that could make your clone script software highly effective. Some of the notable features include

1. Returns based on percentage - This will highly attract a huge number of holders and traders to your safemoon clone software. 

2. High ROI and APY - With starting your safemoon clone script based token, you can generate huge revenue and effective annual percentage yield.

3. Rewards - As discussed earlier, 5% of the trading fees would be redistributed to the safemoon owners thereby encouraging them to hold the tokens for greater profits.

4. Mintable and burnable tokenization - No other tokens have such exquisite token customization options than in safemoon clone software.

5. Highly compatible adopting market fluctuations - Despite high fluctuations, this safemoon token is highly compatible for the token holders and stakers as it comes with huge returns and rewards.

How does our safemoon clone script work for you?

Safemoon clone script exhibits all the exclusive functionalities of a community based defi protocol with specilization to four core functionalities. 

Reflection - It is a DeFi yield generation process that helps the users to get rewards for their trading activity. That means, for each transaction, the RFI charges a percentage of  transaction fee and redistributes it to the token holders.

Automated liquidity pool - This is a yield generation process that the users can earn rewards based on the pooled amount of tokens in the crypto liquidity platform.

Burning and minting of tokens - With safemoon clone script, you can manually create or burn tokens as per your business requirements with the option of burning or minting tokens.

Rewards - Static rewards are highly present in this safemoon clone software to balance the mass adoption impacts thereby providing users with rewards for participating in various trading options including condition based trading, or volume based trading, etc.

Our safemoon token clone development process on DeFi platform

It is known that the Safemoon token clone is community driven and works on AMM functionality. There are certain steps on how safemoon works on decentralized exchange platform

Trading pair - We onboard and confirm dogecoin trading pair with bibipom for your safemoon token protocol initiation.

Integration - We integrate wallets and other features to our safemoon clone software. We adopt other NFT exchange and other game integrations as per your business requirements

Manual burning and minting - We adopt manual burnable and mintable property to allow the token owners to create tokens as per the market requirements.

Security features - We manage security options as per the project mechanism by adopting the best security options in your safemoon clone token software. 

How does the safemoon clone work for your users?

Account creation - Create your account to access the account management services on the safemoon clone script software and app.

Waet integration - It is best to integrate your multi-cryptocurrency wallet to make the transactions quick and efficient.

Fund management - You can deposit the funds on a secure AMM wallet address and withdraw from other third party sites like coinbase.

Rewards and offers - Users can get rewards and benefits for their staking and pooling tokens in the exchange platform.

Where to get the best safemoon clone script token?

As a startup, you will need the backing of an experienced defi token development company for a desired safemoon token for your business. WeAlwin technologies satisfies all the essential criteria for an outstanding defi token development company and have an expert team who have a well-versed knowledge in safemoon token clone infrastructure and development. We help you to create safemoon tokens on any blockchain of your business requirement that may include ethereum, tron, or BSC (Binance Smart Chain). 

If you are about to start your crypto token like safemoon, then We are the suitable choice who can provide you reliable and affordable safemoon clone token and defi token development services.

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