­How Blockchain Technology Can Be Used in School Management ERP Software?

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Blockchain technology is getting popular with each day. Tech giants are developing and using their own blockchain. One after another we are finding big names joining the league and embracing this highly powerful and supportive technology.

However, we haven’t seen much utilization of this in the field of education, specifically, in School Management ERP. It’s quite beneficial to team up management software with blockchain. It has so much potential that can bring positive change in the working of ERP software. That would help organizations at large. Join us in this informational journey to know how we can leverage Blockchain in school management ERP software.

Rooting-Out Frauds :

This is something that school management software was lacking from long. No matter what functionalities were added, a way to manipulate data always managed to find a comfortable place. Altering data, fake certificates and some more issues like this always prevailed in the school management.

Further, at some level, even finding the culprit remained an exhaustive task. The things will not remain the same once we start adopting Blockchain in the ERP software. With this, we can seal all the points which were previously open to intrude the system. After blockchain, no one will be able to alter data or issue fake certificates within the organization. Even if someone tries to do so, spotting the wrongdoer will be much easier.

Slashing Human Intervention :

One of the primary reasons for errors at the school level is human errors, especially the clerical ones. This compels management to maintain data directories at multiple locations so that they can compare them at a later stage. But this not only consumes a greater amount of time but soaks much of the vital energy of the administrative staff. With blockchain on our side, we have a better solution to handle such scenarios. You just have to maintain individual directories and the smart contract will do rest of the work.

At Alwintechnologies - blockchain development company, ours developers can create tailored smart contracts to fit the particular needs. This means all the workflow will look similar, except a smart contract would be there to handle directories and take automated action based upon predefined rules. Not just that, smart contracts can handle much more responsibilities than that. For example, it can update payroll management module based on the data from attendance repository, it can create automated accounting reports by assimilating figures updated by various departments and everything else for which rules can be created.

Making Interactions Secure :

In the current scenario, even at school level, communication holds a key role. Communicating with legal authorities, regulatory bodies, parents, staff, students and the list goes on. This means that there is a hefty amount of data being exchanged between different parties. This contains sensitive information and PII (Personally Identifiable Information). And with increased cybercrimes, simply encryption is not enough.

It might sound dubious, but it’s a reality that blockchain, apart from securing data at storage and database level, can save it while in transmission as well. The only clause is that the communication system of the ERP software needs to be on the blockchain. Thus, you need a proficient DApp developer and you are good to go with that.

Connect To Eternity :

Despite the fact that with modern ERP system you get all the management tools at one place, school managements are still missing something crucial. Let’s understand with the help of an example. Assume a school offers a digital teaching methodology. For that, it needs videos and other digital content. So, isn’t that would be a good idea to adjoin video library within course management feature of ERP. Definitely, that would be an easy option. But with the current model, it’s too complicated due to the use of different software and IT infrastructure at every end. If we put blockchain to use and join the digital content provider, sharing and managing digital resources would become a hassle-free process.

Similarly, all other concerned entities which share digital resources with school can be connected. That would make resource sharing a seamless process. A single blockchain connecting all the entities; that’s what blockchain offers.

Ease-up Authorities :

With the implementation of blockchain, in addition to the benefit of upgraded ERP software, you are going to get many more that can be easily counted. The combination of all the benefits we discussed until now, also works for a common goal – giving greater flexibility to authorities. They would have more time and increased human resource in the focus area. They would not feel the burden of hiring excess resources to complement the wastage.

Moreover, if the school has multiple units, then amalgamation of blockchain with ERP software would prove to be even better. The process would automatically be streamlined without any extra efforts. This is because all the units are connected to single blockchain, and virtually single despite being at different geographical locations.

Lowering the Cost :

We have been discussing using blockchain but for many, costing remains a great concern. So before we end this write-up, we would like to clarify this myth that blockchain costs too much. First, if you will seek a fully tailored blockchain then it will shoot up the cost. To tackle this issue, we can build a blockchain based on open sources like Hyperledger, R3 or any other. Second, in the real sense, only the upfront cost is seen and organizations sum it up the blockchain to be costly.

If you look from long term prospect then benefits like requirement of lesser human resource, no need for manual reconciliation, prevention against frauds and data breach, security to cloud storage and many others, would overshadow the cost involved. Further, it’s only going to cost you less than carrying the current ERP software with obsolete structuring.

This means, figuratively you might find blockchain an added cost but it’s a cost-saving step, beyond doubt.

Join Hands with WeAlwin Technologies

We tried to cover some of the key benefits, but certainly, there are other plus points as well. To know about that and have a more specific discussion, we invite you to have a free consultation with us.

At the house of Alwintechnologies, we have some of the great minds and blockchain experts. They are really good at applying blockchain technology to the current IT setup, with minimal cost. Although, we have already told that combing ERP software with blockchain is really beneficial for school management, still if you have any doubt regarding that, show that you are interested in this and we will put all the efforts to make you feel the same about it.

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