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Do you want a layer 2 solution that has the highest gas reduction network in the entire crypto network on Ethereum - The solution is Polygon Matic. Polygon Matic is destined to create an open and borderless world by unleashing the decentralization technology in the cryptocurrency sector with the adoption of layer2 roll-up solutions. This will lead to the improvement in liquidity thereby helping the users to conduct their transactions at a much faster pace.

If you are an entrepreneur or a startup who has a strong affection on crypto business and start a trending business, this blog is for you. In this blog, I am going to explain the polygon Matic, its specifications and significance, and how it will be so effective in making your business a promising success.

Let us jump into the blog

Polygon Matic - Overview

Polygon is an open-source decentralized platform that is welcoming all the coders to contribute the code that can improve the resource and improvement of the overall technology. (They are not hiring people, they want advancements by the way). In that sense, they are improving the blockchain that can effectively make trade easier and effective for traders and investors. 

As an effective developer or coder, anyone can contribute their code to the Matic network and if it works, they are happy to adopt it for further advancement. This is like accepting contributions from freelance talents to enhance performance. 

This is a brilliant strategy. If you are an entrepreneur, you can start your crypto business with a crypto exchange platform like Polygon Matic and become a vibrant exchange with multiple features with the adoption of various features and benefits.

Adoption of Polygon Matic Technology

The team follows a certain strategy to implement their technological perspectives to make it run effectively. Let us get to know about their technological perspectives.


The Polygon Matic Network can easily spin upon the Ethereum platform that combines the effective features of 

  1. Stand-alone blockchain ( based on sovereignty, scalability, and flexibility)
  2. Ethereum ( Based on the developer experience and trustability)
  3. Compatible with all the ethereum and ethereum-backed tools like Metamask, Mycrypto, Remix, etc.

The team has structured the functionality of the Polygon Matic Network based on the two components - Polygon Framework and Polygon Protocol. 

Polygon Framework 

  1. Ethereum compatible blockchains on one-click deployment basis
  2. Modules for developers that includes pluggable consensus, EVM/Ewasm, execution environments, staking, governance, dispute resolvers etc.

Polygon Protocol

  1. Arbitrary messages can be easily passed between two chains whatever the blockchain they may be present. For instance, the messages can be passed between the polygon chain and the etherum chain and so on.
  2. Non-mandatory and modular security services to secure the network in addition to the blockchain technology.

Polygon chains

The network uses the security as a service because they have not intiiatied the service security mechanism or validator pool to conduct their service operations. This service can be provided by either Ethrereum blockchain directly or through any of the validator pools that provides secure blockchain services to conduct the transactions effectively.

Polygon Matic has so far introduced and implemented the Matic plasma. But they are about to introduce other technologies that includes zk rollups, Optimistic rollups, Validium chains, etc. 

Polygon Architecture

Polygon architecture is created on the basis of four compatibility factors and layers. They include

  1. Ethereum layer - Polygon uses the Ethereum layer to create their host and to execute any mission-critical component of the logic. Their functionalities include checkpointing, staking, dispute resolving, and message relaying.
  2. Security layer - The security layer is a validator management functionality where it helps to manage and validate the security of the polygon network. The security software can be adopted by different entities or by the Ethereum network directly so that the ethereum miners can validate the mines. 
  3. Polygon network layer - The function of the polygon network layer is to facilitate the transaction through collation, block production, and local consensus. 
  4. Execution layer - As the name suggests, it is about executing the functionalities of the Polygon network using two sublayers that include Execution environment and execution logic. 

Build your swap application like Polygon Matic

With the above-discussed functionalities, you could have known about the effectiveness and significance of the Polygon Matic. It is no wonder that it could attract entrepreneur or startup to start their cryptocurrency business career with the application like Polygon Matic. 

You could be searching for the best polygon Matic-like swap application development company. No worries, I am here to guide you to the best one in the market who can provide you the best services with all the updated features and security options with the adoption of ethereum layer2 rollup solutions. 

WeAlwin Technologies will help you to get the best cryptocurrency exchange development solutions with the adoption of layer2 rollup solutions that can increase liquidity and reduce gas fees. Start your crypto exchange by building your swap application on the highest gas reduction network - Polygon Matic.

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