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Coinbase Clone Script

Launch your Crypto Business

Coinbase clone script is a user to admin or over the counter trading specific platform that functions similar to the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange platform. It is a 100% customizable platform where you can have all the features of the original software without deteriorating the copyrights and add some more features as per your business requirements

Since it follows the user to the admin framework, the control lies entirely with the admin that he can fix the trading prices. It is designed as a trusted platform that only genuine trades are conducted in the coinbase clone script software. Provide your users with a high-performing, secure, reliable, and effective cryptocurrency exchange platform by initiating your software with our Coinbase clone script

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Why Should you Start Your Cryptocurrency Exchange like Coinbase?

WeAlwin Technologies offers the best coinbase clone script with various user-friendly benefits that provides you a valuable reason why you should start a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase.

Insured Bitcoin & other
Attractive &
user-friendly interface
Security features
Cryptocurrency wallet
integration services
Low trading fees for
the users
Easy to manage
Admin dashboard
Mulitple device

Coinbase Clone App Development

WeAlwin Technologies provides exclusive Coinbase clone app solutions with all the updated features and security options. We understand the technological advancements and help the clients with advanced coinbase clone app development solutions by providing clone app solutions along with the software

Features of our Coinbase Clone App
  • Biometric authentication
  • Pop-up notifications
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • High-speed deposit and withdrawals
  • Advanced user interface
  • Multi-sig wallet
  • Geo-location tracking & management
  • Integrated wallet services

Exclusive features of our Coinbase Clone Script

Instant exchange features

The user can exchange his fiat to cryptocurrency and vice versa instantly without any limitations

Stunning interface

Our developers come up with the best coinbase clone script software equipped with an attractive interface making the trading easy and effective for the traders

Match Engine &Trade engine

We induct our software with an exceptional matching engine that helps your users to engage with the best matching trade

Real-time updates

Our software has a unique admin and user dashboard that offers real-time updates due to the integration with effective data feed management tools

Multi-lingual assistance

The user can exchange his fiat to cryptocurrency and vice versa instantly without any limitationsWe help you to compete with all the global cryptocurrency exchanges and attract worldwide traders by assisting your software with multiple language frameworks

Fiat currency support

Our Coinbase clone script supports all major fiat currencies like USD, Euro, Yen, etc. for making the transactions more effective and reliable

Crypto wallet integration

We help your users to manage the trade effectively by offering multi-cryptocurrency wallet integration services

Payment methods

Apart from the credit card payment method that makes the Coinbase unique, we offer various payment integration that makes the deposits easy and effective for the traders

Smart contract management

We offer advanced and effective smart contract management services for your coinbase like cryptocurrency exchange platform

Communication support

We are available 24/7 and resolve all your queries and doubts regarding your project anytime

Security Features of Our Coinbase Clone Script

  • 2 Factor authentication
  • Anti-DDoS security
  • Public & private key protection
  • KYC/AML verification
  • Multi-Signature wallet security
  • Anti-Phishing software
  • Blockchain security
  • CSRF protection
  • SQL injection prevention
  • HTTPS Authentication
  • Content Management System
  • Registry lock

How does the Coinbase clone script work?

The user has to register his account with his email address or phone number

To buy and sell cryptocurrencies, the user has to link his bank account or credit/debit cards

After successful KYC verification, the user can deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies

The user can buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly and this will reflect in the user’s wallet account

allows bank transfer & credit card payment options. For credit card transactions, the user might have to submit the credit card screenshot to the admin for verification

The user can leverage the digital currencies by transferring the funds from the bank account to the crypto wallet and storing them as cryptocurrencies

Why should you Choose WeAlwin Technologies for
your Coinbase Clone Script Software and App?

WeAlwin Technologies provides exceptional blockchain development and cryptocurrency exchange development solutions and helps businesses to initiate their cryptocurrency business instantly. We offer cryptocurrency exchange software solutions from scratch, white-label crypto exchange, and clone script-based solutions. Our Coinbase clone script is completely customizable so that you can modify the software at any stage of development based on the business requirements

We have an expert development team who can come up with an updated cryptocurrency exchange software like Coinbase. We use state-of-the-art technology tools to create your crypto software with inducting all the essential features and benefits. Kickstart your cryptocurrency exchange platform like Coinbase with our secure, trustworthy, and business-specific coinbase clone script

Why should you Choose WeAlwin Technologies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Instant exchange features, Stunning interface, Match Engine and Trade engine, Real-time updates, Multi-lingual assistance, Fiat currency support, Cryptocurrency wallet integration
We would take less than a week to construct your coinbase clone software for your crypto business. It may vary or extend a little bit if you want to induct some more additional features and security options to it.
We offer affordable services to our clients for creating a crypto platform like Coinbase. It may vary based on the features and security options. REach our Business Development Executive to get the exact quote for your business. Happy to do business with you. Thank you.


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