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Larva labs, which have successfully indulged themselves in the NFT infrastructure by successfully selling crypto punks, have come up with a new form of NFT this time. Yes, it is a pixelated human form, which they have named “Meebits”.It is the third form of NFT by Larva labs and you know what, within 8 hours of its primary sale in the NFT marketplace, nearly the NFT was sold for 75 million dollars. In this blog, let us have a general review about meebits and how significant a role they had played in the evolution of this kind of sale in the NFT marketplace.

About Meebits

Meebits is a collection of 9000 robot-like pixelated characters which are created through an algorithm in an ethereum blockchain. They are 3D-dimensional voxel characters that can be animated in the metaverse. That means the owners who have got access to the meebits can animate or modify them and save them as per their desire. The Larva labs would be sending the meebits in an OBJ file to the owners.

A total of 20,000 meebits were created and only 9000 meebits were put in the NFT marketplace for open sale. The remaining 11k meebits were shared by the crypto punks and Autoglyphs owners. 

Creating the Meebits Art

Voxel 3d graphics had been very popular during the early 21st century and many famous pc games like Minecraft and Roblox were created in that format. With this kind of precious art feature, adding credibility and accessibility will add some more effectiveness in the generations to come. That is the main idea behind the creation of the Meebits by the Larva labs. Some of the meebits have the characteristics of the autoglyphs and are created within minutes using the Adobe Maximo. 

Launch of meebits

The Larva labs have come up with a unique launch plan of meebits by introducing the launch via community sale and public sale. 

The community launch sale

The Larva labs felicitated the Cryptopunks and Autoglyph community by providing free meebits to the punk and autoglyph holders. That means the holder who has punk and glyph tokens can buy free meebits as an exchange, meaning the community tokens will act as a ticket to redeem free meebits to the holders. The holders in turn can keep the tokens themselves, instead the meebits contract will mark those tokens as used so that the holder can be prevented from redeeming the meebits using the same token the next time.  If you are an owner of the cryptopunk or autoglyph token, note the smart contract of meebits as all the community grants are not accessible. Only certain meebits can be redeemed using the punk or glyph community. If you are not able to redeem the meebits, it is between you and the blockchain that you have stored your punk or glyph and Meebits community will not be responsible for this. So be careful while redeeming the token.

The public sale

As discussed above, after allocating a certain amount of tokens for a community grant, the meebits community lists their tokens for public sale too. An initial token price will be determined and put in the NFT marketplace. The prices will decrease as per the sale of the token. As a matter of fact, the public sale will not affect the community grant.

Minting of meebits

You could not buy your desired meebits as the meebits contract assigns random tokens for random mint numbers. So, the meebits are not assigned as per the mint number. If you mint a meebit token, you could get any meebit token. But do not lose your hope to get the meebit you love. 

Meebits marketplace

The meebit tokens are created with the ERC 721 token standard with a smart contract facility. But it has its own NFT marketplace too. This meebits marketplace not only allows you to buy or sell NFT tokens on ethereum blockchain but also allows complex trades that any number of meebits can be bought or sold along with ethereum on either side of the trade.

Where to create like Meebits NFT marketplace?

This is a good question. You see, not all blockchain development companies develop meebits like the NFT marketplace. Only a trusted and experienced blockchain development company with prior experience in creating NFT marketplaces for customers can only understand and analyze and create an exceptional marketplace like Meebits. 

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