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Cryptocurrency has become the face of digital finance right now. The profitability of this sector is manifold that many investors had moved from wall street to this arena. Is it only for the well-trained or well-resourced? No. Anyone can earn profits by initiating the crypto business. It all depends on what type of crypto business you start that your profitability ratio can increase. Here are some profitable cryptocurrency business ideas that are ideal for 2022. 

Non-Fungible Token Business

This is one of the steaming business crypto business opportunities among cryptopreneurs and startups. NFT has really turned cards out here by celebrating the digital antique collections and crazy ideas and it is time for the crazy people to create some stunning digital art and make money. It is best recommended to start your NFT marketplace that will not only bring you profits through transactions but also you can make more revenue from multiple source funnels.

Crypto Payment Gateway Business

Digital payment gateway is the new order. Many brands like Walmart and Amazon have switched on to crypto payments through adopting the crypto payment gateway in their POS machines and their delivery check-ins. Crypto payment gateway business is expanding and stores need a trusted and reliable multi-cryptocurrency payment gateway to promote their business. What if you can provide them unique crypto payment gateway solutions at affordable rates. Kickstart your crypto payment gateway business and become a crypto businessman.

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Crypto Exchange Platform

Cryptocurrency exchange platform facilitates the transaction and exchange of various cryptocurrencies from one trader to another in less than a minute. They do not come with solid regulation and so, people can exchange without any limitations. This has become the success of the crypto exchange platform. Blockchain technology offers the distribution ledger facility and offers the best security options that your platform is highly secure and encrypted.

I am sure that these things have instigated to start of your cryptocurrency exchange platform. That is well and great. But you should consider certain things before starting your cryptocurrency exchange platform. Yes, there are several types of crypto exchange platforms that you can start your crypto business with. They include

  • Centralized trade exchange
  • Decentralized trade exchange
  • Hybrid exchange
  • Order book trade
  • Clone script-based crypto solutions.
  • White label crypto exchange solutions.
  • Cryptocurrency exchange from scratch.

Choose the best one that suits your interest and budget and initiate your crypto platform instantly and increase your profits.And also pick the right cryptocurrency exchange development company as WeAlwin Technologies to start your own unique cryptocurrency exchange business.

wanna know about the steps to start a crypto exchange platform, refer this one >> How to start a cryptocurrency exchange

According to my opinion, the best option to step into the cryptocurrency marketplace is by starting your crypto exchange business with a popular cryptocurrency clone scripts. with this, you can easily build your own exchange platform like  Binance, Coinbase, or LocalBitcoins at affordable prices.

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Crypto Loans 

crypto loaning is one of the innovative side-hustle business opportunities which is profitable in the current situation. It will offer you higher profits than from crypto holding and exchanging. 

Cryptocurrency investments are gaining traction and if you are having an account in any cryptocurrency exchange, you can start your crypto loaning process. You can loan your bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to the clients who are investing in margin trading or any other trading process and get the interest. Some cryptocurrency exchange platforms provide such initiatives to traders. So make sure you fix the lowest interest rate to attract more traders to you. 

This kind of crypto business option is for somebody who either has a part of a cryptocurrency stake or as a venture or in a crypto business where the progression of the cryptocurrency is in a great volume.

Crypto Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is not a new concept anymore. Anyone who wants to start a business or a new venture undertakes the crowdfunding initiative to gather supporting capital to start their business with ease. To be short, crowdfunding is considered as an alternative to the Venture capitalism idea. Here, the investors are not large shareholders but have contributed a small amount to the business which in turn would be reciprocated sooner or later.

Talking about crypto crowdfunding, it is possible through the initiation of a crypto token through ICO, IEO, and STO. ICO is the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) where the token deals are about to happen. Starting an ICO is really an easy business process than starting it with IEO or STO. STO involves various regulation processes and a strict smart contract framework. Only verified traders can get involved in the STO. STO came into the field to revamp the ICO which has been cross-talked because of its fraudulent activities. 

But starting your ICO with the trusted token development company will help you to generate your targeted capital through crypto crowdfunding. 

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Blockchain Business 

Firewall is out of form now. No business is relying upon firewall security for their business. As the entire business is moving online, they store data in the cloud and they need a highly secure feature that can protect the information from being theft out. IN that sense, the sister technology of cryptocurrency - Blockchain technology comes to the rescue. Do you know what is best according to blockchain technology? They not only provide security to your data and encrypt your online information through the usage of private and public keys, they also manage your entire business management through their automated management system.

Interesting right? Blockchain technology is hardly hackable as they store the data in form of blocks that it is diversified. So, if the hacker wants to break the information, he has to break out all the information in the block that becomes nearly impossible. Make sure you reach the best blockchain development company to start your blockchain business of your own.

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Initiate a Cryptocurrency ATM 

It is not a fantasy nor a fancy one. Like fiat ATM’s cryptocurrency do have come up with the ATM feature where you can invest or withdraw your cryptocurrencies at certain points. Here you can store and manage your fiat currency and get your cryptocurrency. If you think that this ATM has eliminated the need for cryptocurrency exchange, you are wrong. Cryptocurrency exchange platforms do have the authority to diversify their business by placing their ATM and hence it is their software that the user may be using to exchange. Start your cryptocurrency ATM business and help the cryptocurrency exchange platforms to expand their business from online to some physical locations by starting the cryptocurrency ATM. This is one of the valuable business ideas and hence make sure that you have enough investment while starting your cryptocurrency ATM business.

Make dapps 

Dapp is a type of computerized program that offers sudden spikes in demand for a blockchain network. Dapps keeps track of the information in a decentralized model of the data set and asset framework. Dapps empowers the crossway payment transfers without any interference from outsiders. Some decentralized applications including chainlink, poker connection, Lbank, and crypto kitties are completely unique and decentralized applications that have specific functions.

Decentralized applications or Dapps are unique because of their features that include

  • Open-source code
  • No intercession
  • Utilization of inside cash
  • Decentralized agreement system.

Start your Microtransaction Supplier Business 

If you think that microtransactions are not effective and do not provide you the estimated business profits, you are wrong. It goes like the proverb - Small drops maketh an ocean. Not all traders do bulk trading or go for trading options like Marginal trading, derivatives trading, and other forms of trading. There are many people out there who want to play safe and sound and this is their call. Microtransactions suppliers will help the people and traders who want to conduct microtransactions. All you need to do is to conduct their transactions successfully and you receive a small remuneration in return which is very low compared to the transaction fees of the famous cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Sell Out Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Books

Do you think you are enriched with utmost knowledge about cryptocurrency, their prediction, and the blockchain, and their security? Then it is time for you to start writing your book and make a huge sales record on it. Make sure that your book stands out from other cryptocurrency books and magazines. Put some unique information that would be helpful for both veteran and novice traders. This will be the turning point in your book. Make your book interesting with simple English with less or scarce usage of technical words that would help the readers to grab what you are trying to say. 

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Sell Ideas or Physical Things for Cryptocurrencies 

This might sound like NFT but the difference between NFT selling and general selling is different. You can sell anything for cryptocurrencies. But make sure that your buyer has access to cryptocurrency payments. To be more professional and technical, you can start your Asset tokenization criteria where you can sell your real-world assets as tokens and later list them in cryptocurrency exchange.

You can also sell your ideas for cryptocurrencies, but you should know that you cannot claim your intellectual property right after selling your idea or your precious physical items. The thing is you have to choose the best buyer which is not a daunting task. To be short, instead of selling things for fiat currency, all you are going to do is to sell them for cryptocurrency. The difference is fiat value depreciates by time, but cryptocurrency value increases by time.

Final Words

Here are some great profitable business ideas for 2022. Choose the best that suits you. You may be thinking that the Mining process has not been included. This year the mining is having a great hit and they are slumping because of the environmental hazard they are posing. But mining does favor your business potential, but it does not draw you greater profits as of now. You can try Staking and Pooling instead with non-mining coins like Cardano and Polkadot blockchains. 

WeAlwin Technologies leading cryptocurrency exchange development company can support your crypto business endeavor with exceptional expertise and state-of-the-art technology tools and offer your quality crypto solutions affordably for startups and entrepreneurs. Reach us now and kickstart your desired crypto business instantly.

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