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The contemporary world is moving forward with the evolutions of technology and inventions that make everything simply digitalization, especially in the finance sector. In which, the crypto assets are important to be pointed out. The people utilizing the CryptoPunks could execute their profitable trading securely by non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Following, let’s explore the full information of CyptoPunks, the pixelated NFTs as it got the name by becoming the most sold NFT collectibles at the present era, and the CryptoPunks clone script for your fruitful collectible development for business.

What Are CryptoPunks?

The CryptoPunks are the prehistoric NFTs that were introduced to the digital territory in late 2017 by Larva Labs. The 24×24 px digital art collection is a unique avatar in 8-bit style on the Ethereum blockchain. Today, the CyrptoPunks are almost 10,000 unique collectibles and the backbone for the ERC721 standard that authorizes nearly all blockchain digital art. 

In a CyryptoPunks collection, you could not find two art resembling the same emergence because they all are developed algorithmically for individual characters. As you now grasped, the characters follow a Punk theme, through which, they are very rare in types. For example, human faces, apes, and aliens. 

Utilizing an NFT marketplace like LarvaLabs, users can browse CryptoPunks to explore their accessories and attributes for buying and selling.

The Rise of CryptoPunks

Like other NFTs, the CytpoPunks have also been seeing their high popularity and surge value in the market space, to make it specific, particularly from 2021. They compose 3 out of the top 5 most expensive NFTs sold all the time. 

Considering the gigantic fame, several digital art practitioners combine in the trend by making their art get tokenized. As a result, the CryptoPunk platform has had USD. 200M in transactions since it was first launched in 2017.

According to DeFi Pulse, the CryptoPunks might reach a selling cost of ETH 5,000 (approx.) as a breaking of their all-time hike for the present year 2022.

Why Develop Collectibles Like CryptoPunks?

As you already know that NFT art pieces in the marketplace sell for millions at auction. The CryptoPunks space is getting raised day by day all because the NFT makes unique ownership with a distributed ledger of particular CryptoPunk’s all the previous owners in the blockchain. The uniqueness spreads trust among crypto enthusiasts and creates a wise move for their investments.


  • The 10,000 available unique NFTs are worth nearly USD. 400M in the digital domain.
  • CryptoPunk 7523 is the most expensive NFT on the platform and is valued at around USD. 11.7M in modernity.
  • As the same, CryptoPunk 3100 was traded at the value of more than 7 million US Dollars.


These three points are a piece of strong additional evidence for the question of why develop collectibles like CryptoPunks at present. Thereby, developing your own collectibles like the lucrative CryptoPunks makes you a productive entrepreneur fast in the digitized planet.

How to Create Your NFT Collectibles like CryptoPunks?

We, at WeAlwin Technologies NFT development company, masterfully assist you to create your NFT collectibles like CruptoPunks with our expert digital artists. Concernedly, let’s discuss the essentials that you need to follow to create your fruitful NFT CryptoPunks for business.

  • Select Your Art - First, you have to decide on your art. As discussed it has different avatars with male, female, ape, alien, and zombie faces.
  • Have Some Ether (ETH) - It is essential that you should have some ETH to take your project for success.
  • Choose A Marketplace - Now you have to choose a marketplace to feature your NFT for trading.
  • Mint Your NFT Like CryptoPunks from WeAlwin - Connect your digital wallet to the selective marketplace and mint your NFTs like CyrptoPunks developed from WeAlwin.
  • Start to Trade Your NFT Tokens - Once featuring, showcase your NFT to traders to gain revenue out of your artwork in the marketplace.

What Is CryptoPunks Clone Script?

Cryptopunks clone script is a ready-made NFT marketplace script to start an NFT marketplace only for buying and selling popular digital collectibles like cryptopunks. Through this, you could smartly generate your new NFTs like CryptoPunks to start your own digital art creation with experts to trade in any desired NFT marketplace. Since it is already prepared with indispensable sources, it would be so smart for you to profitably develop your winning digital art very shortly. Moreover, WeAlwin Technologies offer you a complete custom solution in your NFT development. Thence, you can incur your lucrative NFTs as per your 100% prospects. 

Working Principle of CryptoPunks Clone Script

  • The created CyptoPunks need to endure some important steps before it gets listed in an NFT Marketplace for sale. So, the details are in the following.
  • CryptoPuncks are typically the token ERC-20. They form as ERC-721 initially. 
  • The conversion process later starts on a diverse website.
  • In the Ethereum blockchain, the original picture of avatar heads is so large to store in. Thus, a hash of the picture is blocked within Smart Contract.
  • To ensure the ownership of the digital art, you have to generate the SHA-512 hash through the command line and match it with the hash established in the Smart Contract. For i.e.

Now the digital asset is ready for listing on the NFT marketplace for sale. So, let’s see the transaction flow.

  • The owner of the developed NFT collectibles now enables the listing by selecting the buy mode at a fixed price or auction.
  • Once the pixelated punks are out for sale, the patrons start bidding on them. 
  • After the auction is over, the bid money is sent to the respective creator, while the ownership of the virtual collectibles is transferred to the highest bidder.

Why Should You Launch NFT Marketplace for CryptoPunks?

Currently, the CryptoPunks are only purchased through particular platforms like Rarible, OpenSea, Axie Infinity, Solanart, Sorare, Binance NFT Marketplace, Wazirx NFT Marketplace and Larva Labs.

So the demand for more existence like such platforms is still stalked by users worldwide. Consequently, you could find our ready-to-shift NFT marketplace models resembling the mentioned successful NFT Marketplaces. They are listed in the following.

Rarible Clone Script

Opensea Clone Script

Axie Infinity Clone Script

Solanart Clone Script

Sorare Clone Script

Binance NFT marketplace Clone Script

Wazirx NFT Marketplace Clone Script

Utilizing such, you can effectively develop your NFT platform for a lucrative business launch. Through that, you could equip a powerful CryptoPunks marketplace for crypto enthusiasts to make a huge revenue out of it.

Choose the Blockchain to Create Your CryptoPunks NFT Marketplace

We, at WeAlwin Technologies, develop your NFT marketplace from the successful clone scripts that integrate different blockchain concepts into trade features. They are like

  • Ethereum based Blockchain
  • Solana based Blockchain
  • Binance SmartChain
  • Tron Blockchain
  • Polkadot Blockchain
  • Polycon Matics Blockchain, and so forth.

Utilizing such a vast blockchain network incorporation solution, you can provide diverse options to the users. Therefore, they can smartly start their NFT like CryptoPunks trading on your energetic NFT marketplace in their desired network.

Why Choose WeAlwin Technologies for CryptoPunks like NFT Marketplace Development?

WeAlwin Technologies is serving as the best NFT Marketplace development company in the global blockchain project development market. With that, we provide complete and absolute solutions to assist you to create your chosen blockchain-based non-fungible tokens like CryptoPunks.

Above all, our work on the NFTs creation not only replicates the same as CryptoPunks but also ensures the success of the CryptoPunks in your business objectives.

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