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Decentralized exchanges are looked over centralized exchanges despite the fact that the latter are effective and transparent. There is no regulation and the user can exchange or trade without the interference of a third party. In this world of transparent privacy, this is what the user wants - “A decentralized crypto exchange software.” Decentralization facilitates peer to peer exchanges without any interruption of admin and hence it is the most sought exchange platform among the crypto traders and investors

WeAlwin rightly understands the requirement of the user and helps our clients to build a decentralized exchange software for their business. With an undeniable knowledge in blockchain development and rightful application of smart contract, distributed ledger, and a handful of expert developers, we offer you the best decentralized exchange software for your business with customization options. Initiate your decentralized exchange business with WeAlwin Technologies.

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Our Decentralized Exchange

Development Services

Development Services
DEX exchange software from scratch

We help you to create your decentralized exchange platform from scratch using our state of the art technology tools and expert developers and designers

DEX exchange Software
White label decentralized exchange software development

We produce you instant white label dex platform for your crypto business. Our dex software is completely customizable that you can modify based on your business needs

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange
Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange script

We offer readymade decentralized crypto exchange scripts of famous dex exchanges to kickstart your P2P platform rapidly

Other DEX services
Other DEX services

If you have a centralized exchange platform, we are happy to integrate our dex software thereby providing a hybrid exchange development services

Features of our Decentralized Exchange
Software Services

Exceptional dashboard

With an exceptional and robust dashboard, you can update yourself and keep an eye over the operations regularly.

Stunning user interface

Impeccable and outstanding user interface helps the user to trade in your DEX platform with an excellent frontend infrastructure

Transaction history

Your user can take a complete look at the transactions that are abeing conducted earlier with the assistance of the blockchain technology

Easy to handle software

It is highly efficient decentralized exchange software that helps the traders to add or remove trading pairs and conduct trading as per their options

Secure Escrow system

Our decentralized cryptocurrency exchange software has secure escrow management and conducts the transactions smoothly without any delay

Smart contract integration

Decentralized exchange smart contracts works on automation & stability keeping up the consistency thereby enhancing the trust among the traders & investors

Crypto payment gateway integration

We offer secure crypto payment gateway integration features with multiple payment options facilitating the traders on your DEX platform with utmost ease

Crypto wallet integration

We offer crypto wallet integration features to store and manage their cryptocurrencies in a secure crypto wallet with multiple cryptocurrencies storage options

Push-up notifications

Our decentralized exchange app offers you many undeniable services including push-up notifications on the real time updates on all forms of trades


We offer the best secure P2P platform that can protect your user’s information. It is secured with blockchain technology and hacking is not so easy

How does your Decentralized Exchange
Software work for your users?

We provide you with the best decentralized crypto exchange solutions that works very competently for your business. Let us surf with the steps that showcases on how it works well for your users

A user had to register his account before starting their trading & then initiate the trade by pushing up either a buy or sell option to the order book. This kind of trade call is called ``maker”

The order will include all kinds of information regarding the transaction. After the maker signs a validation using the private key, then the action gets broadcasted to the network.

If the taker is interested in the transaction, he would click the trade and take the transaction.

During the transaction, the buyer should send the amount. The seller would proceed in sending the coins after ensuring the payment.

If there is a dispute regarding the transaction, the admin would be interfering for dispute resolution and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

After successful verification, the trade would be conducted and the amount from the escrow would be released to the seller’s account.

Decentralized exchange

Why choose us for your

Decentralized Crypto Exchange?

We are a team of blockchain and defi development experts who have a wide experience in offering exceptional decentralized finance and other decentralized exchange development solutions to our clients. We have successfully delivered 50+ projects related to the decentralized crypto exchange software. Our developers have expert level knowledge and experience in crafting decentralized exchange development solutions

WeAlwin Technologies provides you with completely customizable white label dex software solutions where you can modify your preferences based on your business requirements. We offer you dex scripts of the top decentralized crypto exchange platforms on time that can help you to kickstart your business instantly. We offer 24/7 customer support. Launch your decentralized p2p crypto exchange platform with us and become a successful cryptopreneur

Our Decentralized Exchange
Software Development Process

Analysis & research

We carefully adhere to the client’s requirements and come with a proper outcome and a strategy


After confirmation of strategy, our expert designers will come up with a strategic outline for your decentralized exchange software


Our development team will conduct the development process as per the strategy to create an outstanding dex software for your business


Our testing team will check for the bugs and other functional issues and confirms a proper functioning of the platform


After a series of quality testing, the decentralized exchange software is delivered successfully to the client

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Frequently Asked Questions

DEX is the short form of Decentralized exchange platform. It helps the traders to conduct peer to peer crypto exchanges without any regulatory or legal hurdles thereby making the transactions quick and efficient.
Of course, yes. But if you rely upon creating a white label crypto exchange or from dex script, the investment would be very moderate and sufficient compared to the dex platform from scratch.
Yes, we do offer crypto wallet and payment gateway integration services to our clients based on their request. Our extensible features cover those services as ad-ons to our clients who want a decentralized crypto exchange software.
It differs based on the requirement of your dex platform. Our services include decentralized crypto exchange from scratch, dex script based platform and white label crypto exchange software.
It differs based on the requirement of your dex services. If you want a decentralized exchange software from scratch, then it would differ from that of the cost of creating a dex script software. We ensure that we offer affordable dex services for all startups and entrepreneurs to kickstart their crypto business.


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