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Step into a world where boundaries blur, possibilities expand, and financial innovation thrives. 

Welcome to the exhilarating universe of synthetic asset development, where we unravel the mysteries of creating and trading digital representations of real-world assets.

Are you excited,

In this blog, we invite you to embrace the future of finance by exploring the captivating realm of synthetic assets. 

These revolutionary digital assets enable investors to unlock a world of opportunities, providing access to a diverse range of assets in a seamless and decentralized manner.

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What are Synthetic Assets?

A DeFi synthetic asset is a digital representation of a real-world asset, like a currency, stock, or commodity.  

It is created on a blockchain network using smart contracts. The purpose of synthetic assets is to mimic the price movements of real assets without actually owning them.

It is also known as tokenized derivatives. In traditional finance, derivatives are representations of assets.

For example, let's say you want to invest in gold but don't want to physically buy and store it. With derivatives, you can create a digital token that represents the value of gold. 

The token's price will move up and down along with the price of real gold in the market.


Crypto synthetic assets are tokens to represent your cryptocurrency that are used to lock their cryptocurrency as collateral.

They are valuable because they allow you to access and invest in different assets without needing to own them directly. 

They bring flexibility and opportunities to the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) by providing a way to trade and invest in assets that might be difficult to access otherwise.

Overall, it offers a convenient and efficient way to gain exposure to various assets and diversify your investment portfolio in the decentralized finance space.

Importance of Synthetic Assets?

1. Accessibility: 

DeFi Synthetic assets enable broader access to a wide range of assets that may have been traditionally difficult to obtain or invest in. 

They allow individuals from various geographical locations to participate in global financial markets without the need for intermediaries or extensive capital requirements.

2. Diversification: 

They provide the opportunity to diversify investment portfolios. 

By offering exposure to different asset classes, such as stocks, commodities, or currencies, they allow investors to spread their risk and potentially increase their chances of returns.

3. Liquidity: 

Synthetic assets can enhance liquidity in the market. They enable users to trade assets 24/7 on decentralized platforms, facilitating continuous price discovery and improving market efficiency. 

This liquidity benefits traders and investors, allowing them to enter and exit positions more quickly.

4. Risk Management: 

Synthetic assets offer risk management tools. Through the use of derivatives and synthetic positions, users can hedge their exposures to market risks. This allows them

to protect their investments from adverse price movements and potentially mitigate losses.

5. Innovation and Experimentation: 

They foster innovation within the decentralized finance ecosystem. It  enable creation of new financial products, such as leveraged positions, inverse assets, or customized indexes. 

This innovation encourages experimentation and the development of novel investment strategies.

6. Financial Inclusion: 

DeFi Synthetic assets contribute to financial inclusion by providing access to investment opportunities for individuals who may not have had access to traditional financial systems. 

They empower individuals with limited resources or restricted access to participate in global markets and potentially improve their financial situation.

thereby transforming the way individuals invest, trade, and interact with the global financial ecosystem.

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Top DeFi Synthetic Assets Protocols

  1. Synthetix:  Supreme artificial Assets protocol

Synthetix allows users to create and trade various synthetic assets called "Synths." These Synths represent the value of different assets like cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and fiat currencies. 

Users can mint (create) Synths by collateralizing SNX tokens, the native token of the Synthetix protocol. Synthetix provides a decentralized platform for trading these Synths, allowing users to gain exposure to a wide range of assets without actually owning them.

2. Mirror Protocol: 

The Mirror Protocol is a platform built on the Terra blockchain. It enables the creation and trading of synthetic assets called "Mirrors," which track the price movements of real-world assets, including stocks, commodities, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). 

Mirror Protocol achieves this by utilizing price oracles to obtain real-time price data. Users can mint Mirrors by providing collateral in the form of Terra's stablecoin, UST. These DeFi synthetic assets can be bought, sold, and traded on decentralized exchanges.

3. UMA Protocol: 

UMA (Universal Market Access) Protocol is a decentralized finance protocol that enables the creation and trading of synthetic assets known as "UMA tokens." 

UMA provides a framework for creating customized synthetic assets with specific parameters, such as expiration dates or price ranges. Users can create these tokens by collateralizing UMA tokens and other assets. 

The protocol relies on a concept called "priceless" oracles, which use economic guarantees to ensure accurate price information. UMA allows users to gain exposure to various assets and unique financial products through the creation and trading of UMA tokens.

4. sBTC (Synthetic Bitcoin) on Ethereum:

sBTC is a DeFi synthetic asset that represents the value of Bitcoin (BTC) on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to gain exposure to Bitcoin's price movements without directly holding BTC. 

The creation of sBTC is typically facilitated by collateralizing other assets, such as Ether (ETH), and minting sBTC tokens in return. These tokens can then be traded on decentralized exchanges or used as collateral for other DeFi protocols.

5. FutureSwap: 

FutureSwap is a decentralized derivatives protocol that allows users to trade synthetic futures contracts. These contracts derive their value from the price movements of underlying assets, such as cryptocurrencies or commodities. 

FutureSwap offers perpetual contracts, which have no expiration date, and users can take long or short positions based on their market predictions. 

The protocol operates on the Ethereum blockchain and provides a decentralized and permissionless platform for trading these synthetic futures contracts.

These are just a few examples of the top protocols available in the decentralized finance space. 

DeFi Crypto Synthetic Assets Development

Decentralized Finance Crypto Synthetic Assets Development involves building and improving platforms, protocols, and infrastructure that enable the creation, trading, and management of synthetic assets.

The development involves several key aspects:

1. Protocol Design: 

Our Developers design the rules and parameters for collateralization, price oracles, tokenization, and other essential features that ensure the DeFi synthetic assets function properly.

Wealwin's innovative protocol design, empowers users with seamless transactions and secure financial interactions.

2. Smart Contract Development: 

Smart contracts play a crucial role. WeAlwin developers write and deploy these self-executing agreements on the blockchain. 

These smart contracts define the rules and logic of how synthetic assets are created, traded, and settled, as well as how collateral is managed.

3. Collateralization Mechanisms: 

Developers design and implement collateralization mechanisms, which determine the assets or tokens that can be used as collateral and the rules for maintaining collateral ratios. 

These mechanisms ensure the stability and security of the ecosystem.

4. Price Oracle Integration:

Price oracles are essential for determining the real-time prices of the underlying assets that synthetic assets track. 

Developers integrate reliable price oracle systems into the synthetic asset protocols to obtain accurate and up-to-date price information. This maintains a close correlation with their reference assets.

5. Auditing and Security: 

Security is of utmost importance in DeFi development. Developers conduct rigorous audits and security assessments to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities or exploits. 

6. User Experience and Interface: 

Developers focus on creating user-friendly interfaces and experiences for interacting with DeFi synthetic asset protocols. 

This includes designing intuitive dashboards, trading interfaces, and portfolio management tools that make it easy for users to mint, trade, and track synthetic assets. 

Seamlessly navigate the world of decentralized finance with Wealwin's user-centric interface, ensuring an intuitive and enjoyable user experience for all users.

A seamless and intuitive user experience encourages adoption and participation in the DeFi ecosystem.

7. Continuous Improvement and Upgrades: 

Crypto synthetic asset development is an iterative process. Developers continuously gather feedback, monitor performance, and identify areas for improvement. 

They work on upgrading the protocols, introducing new features, enhancing scalability, and addressing any identified shortcomings to improve the overall functionality and efficiency of the synthetic asset ecosystem.

Various Synthetic Assets Crypto Projects


A tool called Synthetify uses Solana to create synthetic assets on-chain.

2.CVI Finance

A synthetic asset protocol called CVI Finance aids traders in hedging against market volatility.

3.Outcome Finance

Through synthetic assets, Outcome Finance assists DAOs in aligning community incentives.


On the Ethereum blockchain, Synthetix enables the issuance of synthetic "real-world" assets.


Users can obtain self-paying loans through Alchemix by putting cryptocurrency as security.


UniDex is a perpetual exchange platform and decentralized meta-aggregator for swaps.

7.Metronome Synth

Users of Metronome Synth can produce a wide range of synthetics using crypto assets as collateral.

How Synthetic Assets Helps In Your Business

Here are a few ways in which synthetic assets can be helpful in your business

1. Exposure to diverse assets: 

DeFi Synthetic assets enable businesses to gain exposure to a wide range of assets that may otherwise be difficult to access or trade.

2. Mitigate potential losses: 

Businesses can mitigate potential losses by creating synthetic positions that offset existing risks.

3. Improve market efficiency: 

They enable businesses to trade assets that might be illiquid or have significant barriers to entry. By creating synthetic versions of these assets, businesses can facilitate trading and improve market efficiency.

4. Easy participatory: 

They allow businesses to participate in markets and gain exposure to various assets without the need for significant capital or specialized infrastructure. 


The field of decentralized finance is expanding rapidly, with innovative protocols and dApps frequently emerging. The best-in-class idea to create crypto-synthetic resources inside of DeFi has financial backers or (investors) on the edge of their seats. 

Everyone should possess manufactured assets and benefit from possessing crypto assets whose value won't fluctuate. By nurturing with us, you can give an especially robust and useful stage.

Our expertise in the DeFi market and hands-on experience come from our many years as a DeFi Development Company. Your artificial assets in the DeFi protocol will gain the best visibility among cryptocurrency investors and traders according to our entirely white-label and scalable solutions. 

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DeFi Development…

We have the tendency to perceive the crypto industry and are able to deliver because WeAlwin have numerous developer team for DeFi development and applications.

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