Defi Prediction Market: A Game-Changer for Business Insights

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Day-to-day life is evolving with new technologies and developments that are rapidly evolving in our digital world.

In this lineup,

now DeFi prediction market emerges.

These markets enable participants to speculate on the outcome of various events, leveraging the wisdom of the crowd to predict future outcomes with accuracy.

In this article, we will explore the concept of DeFi prediction market, its functioning, and its advantages.

What is a Prediction Market in DeFi?

A prediction market, often known as a betting market, is an exchange-traded setting where people can place bets on a range of future occurrences. 

Future commodity prices, a company's yearly revenue figures, exchange rates, etc. are only a few examples of the happenings. Predict, a well-known public prediction market, makes predictions about what will happen in the political and financial sectors.

This prediction will be organized in the Defi platform in a decentralized manner who participants across the blockchain network connected globally.

Example of Prediction Market 

Prediction can be done in various places like

1. Political Elections

2. Sports

3. Stock Market

4. Weather

5. Cryptocurrency

How Decentralized Finance Prediction Market Works

Prediction markets operate based on the principle of the "wisdom of the crowd." They aggregate the knowledge and insights of a diverse group of participants to generate more accurate predictions. 

Let's consider an example to illustrate how a prediction market works in the context of DeFi. Because DeFi based prediction market work is based on decentralization.

On the DeFi based blockchain participants can buy or sell prediction tokens, indicating their belief in the likelihood of specific outcomes. 

It works based on smart contracts which means a self-executing program. Due to the global reach of wide blockchain participants, there is more predictability and increased accuracy.

The market prices of these tokens, driven by supply and demand, reflect the aggregated predictions of the wide participants.

I think now you understand how Defi based prediction market works in the real world. 

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Various Prediction Market protocols

1. Augur,

2. Omen.eth,

3. Plt.ex,

4. Gnosis,

5. Polymarket.

Types of Prediction Market

1. Play money vs real money

Prediction markets accept real money, while others use virtual money. The real money prediction market runs similarly in a regular manner.

A virtual money prediction market, on the other hand, gives traders a set sum of virtual money when they sign up for the market. Participants use this start-up money to trade on the virtual market.

An automated market maker is implemented to prevent illiquidity, and any profits made by traders are accumulated in the form of virtual money. Due to its widespread use by dealers, AlphaCast is the most well-known virtual currency market.

2. continuous double auction(CDA)

A continuous double auction, often known as CDA, is a system for matching buyers and sellers of shares. As a result, in a CDA system, the matchmaker is in charge of a ledger that records the traders who make offers and requests for stocks.

3. Automated Market Makers & Market Scoring Rules

There are frequently more buyers than sellers in the prediction market, the liquidity issue is the biggest drawback of employing CDA. In comparison to a traditional stock exchange like the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), prediction markets often have fewer traders.

Here is a tool called automated market maker to solve this issue. 

In this scenario, the platform (like Cultivate Forecasts) plays the role of the "house," taking the other side of every deal. By doing this, participants are guaranteed to always be able to transact, thereby generating or "making" the market. 

This is uncommon in real money prediction markets because it results in losses for the "house" if it takes the opposite side of every bet. 

In play money prediction markets, where house losses are much less damaging, they are significantly more prevalent.

4. Other Crowdsourced Forecasting Methods

In addition to prediction markets, crowdsourcing forecasting techniques like opinion polls are also available. These platforms operate without the stock market's system and rely on public opinion.

Is Prediction Market Gambling?

While prediction markets may involve elements of speculation, they are distinct from traditional forms of gambling. Prediction markets rely on information and analysis, where participants make predictions based on their assessment of future events. 

Unlike pure games of chance, prediction markets provide a platform for individuals to apply their knowledge and expertise.

Advantages of the DeFi Prediction Market

1. Decentralized platform

Due to blockchain technology, it provides decentralization over the peer-to-peer network. So there is no need for intermediaries.

2. Higher Security

Blockchain technology provides viable security due to the shared ledger platform.

3. Lower Costs

It greatly reduces the cost because there are no charges for a central authority or intermediaries.

4. More Accurate Predictions

Compared to the traditional prediction market the defi platform has a greater global reach and high level of participants, making it accurate.

6. Transparent in nature

Due to the shared ledger properties of blockchain, it can be transparent to every participant

How participants make money in the Prediction Market 

Prediction markets generate revenue through several mechanisms. They are typically a percentage of the winnings earned by participants. Additionally, allowing participants to earn rewards by participating in the platform's ecosystem.

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DeFi Development…

In conclusion,

The potential of decentralized prediction markets to encompass every facet of the conventional and digital economies.

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