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Launch your NFT marketplace like GhostMarket with our Exclusive GhostMarket Clone Script which helps you to create your NFT platform on the Binance Cross Chain. 

GhostMarket Clone Script

GhostMarket Clone Script is an NFT marketplace Clone Script that launches a Binance Smart Chain powered cross-chain NFT marketplace like Ghostmarket. We provide a Ghostmarket clone script to establish your Binance-compatible wallet and enable features and functionalities similar to It is a pre-built software solution that is developed with versatile features and works with an optimized design. It is ready-to-deploy script in the market that can be used quickly at any time. It is completely customized and unique according to the business needs and requirements of the clients. 

Statistics about the GhostMarket NFT Marketplace Clone

  • It passed last week trading volume of $20,990 and previous month, monthly trading volume is $56,440. 
  • The GhostMarket NFT trading platform has over 1100 users that include 246 weekly users and 671 monthly traders.
  • So far, mind blowing 293,830 NFTs are listed on its platform.

Entrepreneurs looking to enter into the profitable world of trading crypto collectibles can create a top-notch GhostMarket NFT marketplace clone in no time by teaming up with WeAlwin’s proficient developers. 

The essential features of the GhostMarket clone

Search and Filter Option - The future investors can search for crypto collectibles of their interest by sorting by listing date, release date, auction price, and name of the artist or content creator. 

Easy management of digital collectible for users - Various crypto collections can be efficiently managed by traders on the phantasma blockchain network. They can specify information such as the name of the digital collection, the ownership of the collectibles, the name of the crypto collectible, the crypto wallet address, and the total distribution. 

Bidding option - Ghostmarket clone script ensures high return on investment for faster purchases of high-demand digital collections.

Safe trading only with verified artists - GhostMarket NFT Marketplace clone script has hundreds of fully verified artist listed. It includes their name details, description of their work, NFTs available for sale, pricing, auction information, and links to their personal social media accounts. 

Quick purchase of Low-priced NFTs - This is useful for those buyers who cannot afford to spend a lot of money on purchasing NFTs. A group of select minted crypto collectibles can be purchased at very low prices. 

How does NFT platform like GhostMarket works?

  • Users must register with GhostMarket clone script by submitting required information such as name, email address, and cryptocurrency holdings. 
  • They can choose Phantasma or NEO Blockchain network according to their needs and requirements. 
  • Traders need to deposit certain cryptocurrencies in supported wallets such as Ecto and Poltergeist connected to Phantasma blockchain and O3, Teemo, and Neoline digital wallets with NEO Blockchain network.
  • Investors can view the sale details of crypto collections and buy desired NFTs by placing bids before the end date and time. 
  • More transparency is ensured by the availability of artist information along with photos and videos of crypto collectibles. 
  • They can pay the required fees through a compatible digital wallet and receive their NFT in no time.
  • On the GhostMarket NFT trading platform, users can view the history of trades and transactions at any time by clicking on the “My Activity” section of their accounts on the market. 
  • Crypto Enthusiasts who don’t want to trade can check out the list of NFTs for sale, new cryptocurrencies collectibles and prices and sales details.
  • Content creators can easily sell NFTs by adding an image or video of the crypto collection, royalty rights, total supply, price, height, size, and width of the digital collection, and auction date and time. 

Revenue Model of NFT marketplace like GhostMarket?

Artists, musicians, gamers, and content creators of all kinds can easily monetize their valuable content by listing it on GhostMarket Clone. 

The income depends upon the number of auctions and the price they set for their crypto collectibles.

Content developers benefit greatly from NFT Marketplace like GhostMarket as they don’t have to pay any commissions to agents, middleman, and big tech companies. 

Content creators retain full control over the ownership and distribution of their unique creations. 

They also protected from issues like copyright infringement and duplications.

Artists and musicians are also paid royalties if NFTs are resold by future buyers.

After registration, content creators will gain access to the Phantasma blockchain network’s 101 KCAL crypto tokens and three SOUL cryptocurrency tokens. 

Examine the Payment structure of Cross chain NFT marketplace like GhostMarket?

The Online marketplace requires 2% commission for every NFT sale.

Additional revenue is generated by charging a transaction fees for every payment made through the various digital wallets supported by GhostMarket Clone Platform.

The current NFT traders can refer new investors like their family members and friends to the platform and easily get rewards from cashback, discounts, fiat currencies like USD and integrated referral program. 

Referral users in GhostMarket clone script gets flat 25% reward from the sale of collectible crypto of the referred person (new buyer).

Benefits of GhostMarket Clone Software

It is a smooth-running cross-chain NFT Trading or Marketplace platform where digital collectibles can be bought and sold quickly and secured by cryptocurrency investors.

GhostMarket Clone Software is fully white-label script solution and ready to use in the crypto market.

Crypto investors and traders can also easily discover new crypto collections sold by creators on the NFT marketplace. 

The GhostMarket NFT marketplace clone has all the details including artist information, low and high prices, list of NFTs, recently added auctions, and sale details of those digital collections.

Real-time data on NFT sales, NFT minting and auctions is always available.

Phantasma is integrated with secured wallet such as Ecto, Poltergiest, and O3 on the NEO blockchain network, NeoLine and Teemo on the blockchain network. 

Why you pick WeAlwin for your GhostMarket Clone Script Development?

Want to develop your NFT Marketplace platform like GhostMarket? For your NFT Marketplace Business? Then, it’s the right time.

WeAlwin is a leading NFT marketplace development company provides you the best NFT Marketplace development services to develop and launch the top-notch GhostMarket clone script. Our NFT marketplace like GhostMarket represent your NFT marketplace with advanced features. We offer you the finest exact same platform model that is open for customization.

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