How to hire a dedicated resource for STO development projects?

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It is always the first step that decides the future. The first step can be different for everyone but is crucial for all. The same applies when there is the launching of STO. It looks mesmerizing to look at STOs like BCAP (Blockchain Capital Fund), reaching hard cap within few hours of the launch. But it’s the end result of the cautiously and wisely taken - the first step.

It’s not only required but is strictly business decision to get dedicated resources for STO projects. We shall take a keen look on points to consider while signing up resources for STO projects.

Look at the best consultants :

Resource planning should always include an experienced and knowledgeable consultant. They not only guide but help in creating a roadmap of the STO project; with their expertise on the table, they can allow getting all the queries solved.

A good resource provider should always have a bouquet of experts from all fields whether development or finance.

Legal then technical :

A Resource for STO projects should have legal experts.

As STO is ( ICO + Regulations ), therefore it’s of much importance to know every legal regulation. The legal resource should have knowledge of STO regulations covering the world.

This will allow knowing the pros and cons as well as deciding from which country to launch STO, and to which countries to allow subscription to. A wrong legal resource hiring can put a period on the project even before launch.

Technology powers it all :

Great Development team always remains pinned on top of resource hiring list of STO projects. It should be given the greatest amount of time before selection of technology-related resources.

The development team should have a niche in every aspect right from standards of Ethereum; ERC20 to ERC1450 - to NEO, Stellar and EOS. This gives a wide array of options without feeling short of knowledge and capabilities while doing the final selection regarding technology.

The tech team should have great experience of working on the development of smart contracts, DApps, Wallet and cryptocurrency. The team should include everyone from UI/UX expert, Blockchain Architect to a Product Manager. Each thing from token creation, smart contract programming, deployment of tokens and smart contract till token distribution and post STO aspects, compatibility with exchanges for being listed should be discussed and investigated before final selection.

Best of the script and cyber security should always remain a priority when launching STO project. Multidirectional strong tech advisory team remains an added advantage to opt for. A tech resource is like a control panel, which should have all the switches available to properly operate and launch STO project.

Marketing is as important as technicalities:

Without marketing resources, STO Project is like having a car without gasoline; it can be pushed but not accelerated. A full-fledged marketing resource should include everything – community services, branding including brand awareness and engagement. It is must to have the king; content.

Whether it’s a blog, forums or information distribution, content is everywhere and it can drag to the top or tail. In this digital world, having quality content is like having a growth hack; having tools like content-oriented website, SEO, e-mail marketing, video marketing and SMM allows STO project to have worldwide reach.

A whitepaper is a face:

No matter how well the preparation is done, how much technical expertise is involved or overall how well the concept is; it is must to prepare a nice, clear and easy to understand WhitePaper - a pre-STO document explaining every bit of necessary information that the potential customer would seek for.

These are the necessary resources to make an STO project a great hit. But hiring these resources individually can be cumbersome and exhausting. So what are the options that would serve as an alternative?

An alternate is selecting specialized dedicated resource provider for each niche which would be a great idea to look but still demands tedious work to be done or one can go with End-to-End STO development agency. Whatever may be the selection, it depends on the amount of money involved and the decision of the issuer. It doesn’t matter which of the options is being selected, but few things are there which should not be ignored before selection of the dedicated resource for the STO projects.

Service Quality:

It is one of the key factors while pondering upon the decision of selecting a resource for STO projects. This can be determined by looking at the portfolio. If the agency, whether for niche knowledge or end-to-end is being selected; then their website, social media accounts and various forums can fill the right colors in the picture drawn by their words. It is required to get as much information as possible about the work and behavior quality, so as to not feel trapped after selecting and starting the STO project.

Experience and Innovation is the key to success:

Experience can’t be compromised nor the innovative young minds. So while selecting the resources, it should be taken care that the selection is a mix and right balance of maturity and creativity. This becomes most essential while selecting resources relating to STO project which require all-round performance in every niche whether technology, marketing or finance. Everything should be physical and digital as well. To make STO project a success while shopping of resources, cart should have the best one can get before checking out for STO project start.

Charges :

Everything in STO is a long-term commitment to be made, so the charges. High costing and charges burden the project and hits the profit by a high margin. Thus, it is of no less importance that the charges are competitive along with top-notch dedicated resources being offered. There is no price that can guarantee success. It’s just the knowledge and best minds that pave the way to success. So, it’s better not to run behind the ideology of the pricier the better.

The support that can be trusted upon :

It’s always better to seek for a better support team, which is there to support whenever the need arises. No project can go long without good support coming along the way. The support team should be well versed and trusted as it’s also a key resource that may not be part of hiring list; but drags the resource provider ahead of others and eases the decision making when finalizing the resource selection.

Abysmal Research :

Going behind the scenes and checking all the success story is the best way to get information about resource one can get. No matter how much knowledge a person possesses, intensive and value research can’t be ignored and doing so comes with a hefty price tag. By way of proper research, it is must to throw light on all the aspects before even going for resource planning. After this, it would be easy to make a blueprint of required resources.

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