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In 2018-19, Blockchain saw massive growth. It’s astounding; the way blockchain broke the shackles of cryptocurrency to enjoy selfhood. Numerous experiments and development are being done using Blockchain. One such work is the creation of Hyperledger; an open source blockchain project backed by multiple mammoth organizations. This project was fabricated with the view to give a solution to real business problems and getting blockchain to work to curate those solutions.

Under the Hyperledger umbrella, one blockchain business application is enjoying the rain of development, named Hyperledger Sawtooth. The Hyperledger Sawtooth is a platform for building, deploying, and running distributed ledgers. Let’s get submerged in this ocean called Hyperledger Sawtooth to know every aspect of hyperledger development company.

Why need to choose hyperledger sawtooth framework for blockchain business?

It’s a blockchain framework and provides a base so that developers don’t need to do everything from the inception while developing blockchain application. The aim of this framework is to build enterprise-grade applications based on the distributed ledger with safe smart contracts.

Sawtooth is designed in a manner that application development can be done without knowing the core system. It equips developers with the freedom to select the language and define rules with ease. Its flexibility is what makes it enterprise ready.

Truly hyperledger sawtooth features making more attention to blockchain business applications :

Independent Application Level :

While talking about Sawtooth, it is imperative to know its significant feature and it is independent application level. The developer can build any application. Sawtooth, by clearly differentiating between the level of application and core system, enables easy development and deployment of an application. It makes possible for the app developers to write the logic of the contract in their preferred language by providing an abstract smart contract.

Sawtooth makes it easy to develop and deploy an application by providing a clear separation between the application level and the core system level. Sawtooth provides smart contract abstraction that allows application developers to write contract logic in a language of their choice.

The application can either be a smart contract virtual machine or native business logic; these both applications can exist together on the same blockchain as design decisions can be prepared in the transaction-processing layer with Sawtooth.

Multiple Language Support :

The Sawtooth framework was developed with enterprise use in mind. Therefore it allows the developer to develop an application in the language they know best. Sawtooth comes with SDKs to build a blockchain application range of languages. Sometimes it’s not possible to write client-end and server-end with the same language.

While writing applications’ smart contract or the backend part, language selection needs to be done on performance on the other hand language for front-end needs to be as per the requirement of client. Though, everything can be written in the same language like with MEAN Stack use JavaScript, both at front-end and back-end. But the availability of multiple options allows the developer to amalgamate its command over language with the best technology option. Sawtooth provide SDKs with language options like Python, JavaScript, Go, C++, Java, and Rust.

Consensus Support :

A blockchain model used consensus to get to any result. Nodes on the distributed ledger (DLT), arrives at the consensus through the voting system in one way or the other. Some commonly applied approaches include Nakamoto-style consensus and multiple forms of BFT or Byzantine Fault Tolerance algorithms. While most uses Crash Fault Tolerance, Sawtooth first implemented Byzantine Fault Tolerance options. This accords users with more power by using the latter.

Sawtooth replacing the traditional method allows using different sort of consensus on a single blockchain. The consensus selected at the early stage can be altered on a functioning blockchain with transactions on it.

Sawtooth comes with support to consensus named Proof of Elapsed Time (PoET) out of the box. Only through this leader of a new block is selected that is to be added to the blockchain. This works on two simple steps:

Each participating node in the blockchain network generates a random amount of time, to wait for.

The first node to finish waiting or say with the shortest waiting time gets after finishing wait becomes the leader for the new block.

The key benefit of the PoET is that it does not resource and power intensive. Apart from, it allows nodes to do other tasks while being on wait time, thereby being more capable. Sawtooth comes with Dev mode, to ease with developing and testing.

As Sawtooth is developed by Intel, to make sure that the consensus is unbiased it trusts on Intel provided CPU instructions - 'Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX).' It provides the application a secure environment to run trusted code; satisfying that the wait time is actually random and verifiable by external participants. To defy, the restriction to rely on Intel’s hardware Sawtooths have come with PoET-simulator, to allow work on any hardware infrastructure.

Hardware Integration :

The biggest problem which restricts enterprises to adopt blockchain is hardware support. Hyperledger Sawtooth seems to be a solution, as it can be easily integrated with hardware security solutions. As Sawtooth’s default consensus PoET provides “trusted execution environments”, easy integration with a hardware security solution. This hardware integration not only provides security but also solves enterprise’ issue of high volumes of the transaction; everything being done with blockchain at the core.

Though Intel developed PoET and trusted execution environments mechanism Sawtooth is not dependent on Intel and can work with any Non-Intel based hardware as well.

Transaction Handling :

Sawtooth works unlike most of the blockchain frameworks which can’t handle parallel transaction execution. Sawtooth’s designing permit it to handle parallel transactions. Using ‘advanced parallel scheduler’ transactions splits into two parallel ones. It has security measures for double-spending as well; even multiple changes are being made to the same state.

The ‘advanced parallel scheduler’ boosts the process of creation of block and validation. Thereby, uplifting the performance and providing an edge over serial transaction processing. This can solve the blockchains’ scalability issue, by handling multiple nodes and its transactions at once.

Sawtooth implements ‘transaction family’ to combine the data model along with transaction language. These transaction families can be modified as per the customer requirements. Hyperledger Sawtooth framework comes with comes with pre-embedded transaction families like IntegerKey, Smallbank, Identity, and Blockinfo, to serve as a model.

Smart Contracts :

Hyperledger Sawtooth comes with support to real Smart Contract, allowing the creation of Smart Contracts based on business logic. Its prime feature is ‘On-chain governance’, that allows the use of smart contracts to implement voting rights on the blockchain. With its distributed ledgers Sawtooth makes Smart contracts security to enterprise level.

Sawtooth has a unique feature of “global state agreement”, which assures that every node on the blockchain has exact same copies of the blockchain database; the cryptographically identical ones.

The framework extends smart contracts’ usability and functionality using Seth, a merger of Sawtooth and Ethereum. Through this smart contracts based on ethereum or EVM can be used on Sawtooth using transactional family. This became possible with the merger of two frameworks namely Hyperledger Sawtooth and Hyperledger Burrow.

It’s beneficial for those enterprises that want Ethereum with added functionalities.

The Implementation of hyperledger sawtooth framework for blockchain business application :

The Hyperleger Sawtooth framework is perfect to implement blockchain business applications at the enterprise level. With so many organizations like SBI, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Huawei, T-Mobile and pokitdok, Sawtooth has already proven its usability for the large enterprise.

Sawtooth’s flexibility makes it a satisfying option which both small and large enterprise should look at. Now is the time to build a custom application on the Hyperledger Sawtooth framework.

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