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Do you want to create your own Defi exchange using the Olympus DAO clone script? Then you have reached the right place! 

In the modern crypto world, there are so many Defi exchange platforms out there for Defi traders and entrepreneurs. Such as Sushiswap, Pancakeswap, Uniswap, Olympus DAO, and other Defi trading platforms. Olympus DAO is one of the popular Defi exchange platforms revolves around the world.

Let us move this blog deep into the Olympus DAO clone script…

What is the Olympus DAO clone script?

Olympus DAO clone script is a prefabricated Defi-based exchange software that works in a similar way as an original Olympus DAO. Anyone can easily establish a Defi with highly secured protocols using this well-customized clone script. WeAlwin Technologies, the leading Defi development company, provides expert Defi creation services and solutions on all blockchain networks.

In this clone script, the most interesting part is open to customization. That means this defi 2.0 solution is you can be modified according to your own ideas. With the help of this customization process, the time taken to complete it is depended on the features you included according to the business requirements.

At WeAlwin Technologies, our expert teams of developers are ready to assist you with cutting-edge Olympus DAO clone software with amazing features to support defi 2.0. 

Checklists of Olympus DAO clone:

Blockchain Network: Any preferred network

Script type: Decentralized finance clone script

Issuance blockchain: Ethereum

Version: Version 1.0

Additional APIs-All prime APIs(customs)

Unique characteristics of Olympus DAO clone software:

  • Swapping 
  • Farming 
  • Crypto wallet integration
  • Staking Voting 
  • Liquidity pools 
  • Lottery
  • IFO
  • Bonding

The above are the unique characteristics acquired in our Olympus DAO clone script, but we are not stopping here. And also we can add more features according to your business requirements.

Eight forks of Olympus DAO:

  1. Wonderland (TIME)
  2. Klima DAO (KLIMA)
  3. Rome DAO (ROME)
  4. Snowbank (SB)
  5. Hector DAO (HEC)
  6. Spartacus (SPA)
  7. Invictus (IN)
  8. TaiChi DAO (TAC)

What is the OHM token?

The Olympus protocol has developed a reserve cryptocurrency called OHM. However, OHM should not be the same as Tether or USDC as both are stablecoins. The Olympus system is considered to be the golden standard. The OHM tokens are issued and backed by it with a reserve of valuable assets.

In addition, OHM is utilized to control the decentralized Olympus protocol to being a treasury-backed reserve currency.

In Olympus, no one can be owned, controlled, or decided what will happen. Instead of the OHM tokens holders vote on the Olympus DAO’s options.

OHM - Tokenomics

The Price of one OHM - $214.91 (At the time of writing)

Total supply - 6.90 million OHM

The Circulating supply - 6.86 million OHM

How To Create a platform like Olympus DAO?

Olympus DAO has launched a new ideology and a promising future. By launching a DeFi-based exchange like Olympus DAO, you will attract a wide variety of traders and investors, with a promising ROI. Obviously, many more cryptopreneurs would have created business plans to launch a Def- platform like Olympus DAO, and the structure of the OHM token is quite appealing and more likely to attract investors. At no point will you regret establishing such a platform.

The working procedure of Our defi based exchange platform like Olympus:

There are so many decentralized finance protocols such as Uniswap, curve, Pancakeswap, Bakeryswap, and Sushiswap that rely upon users to offer liquidity. This bond helps keep markets efficient and distributes liquidity, but is poor at protecting long-term value from market fluctuations.

Olympus DAO prompts OHM holders to stake their tokens by benefaction a high rate of return on their staking pool. It also approaches more investors to execute extra sticking or purchase OHM on the open market. This method not only maintains the price of OHM tokens maximum but also keeps the liquidity pool.

The above points are additional information, Let us see the working process of Olympus DAO in the below points,

  • The investors/traders purchase OHM tokens and then stake them in the liquidity pool area to earn solid interest.
  • The investors/traders can buy more OHM tokens on the market or securitize their other assets with the protocol to get more OHM tokens at a discount.
  • The protocol's liquidity provider is permanently locked. With these LP tokens, the system produces trading fees.
  • The protocol develops a way to generate turnovers with tokens in the purse to pay for the compound interest ensured to investors/traders.

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The features of the Olympus DAO clone software

The features are designed to acquire the price of the OHM token in accordance with the liquidity pool and provide incentives to the investors/traders in the exact proportion.

Bonding Mechanism: 

This Mechanism lets the platform provide its own liquidity.


OHM Token staking offers rewards to protocol users.

Managed Treasury protocol:

It is a prominent protocol that holds all the assets in the protocol

Protocol Owned liquidity:

That means actually the amount of the Liquidity provider the treasury earned and controlled. The more protocol-owned liquidity, the good for the users and protocol.

The ways of generating a Revenue model in a platform like Olympus DAO:

The OHM token climbed to $1415 just four weeks after launch, and in November, its market cap reached an all-time high of $4.4 billion.

Similar to this, you may make your Olympus DAO Clone a market leader by choosing the appropriate business use cases and revenue-generating methods.

Let's now explore how to use Olympus DAO Clone Script to streamline your income.

Liquidity pool fees:

Consider a scenario in which one of your protocol's users has $2000 and wants to invest it in cryptocurrencies.

On a decentralized exchange, let's say PancakeSwap, he purchases $1000 worth of DAI and $1000 worth of OHM. This indicates that he has provided liquidity to a PancakeSwap pool. He receives Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens from PancakeSwap in exchange for his assistance with the platform.

PancakeSwap can now provide DAI or OHM to anyone else who wants to trade. Your user will receive transaction fees once again because his reward to PancakeSwap enabled the platform to distribute it to someone else.

He then trades the LP tokens for a bond from your Olympus DAO clone, modifies that bond to OHM, and stakes it once again on your platform. He thereby helps the liquidity of your platform. Additionally, fees on transactions made on PancakeSwap and other DEX platforms are paid to your platform.

Liquidity pool fees provide about $75 million annually for Olympus DAO Treasury.

Olympus Pro (or) Bonding:

Bonds can be issued by new protocols like Olympus that don't own liquidity. They are able to purchase and control their liquidity using this mechanism, and your platform can easily take a share. With this plan, Olympus DAO should make at least $20 million this year. You may simply build your Olympus DAO clone by collaborating with other protocols, accordingly.

Yield Farming:

Olympus DAO's business model of yield farming generates about $110 million in revenue annually. Similarly, by depositing your treasury reserves on other protocols, you too can make interest.


By establishing an internal incubation program in your Olympus DAO Clone protocol where you can start third-party projects, you can create a new source of revenue. This business strategy has generated $50 million in revenue for Olympus DAO. Thus, by supporting budding defi businesses, you may expand too.

Why choose WeAlwin Technologies for the Olympus clone development?

WeAlwin Technologies is a leading Defi development company that helps Launch your DeFi-based Exchange Platform using an Olympus clone with advanced features and functionalities. Our high expertise of skilled blockchain developers and teams working on various blockchain networks. We delivered successful projects on time at an affordable price. 

And, we have to connect in long-term relationships with our customers all over the world. So don’t waste your precious time, would you have planning to launch your own Defi exchange platform using the Olympus DAO clone script?

Build your DeFi platform like Olympus DAO instantly with WeAlwin Technologies.

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