PantherSwap Clone Script – Develop Your Own Defi-Based Exchange Like PantherSwap

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Start your trending and lucrative business on Defi-based exchange using the PantherSwap clone script with all of its in-built features that are available in Browser extensions and mobile apps.

For more useful info I bring in this article.

PantherSwap Clone Script:

PantherSwap clone script is an exact replica of the trending Defi exchange platform of the original PanntherSwap. This PantherSwap clone script is running with the help of the BinanceSmartChain(BSC) and acquired all functionalities that admit Liquidity to the process of exchange, Farming, Lottery schemes, Referral programs, and staking together with time-limited rewards on profits.

Our PantherSwap Clone acquiring core components:

Our PantherSwap clone is created with core components that define its standards in the currency crypto space.

  • 2-Factor Authentication.
  • Cross-chain compliance.
  • Increased transactions per second.
  • Reliable network.
  • Ardent admin support.
  • Ethereum virtual machine compatible.
  • Proof of stake consensus compatible.
  • Decentralized autonomous organization provision.

Overview of PantherSwap:

The first Automated Market Maker(AMM) protocol is PantherSwap, which is executing with functionalities such as Exchange, Liquidity, Farming, and Staking on the BinanceSmartChain. Pantherswap is currently known for its growing efficiency in implementing functions such as auto-liquidity and automatic token burns.


PANTHER Token is based on the BEP20 operating mainly on the BinannceSmartChain. The PANTHER functions as the native token of the PantherSwap AMM protocol, through which it functions as the fundamental unit of transaction associated with the platform that provides governance to holders.

Our PantherSwap clone script similar to the PatherSwap token listing options

⦁ Binance Smart Chain Scan

⦁ DApp Rader

⦁ Coingecko

⦁ LiveCoinWatch

⦁ Vfat

How to build DeFi-based DEX like PantherSwap?

In the modern crypto space, nowadays comprehensive performance of the PantherSwap has attracted more Defi traders, If you are also among them seeking to build a Defi-based DEX like PantherSwap, then you are at the right place. 

WeAlwin Technologies, the leading Defi development company that provides you with two methods for building Defi exchange same as PantherSwap. The methods are 

  • Build your PantherSwap from scratch
  • Develop using our PantherSwap clone script

Build your PantherSwap from scratch:

Build your Defi exchange like PantherSwap on the required blockchain network from scratch and by carrying out the core features gathering your business requirements.

Develop using our PantherSwap clone script:

In this clone script method, you can develop your Defi exchange like PantherSwap by using our PantherSwap clone script, which is a fully secure ready-to-launch solution. It is completely customizable, so you can modify it with your own business ideas.

PantherSwap Clone App:

This modern generation is mostly available in smartphones compared with laptops and desktops. So the clone app like the PantherSwap app is also more beneficial for your business.

This clone app is helpful to facilitate your users to trade on your DEX protocol with an awesome UI/UX interface and also more features of our PantherSwap clone app such as

  • Pop-up notifications
  • Geo tracking 
  • High security 
  • Multi-lingual assistance
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Multiple OS compatibility - Android, iOS, or Windows.
  • Dapps

How much does cost to create a Defi exchange like PantherSwap?

The cost to launch a Defi-based exchange is one of the important things that have been considered by the entrepreneurs, the cost is decided according to which method of the development process and the features that you give as the requirements. 

Approximately, the cost of the PantherSwap clone script is 5000$ with the core features and the cost may vary because your customized the features according to your business requirements. This PantherSwap clone script is more cost-effective when compared with other methods.

Consult with our business experts to launch your PantherSwap Clone instantly! Chat with us on WhatsApp

Premium Features of our PantherSwap clone software:

Our PantherSwap clone software acquires unique core features compared to other Defi projects, other Defi platforms have their own features, but our PantherSwap clone delivers you the quick and best solutions by adding some unique features include in it.


In PantherSwap, the PantherLocker is built because of not repeating the LP. It is built by a unique locker contract, that permits the PantherLocker&rsquo's owner to withdraw the tokens which are before sent to this smart contract.

Automated Market Maker(AMM) Liquidity:

In PantherSwap, this feature is introduced first. In the AMM liquidity pool, that automatically added 4% of tax with the help of the smart contract. At the final stage, it locks the LP.


Jungles are specified as a place where the panther lives. It is a secure storage place for the PANTHER tokens. There are two jungles, the WBNB jungle, and the BUSD jungle.


Initial Panther Offerings (IPO) is a community-based platform for Panther offerings where individuals can sign up to take part in Panther offerings on the BSC network.

Automated Burning:

The entire burning procedure for these LP tokens is automated, and a 5% tax fee is added to each transfer. 1% of the trading charge is immediately burned while the transaction is in progress, and the remaining 4% is remitted to the LP acquisition.

Anti Whale:

PantherSwap is subject to a specific transaction limit, which is listed here. A transfer will be refused if it represents more than 0.5% of the overall supply. In the DeFi idea, this Anti Whale function is incredibly uncommon.

Harvest Lockup:

It is a reward lockup technique designed to stop bots from often accessing harvesting systems.

No Migrator Code:

PantherSwap's migrater code is nothing more than the MasterChef contract, which comprises a variety of sophisticated programming languages. It is no longer available on PantherSwap.


PantherSwap has included a timelock that lasts 24 hours for security reasons.

Transparent & convenient to Use:

PantherSwap's entire transactional system has been made entirely visible for easy monitoring in order to make it dependable and user-friendly for the audience.

Incentives for trading:

For those who own PANTHER tokens, rewards are made available in the form of PANTHER tokens.

How does work our lucrative Defi exchange like PantherSwap?

The PantherSwap clone software, provided by WeAlwin Technologies has a lot of inbuilt BSC functionalities. Farming, Liquidity, Exchange, Staking, and Lottery are all contained in the original functionality of PantherSwap.


Pairs are used to farm the PantherSwap clone, and platform searchers are rewarded with a high percentage yield. Each token identifies a liquidity provision token that the platform's implementation of liquidity has given rise to.


The platform verifies member funds and sends them over as ready liquidity providers. The LP tokens can be produced by liquidity providers who supply liquidity and are used on farms.


The PantherSwap function makes it possible to transfer tokens between other currencies, which reduces the need for bridging specialists. Due to this capability, the platform may do more than just generate revenue because it also acts as a marketplace for users looking to swap currencies across various interfaces.


Users of PantherSwap clones can get panther by staking any other tokens in these staking pools. The Panther can be staked in particular pools to receive additional token rewards. Panther is staked against exclusive entities like jungles to obtain other tokens.


For Defi platform seekers, this PantherSwap offers a lottery system. For those who meet the requirements, the Panther token can be used to buy lottery tickets. According to the number or serial matching in the tickets gathered, that lottery will award prizes.

Benefits of our PantherSwap clone:

Our Defi solution-providing team will support you 24/7, so you will quickly and easily build your Defi-based business using our PantherSwap clone software. Here, I list the major benefits of our PantherSwap clone script.

  • Customizable and scalable
  • Quick and easy launch
  • Cost-effective
  • High chances of success
  • Less effort and research
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Available conveniently
  • Instant solution

Why choose WeAlwin Technologies to build a Defi-Based DEX platform like PantherSwap?

WeAlwin Technologies is a top-rated Decentralized Finance (Defi) development company, renowned for crafting world-class Defi clone solutions on the desired blockchain network.

Leveraging our expertise in blockchain software development and cutting-edge technology, we deliver high-performance applications tailored to your business needs.

To streamline development and reduce costs, we employ the clone script method, which is particularly effective in creating a PantherSwap clone script with an attractive UI/UX design, making it an ideal solution for Defi exchange script development.

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