How to Create a Crypto Launchpad like Pinksale Clone Script?

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Step into the dynamic realm of cryptocurrencies and crack the potential of your own crypto launchpad, inspired by the remarkable PinkSale Clone Script. This revolutionary platform acts as a nexus, bridging visionary blockchain projects with eager investors, and propelling token sales and fundraising events to new heights. With your very own launchpad, you hold the power to empower the crypto community and ignite the growth of groundbreaking ventures.

Embarking on this thrilling journey requires a strategic approach. Begin by immersing yourself in extensive market research, and gaining profound insights into the realm of successful launchpads. Analyze and explore the PinkSale Clone's unique features, strengths, and even their occasional shortcomings, allowing you to craft an offering that surpasses expectations. So, it is the right choice to choose PinkSale Clone. 

What is PinkSale in Crypto?

PinkSale is a decentralized launchpad on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that allows users to launch their own tokens and create their own initial token sale (ITS). It is a user-friendly platform that does not require any coding experience.

In addition to these features, PinkSale also offers a native token called PINKSALE. PINKSALE can be used to pay fees on the platform, and it is also burned periodically to reduce the supply and increase the value of the token.

PinkSale is a popular platform for launching new tokens, and it has helped to launch a number of successful projects. The platform is easy to use and offers a variety of features to help users with their token launch. 

What is PinkSale Clone?

A PinkSale clone is a decentralized launchpad that is a replica of the PinkSale platform. It offers the same features and functionalities as PinkSale, including token creation, ITS, liquidity locking, and KYC. 

Peculiar Features of Pinksale Clone Script:

🤙 Airdrop

🤙 Advanced-level Dashboard

🤙 Token Lock

🤙 Pool Alert

🤙 Private Token Sale

🤙 Dedicated Crypto Wallet

🤙 Token Swapping

🤙 Leaderboard

🤙 Pink Anti-bot

🤙 Multiple-language Support

🤙 Hashtag & Community Creation

🤙 Instant Token Deployment

🤙 Safelisting

Enhance your Crypto Launchpad with Our Lucrative PinkSale Clone Script!

Benefits of the PinkSale Clone App:

Effortless Token Creation: 

Users can launch the token instantly without coding knowledge at an affordable price which leads to effortless token creation. 

Easy Token Launch:

Crypto users can create an easy token launchpad for their requirement needs & also launch their launchpad in just three tabs.

 Community Growth:

By launching the PinkSale Clone the crypto users can build their crypto community within the platform. 


PinkSale Clone App is fully decentralized. Users can trade, and exchange without intermediaries which leads to safe & secure transactions.

Supports Rapid Branding, enables & builds Easy Token Listing, and Improves Liquidity are the additional features involved in building the PinkSale Clone App.

How to Create a Pinksale Clone Script? 

Outline & Planning of the launchpad development

Drafting Whitepaper

Design & Development

Wallet Integration

Development of PinkSale Feature

Deployment of PinkSale Launchpad Ecosystem

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We offer PinkSale Clone in two different ways:

Develop a PinkSale from Scratch 

PinkSale Clone Script

Do you need to develop from scratch or else a white-label clone? you can choose anything from it to explore your own ideas and requirements.

Components of PinkSale Clone Script:

Token Creation:

Through our PinkSale Clone, users have the ability to generate their own tokens in various forms, including baby tokens, liquidity generator tokens, and Standard tokens. The tokens are provided with the token symbol, name, supply & some other options. The easiest way for the user to develop their token is through PinkSale Clone, the token can be developed only after the wallet gets connected to the platform and also after the service fee is paid. 

Create Launchpad:

The platform constructed using our PinkSale clone not only simplifies token creation but also assists users in establishing a decentralized launchpad platform, thereby enhancing the token sale & token economy. Users can also develop their launchpad in simple steps by developing the token by paying the service fee. The Launchpad's creator decides the details of the token presale.  


The Anti-Bot feature is an attractive component found in the PinkSale platform. This feature primarily combats the occurrence of spam commonly encountered like preventing price inflation subsequent to the listing, regulating the tradable amount of tokens & Disabling token trading on blacklisted markets. Anti-Bot will do multiple actions, to drive the token to the ultimate height to avoid the token crash in the global market. 

Token Vesting:

Token Vesting is a mechanism incorporated into the PinkSale clone script that regulates the release of tokens to project contributors over a predefined period. It helps prevent the instant dumping of tokens by imposing a vesting schedule, ensuring token holders have a long-term commitment to the project.

How does PinkSale Clone Script Works?

Firstly, the user needs to link the wallet and signup. 

After that, users need to develop the tokens based on their needs by simple steps and standards.

Then, develop a launchpad to enhance the token economy and circulate in the crypto universe with the simple step of paying a small service fee.

Next, the airdrop function attracts the user very well. This helps the token creators to drop free tokens at a specific time.

These operations have unique functions in which token creators can develop new tokens and distribute them to the special user in the whitelist functions.

At last, the clone has another function the token creator can hold the token for a period of time to avoid the price of the token rising.

Why Choose Us for PinkSale Clone?

In conclusion, the captivating realm of crypto launchpads, inspired by the PinkSale Clone Script, beckons you to seize the opportunity and shape the future of blockchain ventures. By embarking on this adventure armed with meticulous research, cutting-edge development, irresistible design, strategic marketing, and unwavering community support, your launchpad will soar as a catalyst for groundbreaking projects, cementing your position at the forefront of the crypto revolution. If you need to get PinkSale Clone, Approach WeAlwin Technologies, one of the Token Development company, which offers the PinkSale Clone App at an affordable price. 

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