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What is SafeMoon clone script?

SafeMoon clone script is a community-driven decentralized token development solution. Utilizing the source option, you can create automated liquidity generating tokens, RFI tokenomics, and static rewards same as SafeMoon.

Our SafeMoon clone script for your fundraising protocol holds pure coding that empowers 3 significant functionalities: Reflection, Burn, and LP (Liquidity Pool) Acquisition.

How does SafeMoon clone script work?

SafeMoon clone script functions with static rewards. It offers an exceptional way to keep your investors happy. You could probably reward them with a passive income each time. They act as saviors of notable problems like condition-based trading and volume-based trading.

And, your fundraising protocol like SafeMoon performs Manual Burns. It is a new method practiced to burn unsold crypto coins in the crypto-verse. Then, its automatic liquidity pool obtains funds from traders to return them with a solid price floor establishment.

How to create defi token protocol like SafeMoon?

There are 2 different types of methods available to create your own fundraising DeFi token protocol like SafeMoon. They are like developing the token from the SafeMoon clone script and developing the token from Scratch.

While you choose the SafeMoon clone script, you can affordably build your DeFi token protocol like SafeMoon quickly. It assists you to launch your business fast in the web3 market. Or if you choose Scratch, it will be completely unique, steep, and take months to complete the project.

Features of SafeMoon clone script

Our SafeMoon clone script obtains the following options. Create SafeMoon clone with exceptional quality addons; features for your great achievement in the blockchain business.


Your SafeMoon clone platform is a new entrant to the digital market. Even, it will be so compatible with all crypto market fluctuations eternally with our elegant premade software model.

Stable Rewards

Utilizing stable rewards provision option, you can easily attract a number of users to your fundraising protocol like SafeMoon. It hugely helps you to gain more traffic to your business shortly.

Mass Adoption

The availability of many distinct features in the SafeMoon clone as a ready-to-deploy software has led to mass adoption, specifically on its static reward function.


We initiate a fair launch of your SafeMoon clone software into the main net. It ensures your blockchain enterprise’s quality of services to the users and creates reliability among them.

Percentage Based Return

Creating token platform like SafeMoon from WeAlwin Technologies that incorporate mass adoption, yields percentage-related returns for your business.

Planning for A Successful SafeMoon-like Fundraising Platform Development? It Is the Right Time for You.

Cost of SafeMoon clone script

The cost to create DeFi token like SafeMoon may vary based on some development side factors. As SafeMoon clone script is a 100% customizable ready-made software, it provides complete freedom to the owner in altering its 360° actual model.

It is up to the clients’ individual business plan, the fundraising platform development; model requirements. So based on it and other factors like complexity level and development timing, the cost will be different. But, we, the expert DeFi developer in the market, make it completely affordable for you.

Benefits include our SafeMoon clone script

Automated LP

Community Governed Tokens

RFI Staking Rewards

LP Acquisition

Automated Market Making

High APY
(Annual Percentage Yield)

Smooth Farming Rewards

Complete Decentralization

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We Build Your Software as Very Advanced that So Apt for the Latest Crypto Market Trends

We, WeAlwin Technologies have been developing a number of blockchain projects for clients across the world. We are so aware of current crypto market trends and scenarios. We constantly make research to ready their individual DeFi project to be an achiever in the industry.

Applying the same, we create your fundraising platform like SafeMoon with all updated features and security options. So the auto-liquidity protocol and RFI tokenomics for your startup empower a great interest among the current Decentralized Finance marketplace audience in the blockchain realm.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can get the best SafeMoon clone script easily from WeAlwin technologies. You can smartly build your complete DeFi token platform applying our experts. We fully take care of the project and provide you with constant support for any future updates.
Yes, obviously it is a good idea. SafeMoon is one of the top fundraising platforms in the crypto world of the current year. It has many business side benefits like automated liquidity, manual token burning, and adaptation to market fluctuations for an ever-winning situation of your business.
The development duration to create token platform like SafeMoon is always diverse.The timing may be disparate with various factors like software customization, features correction, API call, and the tech stack used.For an approximate time value; your overall fundraising DeFi token platform like SafeMoon may take 10 to 15 days to be fully developed.
SafeMoon clone script executes its functionalities under 4 major Primitives. They are DeFi token development, static rewards, LP acquisition, manual burns, and merchant connectivity.
Yes. We could provide constant technical support for your fundraising platform developed from any of our development options; SafeMoon clone script or Scratch. And one more thing, you can freely collaborate with our technical experts regarding any required business model-related clarification for your trendy business moves.
WeAlwin Technologies uses advanced tech-stack, liquidity pools, smart contracts, automatic market maker, etc. in developing your fundraising platform for the business. You could find your project gets completed so profitably while having a winning atmosphere with uncompromised software quality.


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