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By virtue of the peak demand for the metaverse and blockchain-based gaming platforms, the growth of the global blockchain-based gaming marketplace is progressing day by day with great advancements and amplifications. When we think of metaverse and NFT games, Sandbox emerges in the mind with stunning top-line graphic modules fostering an enlightening gaming experience.

The gaming industry and virtuality are together celebrated as the powerful and magnificent world establishing its digitalized versions of the gaming marketplace among virtual users.

If you are a crypto enthusiast and have an idea of owning a gaming platform like Sandbox then its the ideal time to initiate your NFT gaming marketplace by employing our Sandbox clone script. The blockchain-based gaming platforms bring out the real value of play-to-earn games.

Sandbox Clone Script

Clone Script

Sandbox clone script is a 3D virtual NFT gaming platform that replicates the dashing features and functions of the premium Sandbox gaming platform. Sandbox clone allows users to own, create, upload and import their digital assets in the NFT marketplace. A feature-rich grandeur decentralized NFT marketplace is developed and deployed to amuse the virtual gaming metaversers. It offers an innovative whip-smart interface for elite users.

What is a Sandbox game?

The sandbox game was launched in 2011 by Pixowl. Sandbox is a blockchain-based game that allows players to create a virtual world and customize gaming and digital assets. The gamers can plan and formulate the design of their own avatars. The Sandbox game maker in the Sandbox game allows users to develop amazing 3D games within minutes. Once the Sandbox game was exclusively available on mobile devices. With the release of the alpha session2 gameplay in march 2022, the Sandbox game witnessed more than 2 million gamers registered for the game.

Sandbox Clone Script

Why launch a futuristic gaming platform like Sandbox?

As Sandbox is facing a dramatic increase in the gaming industry, Crypto enthusiasts and gamers are fast approaching this virtual game zone. There occurs record-breaking sales of NFTs and virtual lands in the gaming platform which attracts traders to dive into the Sandbox gaming platform. The swift functioning of the modules determines the fast execution of step-by-step trading which eradicates the in-between holding and stopping of trading.

  • Rapid Deployment
  • Quick Accessibility
  • Impeccable Security
  • Valuable Benefits
  • Enthralling Features

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Features of our Sandbox Clone Script

Vox Edit

Vox Edit is a Sofware designed for sandbox gamers and artists through which they can create rigs, animate, and customize their voxel-based NFTs. Here Voxels are nothing but 3D Square pixels that can be edited quickly on Vox Edit to form different shapes.

Voting Rights

A key element in the sandbox game allows users to cast their votes, which means players can share their ideas regarding the development of the platform by registering their votes. Through this option modifications and upgrades are carried out.


Unlike lands in the real world, there are digital lands in the Sandbox gaming platform. Gamers purchase the land, they own it and fill it with games and assets. Each land stays unique as a distinct NFT on the game platform.


It is a token created by gamers, which is based on the ERC-1155 token standard and it can be sold on the NFT marketplace platform.

NFT Marketplace

Sandbox users can create, upload, publish and sell their NFT pieces of artwork which is fetched using Vox Edit in the NFT marketplace. NFT collections are placed in a decentralized storage system. Now they get registered on a blockchain which provides ownership for the created NFTs.

Game maker

The game maker feature in the Sandbox clone allows players to create stunning 3D games according to their creativity without any additional cost. Gamers can build their desirable games based on their interest filled with attractive and amazing features.

Benefits of using Sandbox Clone

Optimized source code

Our Sandbox clone software is equipped and developed using effective integellible source code created by our well-experienced developers. Modifications are possible if users need any changes in the future.

100% Customizable

We keep the pain points of our clients in our mind and work towards it. We design the gaming platform according to the users business needs. Additional customization features can be incorporated or removed as per their necessity.

Impenetrable security

Our Sandbox clone is developed and made to undergo a multi-layered bulletproof testing process which protects users data and increases loyalty to the platform. Hackers cannot step into our Sandbox clone software as its security is extended to a higher level.

Round-the-clock assistance

Our professional team members would always assist you and provide exclusive solutions for your problems. They would guide you and support you even after the launch of the project. We deliver you high-standard quality products with incredible support.

Advanced technology stacks

We ensure the usage of the latest technical brands which fit the latest trends. Our Sandbox clone encompasses in-trend technical tools which supply market demand options and features by establishing a faster trading engine to make a swift error-less trading process.

Sandbox Clone Script

Clone Software

Sandbox Clone software is a complete imitation copy of the original Sandbox gaming platform which integrates inclusive features of the game where users can build, play and monetize their own digital experiences. We make the users get a picture of the world’s best virtual reality gaming platform with cutting-edge features enchanting the gamers. Our Sandbox clone is embedded with customization options where users can modulate their clone platform according to their craving.

How does Sandbox Clone work?

The native token of Sandbox named SAND has the potential to enter the world of Metaverse and bring new uplifting innovations and exhibit advancements. Users will have the opportunity to explore the lands and the options provided, they get excited and enthralled entering into the virtual space.

  • The registration process is carried out in order to enter into the digital land. After the completion of registration in an online auction, players and users are able to purchase the LAND tokens.
  • LAND tokens that can be used for auction are as follows, carebears, euphoria, innovators, metaverses, meta purses, and smurfs. Gamers can make avail of these tokens for their purchase of lands.
  • LAND tokens consist of some statuses listed for people to choose they are- booked, premium bought, and available.
  • Players will be able to cross-sell and up-sell the properties purchased. The selling parameters for each land unit include the creator’s name, the number of blocks, the location, the price, and the images.
  • ETH and SAND tokens are used to obtain valuable plots of land. Digital wallets such as Metamask, Binance, Bitski, and Uniswap can be used to store ETH.

Revenue streams of Sandbox Clone Script

  • Crypto entrepreneurs can gain more profit by imposing a commission for developing new games created by gamers.
  • Gas fees and auction charges can also be processed and charged to keep the smooth running functionality of the transactions.
  • If players initiate the buying of virtual lands in the Sandbox environment, then owners of lands get a chance to collect registration fees.
  • Listing charges are available for the sale of Non-Fungible tokens and the listing of new cryptocurrencies.
  • Liquidity mining and minting charges can be collected and utilized for the creation of new attractive artworks and stunning accessories.

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Sandbox Clone app development

Sandbox Clone app development is the rationalized process of developing a customized clone app for Sandbox clone traders. Our clone app encloses diverse features which are crucially needed for initiating their trade. Users are provided with fascinating benefits at their palms making the trading process easy in a well-organized manner. Sandbox clone app facilitates Cryptopreneurs to progress their crypto investment instantly from where they are present. Utilize our rich expertise clone app development for remarkable and seamless performance with state-of-the-art features.

Why choose WeAlwin Technologies for Sandbox Clone?

As one of the entrusted company, we offer prominent blockchain development solutions and services. Our Sandbox clone is a bug-free NFT marketplace clone script that has been rigorously tested across multiple platforms to ensure compatibility. We have developed many NFT game-based marketplaces for our clients. Our blockchain experts have the latest tools to develop any type of NFT game in the different blockchain platforms. Our dedicated team keeps track of the upgraded trends available in the market. We provide 24\7 assistance to our customers in solving their queries.

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  • We incorporate an agile methodology
  • Compassionate technical support system
  • 300+ gratified clients
  • On-time delivery of qualified projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sandbox NFT clone is a pre-built software that represents the attributes and features of the original Sandbox clone. Sandbox clone allows users to own, create, upload and import their digital assets in the NFT marketplace. Utilize our profound NFT-based Sandbox clone to enrich your crypto gaming business.
It depends on your business requirements, we provide two different types of Sandbox development either using White-label or from Scratch. If you prefer to develop your gaming platform using white-label then it will be quicker than Scratch. Based on the development factors like customization, technology stack features upgradation, etc. the duration time may get varied accordingly.
Sandbox clone benefits users with profit-generating schemes. Players can earn more profits through the commission, gas, and auction fees, registration fees, listing charges, and mining and minting charges.
As WeAlwin Technologies thrives as a magnificent blockchain development company, We formulate new strategies to improve and enhance the business resulting in better elevations. Extensive support is offered in order to keep ahead of the issues and resolve them with smart solutions. We offer an efficient Sandbox clone with extraordinary features which stands ahead of others.


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