WardenSwap Clone Script: Aggregate Your DEX With More Pools

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In the dynamic realm of online asset exchange, the WardenSwap clone script emerges as an invaluable tool for those seeking a seamless and efficient platform to facilitate transactions. 

Whether you're an entrepreneur or a newcomer looking to dip your toes into the world of digital asset exchange.

This article has got you covered.

WardenSwap Clone Script 

Wardenswap clone script Inspired by the success of the original platform WardenSwap, this clone script inherits the robust features and options that users have come to appreciate. which is an immediate-launching application without building from scratch. You will get a far better deal via the Wardenswap clone than with any other DEX. 

The development team at WeAlwin can modify or add the new features to meet your needs, even if the clone script is made to duplicate the WardenSwap DEX.


Using Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the WardenSwap is a blockchain-based platform for a digital asset exchange marketplace. Unlike other swaps on Binance Smart Chain, Wardenswap uses an algorithm to automatically determine the optimum rate for Binance Smart Chain, which is a significant distinction. 

When comparing pricing across many pools, a Wardenswap is utilized to determine the lowest price. To increase the price of the deal, the Wardenswap distributes trading money across several routes in a single transaction.

The WardenSwap application immediately converts your source tokens to your desired tokens in addition to locating the best price for you in real time.

Why develop a Clone Script similar to WardenSwap?

liquidation pools

To accommodate the trader group your DEX is targeting, many pools can be made.

Trading Fee

The most affordable exchange fees are offered by WardenSwap at 0.1%. However, there are no trading costs if the traders have at least 100 of the native WAD tokens.  

WardenSwap Clone Script can quickly develop and modify this feature if your DEX model permits it.

Pool fee

The pool fee is set at 0.30 percent according to the basic WardenSwap concept.

0.05% of which is turned into the original WAD tokens and 0.25% of which goes to the pool's liquidity providers (LPs). Following that, these tokens are given to WAD token holders for the Earn & Burn programs. If your DEX also offers an earn-and-burn program, you can adjust the pool fee % in the script to meet your requirements.

User Profile Management

The WardenSwap clone script gives user dashboard features including NFT achievement, ranking system, personal total trading volume, trading milestone, and trading history for improved user profile management. Additional features available on the dashboard include total value locked (TVL), total aggregated liquidity, stats for native tokens, the top tokens, the top pairs, and a complete history of all transactions.

How does WardenSwap provide its traders with the best price?

The Automated Market Maker, or AMM, protocol powers WardenSwap, which enables token holders to add their assets as liquidity to the pools. For the DEXs that struggle with liquidity problems, it fixes one of their main problems. The traders are rewarded with a part of the transaction fees on each transaction made to that pool in exchange for providing liquidity.

In essence, the AMM employs an algorithm to determine the trading price of a certain item rather than an order book. AMM has its own set of problems despite helping DEXs and DEX users with their liquidity challenges. These include:

1. High Slippage

2. Impermanent Loss (IL) for liquidity providers.

The cost of trading on DEXs is increased by both of these problems, which is what WardenSwap or WardeSwap clone script based DEXs addressed.

The WardenSwap DEX gives traders prices from many pools before determining the best price among them all. Additionally, one transaction on WardenSwap divides trading amounts among various channels. This guarantees the dealers will always receive even better prices.

Assume that a trader is converting BNB into BUSD, but that this transaction may harm the price of the BNB-BUSD pool and result in a loss for the trader. Wardenswap will divide the deal into two separate channels and exchange two pools. This will guarantee that the pool is barely affected and that the trader receives the best price. WardenSwap strives to expand the DEX market in order to offer its users the best pricing.

DEX Aggregation

10 DEXs are automatically incorporated into a DeFi exchange when it is built using a WardenSwap clone script, such as 

  1. PancakeSwap, 
  2. BakerySwap, 
  3. JulSwap, 
  4. Ellipsis, 
  5. Value DeFi, 
  6. Spartan Protocol, 
  7. ACryptoS, 
  8. Nerve Finance, 
  9. Definix, and 
  10. MDex are a few of these. 

We can modify the clone script to do this if you want to add any more DEXs or want to replace ones with a DEX of your choice.

Features of the Wardenswap clone script

By providing functions like single routing swap, split routing swap, multi-hop routing swap, and dynamic search with depth routing. WardenSwap Clone Script is intended to offer the best rates.


As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the role of efficient asset exchange platforms becomes increasingly pivotal. The WardenSwap clone script not only meets the demands of the present but also paves the way for a more accessible and prosperous future. 

If you're ready to embark on a journey of seamless asset exchange, the WardenSwap clone script stands as your gateway to a world of possibilities. 

Connect with us, as we are the market leaders in DeFi Development Services if you need a customized Wardenswap clone script for DEX development.



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