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What Is Zed Run Clone Script?

Zed Run clone replicates the stunning blockchain-based NFT horse racing game platform that is embedded with the dashing features and functions of the original Zed Run gaming platform. Zed Run clone script allows users to own, breed, and race their virtual horses at a global level on a ravishing NFT horse racing platform.

Zed Run

Why Zed Run Clone?

Zed Run racing game is the digital embodiment of real-world horse racing. Zed Run is a virtual horse racing platform that offers multiple state-of-the-art features. It offers an innovative interface for elite racers. With impeccable security and immutable data, Zed Run offers a bulletproof environment for users to race. The provision of a multi-wallet enables users to select their own choice of wallets. Many business entities are shifting towards NFT game development for them, Creating a horse racing gaming platform like Zed Run would be the perfect destination.

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How To Create Zed Run Clone Script?

Creating using white label Zed Run clone

Using a white-labeled Zed Run clone script you can develop a scalable exchange platform it comes with all necessary in-app features that fit to the latest trends of the crypto market. We provide industry-grade white label Zed Run clone software development services.

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Creating from scratch

If you choose to create it from scratch, then the whole process begins with initial coding. It is completely unique and comes with enhanced features compared to the white label clone script but it takes months for the whole completion process.

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Features Of Our Zed Run Clone Software

Zed Run


Our Zed Run clone script allows you to buy your first horse and you can participate in the racing game. There are different types of races like paid race which makes the game more engrossing.

Zed Run

NFT Marketplace

Allows users to buy, sell, transfer and exchange NFT through gaming. Rewards are given in the form of NFTs to arouse curiosity among the players.

Zed Run


It is the process of creating a new horse breed for the forthcoming races. It allows us to build a future for NFT horse racing on the gaming platform and also improves the performance of the racing horse.

Zed Run


Our Zed Run clone script platform provides attributes for horses such as bloodline, genotype, horse speed, track distance, and more. Attributes represent the horses as unique.

Zed Run

Race updates

It provides all upcoming notifications regarding the events and updates of the further horse race. Notifications related to races and future events are upgraded.

Zed Run

Zed Run token

Our platform offers Zed Run tokens for playing, racing, breeding, and lending. Zed Run tokens are classified into three categories in-game activities, growth incentives, and existing users.

Snap the opportunity of launching the NFT digital horse racing platform.

The destiny of horse racing is here!

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Benefits Of Our Zed Run Clone Script

Bundle of huge rewards

Large prize pools

Zero gas or transaction fees

Enriched gaming experience

Reduced capital investment

Robust transaction speed

Create Zed Run like NFT Game on Popular Blockchain Networks







Scalable Technologies For Enterprise

Onboard to web3 with ease. Built with our suite of open-source software tools and contributions from leading integration partners.

Easy Onboarding

Redeem Items

Secondary Marketplace


Collect Rewards

Access Wallet

Primary Drops

Pay With Credit Card

Customized Integrations

Branded for your business

Supported Wallet in our Zed Run Clone Script

WeAlwin Technologies provides marvelous wallet development services with our expert wallet development team. Our wallet software allows users to transact smoothly and securely without any external intrusion. Supported wallets of our Zed Run clone software are,

  • Zed Run Metamask
  • Zed Run Trust wallet
  • Zed Run Atomic wallet
  • Zed Run Wallet connect
  • Zed Run BNB extension
  • Zed Run My Ether wallet

Quick acceptance of market

Rapid user gaining

Huge ROI

On-demand customization

Easy to brand

Saves time and money

What is White label Zed Run Clone Script

White label clone scripts are fully-integrated products that are developed by one company and rebranded by another company as its own. We offer top-grade white label Zed Run clone software development services. Our white label Zed Run clone encloses all the features and benefits needed for an effective game business.

What Wealwin can do for you?

WeAlwin Technologies is an eminent NFT marketplace development company. As one of the entrusted company, we offer prominent solutions and services. Our Zed Run clone is a bug-free NFT marketplace clone script that has been rigorously tested across multiple platforms to ensure compatibility. We have developed many NFT game-based marketplace for our customers. Our blockchain experts have the required tools to develop any type of NFT game in the different blockchain platforms. Our dedicated team keeps track of the advanced and upgraded trends available in the market. Our technical team is well versed in programming, as they develop one of the best clone scripts in the crypto space for our customers. We provide 24\7 post-marketing services to our customers. Our chief goal is to help our customers to reach greater peaks.

  • Assured quality
  • On-time project delivery
  • Seamless integration
  • Round-the-clock support
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Establish a virtual world of gaming horses with enterprising features instantly with our ready-to-deploy Zed Run clone script.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1)Integrated wallets,2)Magnificient dashboard,3)In-game elements,4)Support centre,5)Racing section,6)Filter mechanism
Depending on the additional features to be integrated, tech stack to be used, customization options and cost varies according to the additional implements.
Yes, we would welcome all your creative ideas, we offer 100% customization options to incorporate all your requirements and plans and we would implement the best ideas into your product.
You can build your NFT gaming platform like Zed Run using two methods. You can create using ready to deploy Zed Run clone script. Other way is to create from scratch. You can make avail of any of these methods to build your NFT game platform like Zed Run.
Yes, we do integrate various number of wallets in our Zed Run clone to make the payments occur in a smooth and comfortable manner. Users can select their choice of wallet to make transactions.


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