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Build your robust cryptocurrency exchange like BTCTurk with the BTCTurk Clone Script that includes all the essential features and plugins of the original platform from WeAlwin Technologies, We also develop other famous crypto exchange scripts such as Binance, Coinbase, Kucoin etc…

Cryptocurrencies are one of the hot topics in the present modern world, because of their immersive growth in the financial industry in a short period. Cryptocurrencies are found in 2009 and are secured through Blockchain Technology. There are around 3000 Crypto coins present now and new Crypto coins are developing daily.

Due to this market growth, crypto users are multiplying at an accelerated pace. Many investors and traders are fascinated with investing their money and time in cryptocurrencies because of the high return on investment.

At the same time, entrepreneurs and business people are closely noticing the rise of the crypto business module, and so they are planning to launch their own Crypto Exchange Software to have a lucrative business.

Are you one of the people, thinking about cryptocurrency business ideas right now?

You have chosen the best time to launch your crypto business.

Starting a crypto exchange like BTCTurk is the smart move to attract a larger audience.

Let's dig out deeper!!!

BTCTurk Clone Script:

BTCTurk Clone Script is pre-made software which is a replica of the original BTCTurk Exchange without infringing their copyrights, that consists of all the essential features and functionalities. These clone scripts are 100% customizable, where you can add or remove any features or options as per your business requirements.

The main thing to focus on is to buy the supreme BTCTurk Clone Script and launch your crypto exchange business as planned.

What is BTCTurk?

BTCTurk is a famous Turkish Cryptocurrency Exchange platform founded in 2013. This crypto exchange is Tukey’s first and World’s 4th Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platform. Users can buy and sell their cryptocurrencies with the Turkish lira and also withdraw to their respective bank accounts. 

Their platform is protected with advanced security methods and options to provide hassle-free trading to their users. They also support other major coins like Litecoins, etc. Likewise, they have a website and also a mobile app that supports both android and iOS devices.

Why Start a Crypto Exchange like BTCTurk?

BTCTurk Exchange is easily attainable and provides a user-friendly dashboard to the users, that delivers first-class customer support to their customers.

BTCTurk is an exchange platform with a low trading fee, and multiple payment methods and is easily accessible to entry-level users and also for experienced traders. 

These are the main thing to notice for the investors and traders to choose exclusive BTCTurk Exchange as their business model.

How to build a crypto exchange like BTCTurk?

To launch your own crypto exchange like BTCTurk, the best way is to get an elite BTCTurk Clone Script from WeAlwin Technologies. As mentioned earlier, these clone scripts are already developed, tested and deployed with all its feature and plugins.

Below are some factors to be considered while launching a crypto exchange:

  1. Brainstorm a marvellous idea for your business.
  2. Have thorough market research.
  3. Cross-check the regulatory laws in the respective country where you’re planning to launch your crypto business.
  4. decide on your desired trading features and plugins that you require in your BTCTurk Software.
  5. Check whether you have a strong security feature to safeguard your exchange from cyber attacks.
  6. Have a beta test for your clone script, and so you could resolve any bugs and issues instantly.
  7. Deploy your crypto exchange once the beta test is finished successfully.
  8. Promote your exchange to the targeted audience.

Consult with our business experts to launch your BTCTurk Clone Script instantly! Chat with us on WhatsApp

Salient Security Features of BTCTurk Clone Software:

Launching a successful crypto exchange platform requires a highly secured trading feature that could attract your global customer.

Below mentioned are some of the updated trading features that we giveaway.

Two-factor authentication:

Enabling two-factor authentication sums up an extra layer of security to safeguard your account from fraudulent activities.

BTCTurk Clone API:

With this API you can have a note of the market information, account movements and transactions, enter the market and limit orders, and cancel the orders.


SegWit is a process of fixing the compatibility and scaling solution by reducing the size of the process by optimizing the blockchain. With help of this SegWit, we can fit some extra Bitcoins into the same block without increasing the size.

Cold Storage:

Cold storage is also known as an offline wallet, where your savings are highly secured. This requires storing the wallet in a secure place without a network connection.

Added Benefits of BTCTurk Clone Solution

  • Low transaction fees
  • Multiple-currency support
  • Highly secured measures
  • Integrating trading views
  • HTTPS Authentication
  • Data Encryption

The above-mentioned are some of the add-ons that our BTCTurk Clone Script provides to the users for a seamless trading experience.

Cost of developing BTCTurk-like exchange:

When business development is planned, the most concerning one is the cost to start a crypto exchange. The development cost of the BTCTurk Clone Script would cost around 5000$ with its basic features, also the cost may vary whether you add or remove any of the features or options for your business concepts.

Where to get the best BTCTurk clone script to launch your crypto business?

Now, the most main thing is the development company for your crypto exchange business. This is the main sector where every entrepreneur needs to focus on and choose the best development company that can fulfil their cup of tea. 

WeAlwin Technologies is a top-notch Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company providing robust software solutions in the blockchain industry. We offer the best BTCTurk Clone Script with all the essential features and functionalities that ensure in the original software. We have a team of experts who is tirelessly working in this industry for the past several years. We have completed 300+projects for our clients in a robust manner all across the world. WeAlwin offers you 100% customizable BTCTurk Clone software with all the advanced security features and functionalities that are delivered on time at an affordable cost.

Are you a person looking to launch your BTCTurk-like Exchange successfully?

Then choosing WeAlwin Technologies is a well-advised and smart option to launch your crypto business effectively

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