July 17, 2021

Opensea Clone Script to Start your NFT Marketplace Like Opensea Within 7 days

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The non-fungible-tokens (NFTs) play a vital role in the blockchain-based decentralized marketplace and are still trendy in the blockchain world constantly. As a result, many peer-to-peer (P2P) NFT marketplace platforms are attracting a number of successful entrepreneurs today, as they are a fast-growing market space around the globe. 

In it, OpenSea, the first and pioneer NFT platform has held its high market level among other NFT marketplaces worldwide. The powerful arena makes many cryptopreneurs build their own P2P NFT platform as same as the OpenSea. 

Considerably, let us start a deep discussion on this powerful P2P NFT marketplace and the effective OpenSea clone script for your productive enterprise in the achievable blockchain mart. 

What Is OpenSea?

OpenSea is the world’s first and largest P2P non-fungible-token (NFT) marketplace platform, where digital assets like avatars, games, arts, trading cards, and other crypto-collectibles could be traded by the users. Those are very unique, highly tradable, and utilizable across different applications. 

The users in the innovative trading platform can buy, sell, auction, and discover digital goods that are explored in the marketplace. In this platform, protocols like Ethereum and its request for standards ERC-721 and ERC-1155 are enabled for fresh economies.

Among other NFT marketplace platforms, OpenSea is considered the safest NFT space and could easily detect any suspicious activities in any of the logged records and transactions.

How OpenSea Marketplace Got Success?

OpenSea, the CryptoKitties, was founded in 2017 by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah. In later years the marketplace started to reach among users at a minimal to gigantic speed. As a result, the successful NFT platform reached its market value of US$ 3.5 Billion in 2021 from its previous value of US$ 21 Million in 2020. 

The gigantic growth range shows the NFT marketplace has evolved at a CAGR of 12,000% in just a year of the time period. And, has its own 1.8 Million active users on its successful, as well as, dominating NFT marketplace platform.

In later years, many entrepreneurs and investors started to build their NFT marketplace like this thriving P2P platform and also achieved success in a very short period.

Benefits of Creating OpenSea like NFT Marketplace

An OpenSea like NFT Marketplace for your business means an open platform for the users through which they can transact digitized goods without any interruption. On that, the users experience seamless trading online.

Because the NFTs are inseparable and can not be additionally divided into fewer denominations, the buyers who purchase any digital goods in your NFT marketplace have their exclusive ownership rights.

They formed as multi-level protocols with diverse security dimensions. Hence, it prevents any hackers from accessing the actual registry with the intent to steal or modify the data.

And, your NFTs marketplace like OpenSea would be completely transparent for the users on transaction details, as well, secure the payment processes robustly in the meanwhile.

The benefits create more user attractions between audiences. Results more traffic to your NFTs trade market, which sustains a lucrative business environment always. As a cryptopreneur, you can reap huge profits through it from your P2P NFT marketplace like OpenSea online. 

How to Create An NFT Marketplace like OpenSea?

Building an NFT Marketplace for business now has become so popular among entrepreneurs and investors all over the world. Of them, they have three different P2P NFT marketplace website development options to choose from. They are

  1. Website development from Scratch,
  2. And, From clone scripts.

Following, WeAlwin in the NFT marketplace development effectively covers the two different types of development services itself alone. In which, your choice of the clone script through P2P NFT marketplace website development utilizing the ready-made OpenSea clone script benefits you with the below-mentioned core business factors.

  • Fully Customizable Option
  • Detailed & Captivating UI/UX
  • Advanced Build-in Characteristics
  • Authorization & Security 
  • Profitable Model
  • Personalized User Profiles
  • Home Page
  • Product Page
  • Incorporated Ethereum
  • Shopping Cart
  • Interoperability Solutions
  • NFT Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Admin Panel
  • Author Panel
  • Indivisibility in NFTs Production Function
  • Quick Launching Your NFT Marketplace Online

To start your NFTs marketplace like OpenSea right from here, feel free to contact our WeAlwin Technologies technical team for your powerful outset.

What Is OpenSea Clone Script?

OpenSea Clone script is a ready-to-shift website development source. Through this, you can build your decentralized blockchain network platform to launch your NFT marketplace like OpenSea for enterprise online. Using your strapping OpenSea like an NFT marketplace platform, the users exchange their crypto goods like domains, GIFs, videos, sports, art, and music, etc.


How Does OpenSea Clone Script Work?

To understand the OpenSea clone script’s working process online, it is required to go through its different perspective functionality in the P2P NFT marketplace platform.

Creators Side of Functions

  • At first, the creator integrates his/her wallet to the OpenSea NFT marketplace platform.
  • He/she has two various options on file uploading that single or multiple.
  • Based on the preference, the creator starts to upload the file(s) selecting the relevant file format.
  • After putting a product description on the specified column, the creator sets the profile description mode as public or private as per desire.
  • Then, the particular crypto good(s) the creator uploaded are listed in the OpenSea marketplace.

Buyers Side of Functions

The buyers in the platform choose their NFTs from the marketplace listing and read descriptions. They have different NFT purchasing options, which are fixed price and auction. Fixed Price means the cost of particular NFTs are already displayed in the listing, while the auctions vary as follows. 


  • Timed Auction - On this, the auction is set into a particular time frame. In which, the highest bid of the end is closed as sale automatically.
  • Ongoing Auction - In the auction, the buyers bid frequently at no limit in time, based on a convenient bid cost, the seller executes the NFT sale to be closed.

Sellers Side of Functions

  • While the creator uploads his/her NFTs for the listing, he/she has an option called “Pull-on Marketplace”
  • Through this, he/she can become a seller and begin to trade his/her created NFT(s) in the active marketplace platform.
  • As mentioned, the seller has two different NFT(s) selling options that have a fixed price and auction. 
  • And, the seller can choose the Collection, whether it is an individual or an OpenSea collection.
  • Along with that, he/she can set a royalty program for a standard 10% of commission income via his/her created NFT good(s) on each selling.

Following the methodology, while a sale is executed in the NFT marketplace platform, the sold NFT crypto collectible transfers to the particular buyer immediately. And at the same time, the seller on the other hand also receives the paid crypto amount to his wallet with a reduced OpenSea platform commission of 2.5%.

Revenue Model of OpenSea Clone Script

OpenSea actually generates revenue via its service fees, it is actually 2.5% of each user transaction value. It is considered as a lesser charge in the overall P2P NFT marketplace around the globe. 

To explain it in short, here is a list that names the revenue channels of the OpenSea clone script for your business.

  1. Charges from biddings
  2. Selling fees
  3. Charges for transactions
  4. Listing charge
  5. Gas fees

Features of OpenSea Clone Script

The OpenSea clone through your NFT marketplace creation obtains the following technology features for a productive crypto blockchain enterprise.

  • Streamlined website design
  • Efficient asset categorization
  • User activity tracking
  • Other NFTs tracking
  • Stats of ranking and performances
  • Different API integration

Along with these, its elites.

  • NFT StoreFront
  • Filters
  • Search Filters
  • Buy & Bid
  • Digital Wallet

How Much Does Opensea clone script Cost?

To launch an NFT marketplace like OpenSea would cost you start from $ 5,000. It might be increased under the factors mentioned in the following.

  • Total website features involved
  • The level of customizing the actual site model
  • The technology stacks used
  • Overall full NFT marketplace development timing
  • Third-party API integration
  • The cost of development

In general, the total cost of the P2P NFT marketplace development employing the OpenSea clone script would be so reduced compared to a unique creation from Scratch. 

Hence, it completed fits into your business scale, whether it is a small or big investment plan. Also, with its characteristics enhancement, your NFT marketplace online has had a huge ROI shortly in business.

Why Choose WeAlwin?

WeAlwin is an expertise in the crypto marketplace website development using different effectual clone scripts like OpenSea. We have completed more than 50 NFT development projects with owning 10 to 15 successful clone-based NFT marketspace software and applications. 

Our blockchain experts use enhanced tech stacks to create your P2P NFT marketplace like OpenSea for your powerful business initiation online. 

We always pay attention to your business model and website development ideas and deliver your NFT website as per your precise model expectations.

Additionally, you can get our experts’ complete business model support and guidance. Through that, you can even strengthen your P2P NFT marketplace platform for increased revenue streams.

In Conclusion

Considering the fast-growing P2P NFT marketplace platform in the crypto world, several energetic business people and investors around the globe are showing their vast interest in business creation, in such a successful blockchain stock.

While you are also one among them, your NFT marketplace development from WeAlwin Technologies, utilizing our ready-to-shift OpenSea clone script benefits you with notable enterprise metrics like quick launch, high scalability, proficient website architecture, cross-platform availability, and API integration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Opensea is one of the best NFT marketplaces as it is a traditional marketplace with all the updated features. It is the NFT marketplace built on the Binance smart chain rather than the conventional Ethereum blockchain.
Your Opensea like nft marketplace will be built on the Binance Smart Chain rather than the conventional Ethereum blockchain. It runs on the BEP20 token standard with the adoption of specific features.
Your nft marketplace like opensea can support Crypto Goods, Gaming, Collectibles, Arts, Domains, Memes, Posters, Artifacts, and more.
It may be dependent on the features and security options that you want to add in your marketplace. Our Opensea clone script is affordable for startups and entrepreneurs to start their NFT business effectively.
We, at WeAlwin Technologies, will help you start your nft marketplace like Opensea within 7 days. It may slightly vary if you want to add or remove any features or security options.

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