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What is Opensea Clone Script?

OpenSea clone script is a pre-made software development environment that incorporates all the main, trendy, and advanced features available in the original OpenSea. The fine replica of the OpenSea NFT Marketplace facilitates a fully tailor-made application development option. So, it is being an ideal solution for startups who want to start an NFT Marketplace productively.

Are you among them?

Woohoo! The readymade Opensea clone script will deliver an excellent take-off to your NFT marketplace startup. You can modify this as you want. It will be so adaptive for any kind of NFT marketplace business.

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How does the Opensea Clone Script Work?


Step 1

Traders register necessary data in the relevant fields to create individual user accounts.

Step 2

By connecting their own Web3 wallets like Metamask, the sellers and buyers begin trading with ETH, SOL, USDC, etc.

Step 3

Sellers first mint digital assets by paying off some minting fees to convert them into NFTs.

Step 4

Now, the sellers can list the minted NFTs on your NFT Marketplace like OpenSea, and fix the buy mode whether as an open bid or auction.

Step 5

Once an NFT is purchased by a buyer, the bid amount is transferred to the respective seller with a reduced commission fee.

Step 6

The seller also can accept the bid on an auction, while it is fully automated in the open bid transaction.

Features of our Opensea Clone Script

Our OpenSea clone script provides you with many notable in-app features that drive your business lucratively between competition.

Intuitive Design

OpenSea WhiteLabel from WeAlwin has an outstanding application infrastructure for users to easily understand details in use-cases.

Perfect Collectibles Listing

Users can list their NFTs under diverse categories like art, music, photography, collectibles, trading cards, and others. So that the searching NFT enthusiasts can identify likable in short.

NFT Tracking

Tracking and verifying certain NFTs sales history in your NFT Marketplace like OpenSea would be so convenient for the users.

User Activity Tracking

As an admin, you can smartly track the live user activity from your OpenSea clone software dashboard. It greatly assists you to govern the platform powerfully in the industry.


The multi-chain NFT Marketplace assists your business in progressively alluring lots of contemporary crypto investors from around the world.

Escrow Option

Our experts deliver you the mastery service by developing smart contracts in the means to Escrow token transactions to prevent third-party hacks.

Multi-wallet Integration

Users can smartly integrate multi Web3 wallets like MetaMask to effectively start trading on your OpenSea clone NFT Marketplace platform.

Payment Gateway

Buyers can utilize different fiat currencies as well as different cryptocurrencies to purchase desired NFTs from your powerful NFT Marketplace like OpenSea.

Seamless API Connectivity

Seamless API integrations can be made based on your requirements. Thus, building a better marketplace is simply possible in a high-end.

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What are the use Cases of Opensea Clone Script?

We design your complete NFT Marketplace like OpenSea with advanced use-cases for an excellent user experience provision.

User Login

Users can complete signing-up processes by updating relevant details.

Wallet Integration

After the registration process, users can smartly connect their individual Web3 wallets.

Exploring NFTs

The sellers can list their NFTs from their wallets to the platform audience.


Sell NFTs

A seller can choose NFTs to sell under any payment mode: auction or open price.

Buy NFTs

The buyers can select desired NFTs and proceed to purchase via the relevant payment mode.

Secure Transactions

After the purchase, the transactions are securely completed on the basis of smart contracts.

Benefits of our Opensea Clone Script

Our ready-made OpenSea clone script would be so beneficial for all your blockchain business and NFTs Marketplace services aspects.

Software Reliability

Right from the OpenSea clone is a fine replica of OpenSea Marketplace, its level of security and data protection would be the ultimate.

Complete Security

Apart from your NFT Marketplace like OpenSea running on a distributed blockchain network, it has layers of data protection such as smart contracts and end-to-end encryption.

Increased Scalability

Your OpenSea clone NFT Marketplace on blockchain will evolve high user traffic through instant trade confirmations, fast transactions, etc. Thus, your business can get increased scalability shortly.

High Liquidity

OpenSea clone for your NFT Marketplace empowers high liquidity in progress. So that digital assets on your platform can easily be bought and sold fast with not much effect on price.


How to Create an NFT Marketplace like Opensea?

For every NFT startup, the most common question is whether to create their NFT marketplace platform from scratch or to purchase a white-labeled script to build on.

We can feel you!

Both developing from scratch and using a ready-made Opensea clone script have numerous benefits. The only thing is that you have to keep your NFT marketplace business plan one step ahead of the competition and satisfy all your user needs.

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How much does it cost to start aNFT Marketplace like Opensea?

The cost of developing an OpenSea clone software is MUCH LOWER when compared to developing the same from Scratch.

Want to see a comparison between OpenSea Like NFT Marketplace development from scratch and purchasing a Ready-made script?

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The Revenue Model for OpenSea Clone Script

Minting Fee

Charges of NFT Platforms for the process of taking digital assets and converting them into NFTs

Listing Fee

You can collect listing fees from users to list their NFTs on your platform.

Bidding Fee

On auction, buyers bid for particular NFTs and charges could be collected by the platform owner.

Transaction Fee

Rarible is the traditional and one of the earliest introduced NFT marketplace.

WeAlwin - What We Can Do for You

We design, develop, and support software products with unique business concepts. We have been chosen as a technology partner by over 200+ businesses worldwide.

Our white-labeled Opensea clone script is specially made for new-age entrepreneurs after analyzing the industry demands. Here are some of the reasons why our solutions are rated highly.

  • Built by world-class tech experts.
  • 100% customizable and re-brandable.
  • Made with the advanced tech stack.
  • Our expert teams are available seven days per week.
  • No technical knowledge is needed, our tech team will be in your hand.
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Opensea Clone for Various Market


Digital art creators can smartly mint their artworks to valuable NFTs and start trading in your NFT marketplace like OpenSea profitably.


Colorful games could be uploaded and converted into non-fungible tokens on your platform. By diverse players engaging and playing the listed games, respective users can earn accordingly.


Meme creators can get their unique ownership of their funny artworks through your OpenSea clone website. It assists them a lot to gain via their creative meme works.


Photography in different image formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc. can be smartly turned into NFTs and listed on your platform attractively for the audience to explore and begin a trade on.


Music artists around the crypto world can be easily engaged with your OpenSea clone software. Converting their music files as NFTs will be so convenient for them on your enhanced platform.


Your NFT Marketplace platform from the OpenSea clone script allows crypto enthusiasts to trade on multiple Metaverse assets like virtual lands, cities, avatars, buildings, and so on.


Users can also make diverse catchy domain names into NFTs and display them on your comprehensive OpenSea like NFT Platform and begin trade on.


Different characters holding attractive Profile Picture, or PFP for short can be smartly traded on your OpenSea software.


Trade on Slotie NFTs can be performed by crypto enthusiasts and effectively earn a passive income through that.


The category of Sports available in the OpenSea clone script allows sellers to upload various digital sports items, favorite moments, and collectibles to initiate passionate trading as trends.

Opensea Clone Script on Various Blockchain Networks



Binance Smart Chain





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Onboard to web3 with ease. Built with our suite of open-source software tools and contributions from leading integration partners.

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Customized Integrations

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Tech Stack

WeAlwin experts use a top-notched tech stack in the development segment for all clients’ blockchain projects to be successful from launching to sustaining on the blockchain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Definitely. The OpenSea clone software for your NFT Marketplace is fully customizable. You can change its actual design from a 360° angle as per your requirements.
As the NFT industry is booming highly among anything in the crypto world, your NFT Marketplace like OpenSea would be so profitable with all user demands fulfilling application architecture.
Approximately, your NFT Marketplace like OpenSea could be developed within 7 working days.But, the value may vary depending upon custom corrections made on the actual WhiteLabel OpenSea clone application module.
You can build your NFT platform like OpenSea on your convenient blockchain. Apart from that, we suggest you with the best out of all global blockchain networks. They are Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, Polygon, Solana, and Tron for your OpenSea clone software. These are famous, trendy, and the most secure Blockchain in the industry at present.
OpenSea cone is a ready-to-deploy NFT Marketplace website script. It embedded all the necessary NFT Marketplace features and options in the default. So, creating your own software like OpenSea utilizing the clone script would be splendid for the business launching.
To create NFT Marketplace like OpenSea today, you do not need to be well-versed in computer programming languages. Instead, you can smartly make use of our experts. As we have years of experience in the NFT Marketplace creations, your software like OpenSea would be so competitive in the market space.
Yes. Anyone can create an NFT Marketplace for launching businesses, while they have the right development team like WeAlwin Technologies on their hands.
First, prepare your NFT Marketplace business model requirements and contact our team at any time. Our expert can help you effectively to start and complete your NFT Marketplace website development that will be so enhanced to the current crypto sphere.
The cost for OpenSea like NFT Marketplace development is variable, focusing on diverse factors such as business model, tailor-made, features add-on, future software updates, and so forth. So, feel free to contact our team, available for you 24/7 in concerned regards.


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