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Business specific White Label Crypto Exchange
Software Development

Business specific White Label Crypto Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange business is in the hype for the last few years because of the emergence and transformation in the digital finance they have achieved. It is growing day by day and entrepreneurs are much more eager to start one. But considering all types of crypto exchanges, if you really want to start a unique, reliable and transparent crypto exchange platform, White label crypto exchange is the best choice

WeAlwin Technologies is an experienced blockchain development company with specialization in crafting white label cryptocurrency exchange software and apps for your business. Our software is completely customizable, bug-free and reliable that you can modify based on your business requirements. Initiate your white label crypto exchange platform with WeAlwin Technologies

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Our White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange
Development Services

White label cryptocurrency exchange development

Enjoy the benefits and security features with unique interface by starting your white label cryptocurrency exchange platform with us

White label centralized exchange

We offer the best centralized exchange platform for your business by adopting all the updated features and benefits in your crypto exchange platform

White label decentralized exchange

We offer out-of-the-box decentralized exchange development solutions that you can run your P2P platform without any interference involving only during resolution

Hybrid exchange development

Induct both the features of the centralized and decentralized exchange development with our Hybrid exchange development solutions and offer your users the benefit of trading

Derivatives exchange development

Start your white label derivatives exchange trading platform and offer your users to trade by reducing the risk by involving in either perpetual or futures contracts based on their trade convenience

White label P2P cryptocurrency exchange

Provide your users with an opportunity to transact without any involvement of third party intermediaries by initiating your white label P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform. It is transparent, secure and reliable

Security token exchange development

We provide you the best white label security token development solutions that you can link with external exchanges with smart contract escrow management

White label multi-crypto wallet development

Integrate your crypto exchange platform with our white label multi-cryptocurrency wallet that could help you to store and manage cryptocurrencies for your business

Benefits of our white label crypto exchange development software

  • 01Supports all major cryptocurrency blockchain
  • 02Fiat to USD and vice versa
  • 03Automated KYC/AML verification
  • 04Integration of Multi-crypto wallet, white label payment gateway, etc
  • 05High security features like 2FA, Anti-DDoS, CSRF, etc.
  • 06Hyperledger protection based on request
  • 07Blockchain technology protection assured
  • 08Customization benefits
  • 09High performing trading engine and matching engine
  • 10Multi-device compatibility

Features of our White Label Crypto
Exchange Development Services

WeAlwin Technologies provides top-notch white label crypto exchange development solutions assisting you to create one of the best crypto exchange platforms instantly and efficiently. Our features include

Trading options

All kinds of trading options like margin trading along with leverage and other trading options are inducted into your white label cryptocurrency exchange software

Referral program

Our white label cryptocurrency exchange script offers the best referral program that you can allow your users to join the affiliate program that could help them to earn passive income using this program

Derivatives trading

This kind of trading option is most useful for the well experienced traders that can earn profits with reduced risk, greater liquidity and lower volatility

KYC/AML verification

We have facilitated automated KYC and AML verification that can help you to conduct the verification process in a fast paced manner that can expand your user base

Liquidity API

We offer the best liquidity management options that have the highest probability of enhancing the trade in your platform that provide trouble free trade and usage of crypto assets

Advanced admin dashboard

Our admin dashboard replicates the present trading conditions with updates of the real time data feed and other data related to the trade

Multi-device compatible software

Our white label crypto exchange software is compatible on multiple devices with all sorts of operating systems - Windows, Android or iOS

Multi-language assistance

Our exclusive white label cryptocurrency exchange software offers your multi-lingual support that you can attract global investors to invest and trade in your exchange platform

Security Features

Security Features
of Our White Label Crypto
Exchange Development

2 Factor authentication
Data Encryption
Escrow management
HTTPS authentication
CSRF protection
Jail login
SSRF protection

Our White Label Crypto Exchange Development Process

WeAlwin Technologies offers you the best business specific white label crypto exchange development process to craft a professional software

Requirement analysis

As a first step we connect with our clients and get their requirements and analyze to craft the best white label cryptocurrency exchange software for their business


After all the development process is performed, we perform quality checks and provide you the best outcome for your crypto business

Product installation

Based on the analysis and research, we come out with the best white label product and install it and induct features and applications of client’s desire

Token listing

We help to list all major coins and tokens in your exchange platform that can help your users to trade and exchange

Legal establishment

We proceed with legal establishments that are required for your white label crypto exchange platform


We integrate other essential features like matching engine, blockchain and liquidity engine, security features, etc

Why Choose Us ?

WeAlwin Technologies is the best blockchain development and cryptocurrency exchange development company with an open source software that can make your exchange business a real success. We have a qualified team of professionals who strive hard to bring out the best white label crypto exchange. Our white label crypto exchange software is highly professional, customizable and bug-free. Our software is readymade software and hence you can start your business instantly and earn huge profits

We use state-of-the-art technology tools and craft the software that is completely compatible on multiple devices and operating systems. We are open to security feature customization and you can either add or remove any of the features as per your business requirements. So, kickstart your white label cryptocurrency exchange software with WeAlwin Technologies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our software is tested to handle multiple transactions per second and as of our testing, our software can manage more than 90,000 transactions per second.
Why not! You can increase your scalability as possible as your users get increased in your platform. We help you to manage your scalability as we offer the best white label cryptocurrency exchange software with high scalability options.
Sure. All you need is to contact us by clicking the Call us button at the bottom or you can reach us through social media channels - whatsapp, telegram and skype.
It depends on the customization and modifications that you would induct in your white label crypto exchange software. But as far as I'm concerned, we can set up the platform within 7 days of the request that can help you to start your business up and running.

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