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Cryptocurrency is moving towards new heights and P2P is one among them. It is a distributed network that allows users to trade or exchange cryptocurrencies instantly with low transaction fees. If you are a futuristic entrepreneur or a startup, you could start a P2P exchange platform with the Remitano clone script

WeAlwin Technologies identified the potential of the P2P exchange platform and offer exclusive crypto exchange platform development solutions like Remitano. Our product development team is equipped with updated knowledge that they provide readymade and outstanding solutions to our clients as per their business requirements. Initiate your peer-to-peer distributed network platform with WeAlwin Technologies

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Remitano clone script Overview

Remittano clone script is an exact replica of features and specifications of a popular P2P exchange platform - Remitano. It includes P2P exchange options that allow traders and investors to exchange or trade on any major cryptocurrencies within seconds without any intermediation. It is a customizable software that allows you to customize based on the business requirement.

You can add or remove any special feature and induct some additional ones as per your country’s regulations and your user preferences. Apart from P2P exchange, our Remitano clone script software allows Invest and Swap option to allow users to hold or invest in cryptocurrencies. WeAlwin Technologies will assist you to create your secure, and highly prolific Remitano like P2P crypto exchange platform

Remitano clone script
Remitano clone app development

Remitano clone app development

Remitano clone app is a mobile app that allows your users to experience the features of your crypto exchange platform via smartphone. Our Remitano clone app works comfortably on all mobile OS platforms like Android or iOS. We offer an attractive front-end UI and UX panel for Admin and users with regular updates to keep the app on track with the advancements of crypto technology. The user can buy, sell, stake, or pool cryptocurrencies with our Remitano clone app securely. Experience the ownership of a remarkable P2P crypto clone app with WeAlwin that allows your user to trade on multiple cryptocurrencies effectively

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Why start a P2P crypto exchange platform
like Remitano for your users?

Remitano is different from other P2P crypto exchange platforms. It is engulfed with multiple features apart from speedy transactions and instant exchange that include forum, staking, investing, etc. Some of the unique things that could induce you to start an exchange platform using Remitano clone script include

Private chat

Private chat

You can chat with the seller/buyer so that you could know about their identity and compatibility

KYC verification

KYC verification

All accounts are KYC verified and AML verified to prevent any suspicious transactions and money laundering activities

Secure escrow account

Secure escrow account

Any transactions will be stored in the escrow wallet and the cryptocurrencies will be released to the prospective account after a successful exchange

Proximity match

Proximity match

The most trusted sellers would be recommended to the buyers with the use of an algorithm that will maintain the reliability of the exchange

Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution

If there occurs any discrepancy during the transaction, the admin would be notified by the escrows to resolve the dispute regarding the transaction

Feedback input

Feedback input

The trader can enter his/her opinion that will help the admin to know about the efficacy of their service and the areas where they can improve

Business benefits

Business benefits of
our Remitano clone script

Starting your cryptocurrency exchange business with Remitano will provide you with the following benefits for your business growth

Revenue model used in
our Remitano clone script software and app

Our Remitano clone script allows you to generate multiple sources of revenue from your software and app

Commission fee

A fixed commission fee could be charged for every transaction. This is the most common way you can generate revenue from your crypto exchange platform

Commission fee Commission fee
Freemium fees

You can offer various basic services for free and charge for premium services that would attract a considerable amount of profit and revenue

Freemium fees Freemium fee
Ad revenue Ad revenue
Ad revenue

With an increased user base, you can run ads on your platform that will help you to generate revenue. You can even sign up with Google AdSense

Promotions Promotions

This is similar to the ads but this is more specific to the product. You can run in-app ads and promotions that will help you to generate decent revenue

Security features of our Remitano clone script

Notification AlertNotification Alerts

2FA authentication2FA authentication

QA Scanning facilitiesQA Scanning facilities

Escrow management and protectionEscrow management and protection

Pubic key and encrypted private keyPubic key and encrypted private key

Trading BotTrading Bot

White list optionWhite list option

Geo-location trackingGeo-location tracking


Email verification on every loginEmail verification on every login

Data encryptionData encryption

Hypertext authenticationHypertext authentication

Biometric securityBiometric security

End-to-end encrypted transactionsEnd-to-end encrypted transactions

Anti-DDoS securityAnti-DDoS security

Secure Browser detection - IP’s and locationSecure Browser detection - IP’s and location

SSL encryptionSSL encryption

Why choose WeAlwin for your
Remitano-like P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform?

choose wealwin

WeAlwin Technologies have wide experience and professionalism in offering clone script-based crypto exchange development solutions. We have an expert team of developers and quality analysts and designers who contribute to provide a world-class peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platform like Remitano.

We offer instant Remitano clone script solutions to start your cryptocurrency exchange business immediately. We do adequate research and include all the exceptional security and additional features in our software making it stand out from the others. Grab a highly functional, supportive, and secured Remitano like cryptocurrency exchange software with WeAlwin Technologies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Remitano is a p2p exchange platform that provides the end-user complete privacy and security in transacting with cryptocurrencies. People search for decentralized platforms and so it gathers the heat. So, it is best to start a decentralized exchange platform like Remitano to gather more profits in your cryptocurrency business.
You can generate multiple forms of revenue like commissions, freemium fees, ads and banners, promotions, etc. through this software.
It will take a minimum of 7 to 10 days for launching the readymade clone script software. But if you want to make it live with certain customizations and additional security features it will take some more time based on the add-ons you prefer.
Our Remitano Clone script software is different and unique in all its features and security options. We provide bug-free customizable p2p cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Remitano.
It varies from project to project based on the customizations and additional features that you want to add. We provide affordable cryptocurrency solutions to startups and entrepreneurs. You can connect with our experts for further information.


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