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Start your Cryptocurrency Exchange Like Huobi Using Huobi Clone Script

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September 29, 2021

Cryptocurrency has become the face of digital finance and startups and entrepreneurs have been running crazy to start their cryptocurrency-related business now. But they have no idea on how to start their cryptocurrency exchange. Even if you have any ideas and know about starting a cryptocurrency exchange using clone scripts, there are doubts about starting the exchange using the popular clone scripts. While many business people are running towards Binance or coinbase for their cryptocurrency exchange, it is wise to start a crypto exchange platform using a unique clone script - Huobi. 

If you are one of the unique entrepreneurs who want to start Huobi like a crypto exchange platform, then this blog is for you. Come let us dive into the blog and know more things about Huobi clone script and how to start your crypto business with them. 

Huobi Exchange - Overview

Huobi cryptocurrency exchange is one of the prominent cryptocurrency exchange platforms with all the essential features for trading and exchanging crypto instantly. It is a user-friendly platform that is best effective for both veteran and novice traders by offering multiple types of trading options that the user or trader can choose from. 

Apart from the basic trading strategies, Huobi offers multiple opportunities for the users to be involved in crypto trading and earning programs. Their referral program is one of the best and they have come up with the Huobi Broker program and other institutional services that can improve user experience. Also, if you are planning to start your cryptocurrency exchange platform like Huobi, then you need to use the Huobi clone script for your software. 

Let us know more about the Huobi clone script that could be helpful to your crypto business. 

Huobi Clone Script

Huobi clone script is the exact replica of the Huobi crypto exchange platform with all the inbuilt essential features and security options. It is completely customizable that you can create your software as per your business requirements. As an entrepreneur, you can add or remove any features or security options that your business needs. It does not violate the copyright of the original software as it is a clone software replicating the original one but uses its own program and technology tools to construct the software for your business. 

Why Should you Start your Cryptocurrency Exchange Like Huobi?

    • There are various things that can showcase the highlights of the huobi like cryptocurrency exchange. Some of the prominent things that can put the significance of the huobi like exchange platform includes
    • Huobi exchange is one of the most popular & best trading platforms for crypto users either you are an experience trader or a new one in the crypto market.
    • Huobi global crypto exchange platform is a renowned platform that can offer highly professional crypto trading opportunities by helping the trader to trade in various cryptocurrencies.
    • This exchange contains a high level of security. With the assistance of the blockchain technology and other security features like 2-factor authentication, the software is effectively secure and reliable. 
    • As a cryptocurrency exchange owner,  you can expand the business and integrate many features like the Crypto wallet, Mining pool, an investment arm, Research institute, news, chat, a public forum and other functionalities that can facilitate the trade for the traders.
    • Like Binance, Huobi too has its own token for its exchange platform - Huobi token with a particular value. So, if you are starting your cryptocurrency exchange like huobi, you too can start your token in your exchange like huobi token.
    • Huobi Global has better liquidity than other crypto exchanges. 
    • The exchange offers the following order types:

           > Market order

           > Limit order

           > Stop Limit order 

  • Know your customer (KYC)/ anti-Money Laundering (AML) verification is necessary for all users. 
  • This Huobi crypto exchange provides a wide range of features such as margin trading, supports more than 100 crypto and tokens, strong customer support, and more. 

Features of Our Huobi Clone Script

  • Here is the list of advanced features that we integrate into our Huobi Clone Script, 
  • Atomic swaps
  • User-friendly UI and Admin panel. 
  • Supports various cryptocurrencies & tokens.
  • Multiple payment methods for the users. 
  • Multi-lingual assistance.
  • Different trading options
  • High-level security support
  • Blockchain technology-enabled.
  • Different orders enabled -Limit order, Market order, and Stop order
  • Margin trading.
  • Integration of cryptocurrency wallet and payment gateway.
  • IEO module.
  • Liquidity API.
  • Referral program.
  • Admin dashboard and user dashboard.
  • Payment gateway integration.
  • Site API.
  • Trade engine.
  • 24 X 7 Instant live chat system.

Benefits of Huobi Clone Script

  1. High ROI - When it comes to return on investment, I would recommend you to start your Huobi like cryptocurrency exchange as it has the greatest possibility of generating huge ROI because of its multiple revenue-generating possibilities.
  2. Wallet support - This Huobi like cryptocurrency exchange supports all kinds of crypto wallets and hence it is affordable for all users to use their own wallets and integrate with the exchange and trade on them easily.
  3. No fees for withdrawals and deposits - Our Huobi clone script does not charge any additional fees for withdrawals and deposits of any cryptocurrencies. 
  4. High liquidity and scalability - Our Huobi clone software is constructed to facilitate trade among the crypto traders and hence we induct a high liquidity API that can possibly increase the scalability of the software.
  5. Instant KYC/AML verification - No other exchanges can verify the KYC and AML norms of the trader other than the Huobi clone software. 

Where to Get the Best Huobi-Like Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform?

WeAlwin Technologies is an expert cryptocurrency exchange development company with experience in providing crypto exchange development solutions using popular clone scripts like Binance, coinbase, Huobi, and others. We have a team of ethereum experts who can provide you with customizable cryptocurrency exchange software like Huobi with the adoption of adequate features and security options instantly. We use high-end technology tools to craft the software and hence our software is globally competitive, efficient, and responsive.

Get your highly effective cryptocurrency exchange platform like Huobi with the assistance of WeAlwin Technologies.

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