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Initiate your NFT marketplace with Whitelabel NFT marketplace software [ For Startups and Entrepreneurs]

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July 20, 2021

This is not a traditional era where you have to do as much paperworks to kickstart your business. This present era is the era of digital finance where you can start your business instantly and earn consistent profits. There is no need for complex paperwork because everything has become digital. In that sense, after the wave of cryptocurrency exchange business, it is the wave of NFT business that is in trend right now.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or startup who wants to start a profitable business right now, this blog is for you.  

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Start a white Label NFT Marketplace

You have planned to start your NFT marketplace. That is a great decision. But how? This is the question revolving around many entrepreneurs around the world. There are several ways to start your whitelabel NFT marketplace but the best way to start is of two ways - Starting from scratch and to start a whitelabel NFT marketplace.

The first one is one of the best NFT marketplace creation methods where you can create from scratch and start a unique marketplace. If it goes well, then it can possibly become one of the best NFT marketplaces in the crypto industry. But think about the investment that you need to spend to create one. Also, it will demand a  lot of manpower that will make things even more complex economically. So, it is best to go for the white label NFT marketplace that attracts low investment compared to the marketplace from scratch.

Business Benefits of White Label NFT Marketplace Development

Start your trending NFT marketplace as it is equipped with various business benefits. Some of them are denoted below

Brand identity - Starting your white label NFT marketplace helps you to easily craft your brand identity. It is because of effective response from the traders and users because of the unique user interface.

Customizable software - The white label NFT marketplace comes with customization features that you will find more effective. It is because you can modify the software as per your business needs and requirements at any stage of development. 

High-end security features - The white label NFT marketplace is equipped with high-level security features whereas you can add some other security options as per your business requirement.

Integration features - You can integrate your crypto wallet and crypto payment gateway to the NFT marketplace. NFT demands the integration of a meta mask wallet or trust wallet that supports the exchange or transaction of ERC tokens and other tokens as per the user’s demand. 

Multi-device compatibility - The white label NFT marketplace comes with the features of multi-device compatibility where it can be accessed with all the devices with any kind of operating system.

NFT token standards - ERC 721, ERC 1155, TRC 721, ERC 2309, ERC 998.

Monetization Benefits of Starting a White label NFT Marketplace

Commission - You can get commissions for all the trade that is involved in your whitelabel NFT marketplace. That means you will get a percentage fee for listing, buying and selling of NFT and trading fees for those transactions.

Google Ads - Apart from the transaction fees, you can showcase the relevant ads by signing with the Google Adsense that will help you to get revenue from it.

Listing - The white label NFT marketplace charges for listing the NFT art or any other talented work in the marketplace that will allow you to earn revenue from it.

Marketing - Since it is a white label NFT marketplace, you will not need to spend more on marketing. Moreover, the marketing trends in the software will bring in more prospective trades.

Auction sale - You can convert anything into NFT and sell or trade. In that sense, you can auction the most prestigious NFT and put it in auction and earn commissions for the auction sale you conduct. 

Whitelabel NFT Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain

Starting your whitelabel NFT marketplace on Ethereum with the ERC token is one of the best ways to leverage your marketplace. But you see, considering the gas fees of Ethereum and other functional drawbacks, it is best recommended to go for a competitive Binance Smart Chain network to improve the effectiveness of the token creation. BSC backed BEP-20 tokens are highly preferred because of their liquidity and reduced gas fees.

Whitelabel NFT Marketplace on Cardano

Enhance your whitelabel NFT marketplace with the Cardano smart contract and make it highly effective in terms of digital contract establishment. Cardano powered NFT marketplace helps you to protect your NFT marketplace with efficient smart contracts and support your marketplace by storing the information in the multi-asset digital asset ledger.

Features of the white label NFT marketplace

  1. Fast and effective Signup process
  2. Allows the users to participate in the NFT Auctions
  3. Integration of the NFT Wallet and crypto payment gateway for efficient transactions ( Mostly Ethereum wallet recommended).
  4. 2 Factor Authentication.
  5. Integration of the Support Desk along with the admin panel.
  6. Admin Dashboard
  7. Multiple Payment Options
  8. User Activity Logs
  9. Alerts & Notifications
  10. Cart Management

Why Should you Choose WeAlwin Technologies for your White Label NFT Marketplace Development?

WeAlwin Technologies is a popular NFT Marketplace development company that offers end-to-end NFT development solutions. We have successfully helped many startups and entrepreneurs to create their NFT software and NFT marketplace with a unique tinct of expertise. We offer customizable, readymade, secure, and reliable white label NFT marketplace software and app that can help them to leverage huge ROI. Get the popular NFT marketplace clone scripts like Rarible clone script, opensea clone script at affordable prices and launch your NFT marketplace business within 7 days.

Kickstart your white label NFT marketplace with the assistance of WeAlwin Technologies and leverage your NFT business to a completely different level.

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