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Sorare Clone Script - Build NFT Fantasy Football Marketplace Like Sorare

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October 21, 2021

You all know that Fantasy business and the NFT marketplace business are the two hottest digital business opportunities in the cards right now. What if they two combine and give a double treat for both the business enthusiasts and entrepreneurs? It is happening right now. And its name is Sorare. Sorare is a fantasy football NFT game where you can trade on players and win exciting rewards and digital collections. Interesting right? 

If you are an entrepreneur or a startup who is aspiring to start an exciting NFT business on the fantasy sports platform, this blog is for you. In this blog, we will help you start your nft marketplace like Sorare where you can attract and amuse your users and generate huge revenue. 

What is Sorare?

Sorare is a fantasy football game based NFT where you can see the participation of various football clubs and the player availability in one place. It is not a regulated gambling platform like other fantasy football gaming platforms. It is like a real game in the fantasy world where you can buy any players on auction as per their availability - Rare, Superrare, and Unique. You can participate in tournaments like Laliga and allow your players to play in the tournament. The performance of the players in the real game would be considered as your points and your team points may go up. You can sell the player card or buy a new card in the Sorare NFT marketplace. This is the summary of how Sorare functions. 

If you find it amazing, it is time for you to start your NFT marketplace that runs on the fantasy platform with the help of Sorare clone script. 

Sorare Clone script

Sorare clone script is the exact replication of the Sorare NFT marketplace and their functionalities. You can either add or remove the functionalities of the game as per your business requirements. It is highly secured by blockchain technology and other security features on demand. Let us know how Sorare clone script works for your business

How Sorare Clone Script Work for your Users?

Sorare like NFT Game, is a professional football fantasy game with five collectibles representing the professional football players.

The best team of the conducted tournament is the team with the highest number of points. The team’s points are calculated by adding all the points gained by the individual players. 

The game does not have a particular time frame. The frequency and number of tournaments can be decided by the Organizer(Owner) of the clone script software.

There are certain eligibility criteria for the players to play the game. They should be above 18 years and they should not create multiple accounts. Also they should have at least five collectibles to form a team and participate in the tournament - Goalkeeper, Defender,  two Midfielder, Forward player.

The entry of the user depends on the duration of the tournament and it would be listed in advance in the website.

Types of Leagues in our Sorare Like NFT Marketplace

All-Star League: Our All-Star League includes various Divisions that the user can play with any amount of combination of the available Player Cards (Unique, Super Rare, or Rare).

Under 23 League: Our Under 23 League contains various Divisions that the user may play with any combination of the Player Cards (Unique, Super Rare or Rare) in which the real-life age of the player is 23 years old or under.

Regional Leagues: Our Regional Leagues contain various Divisions that the user can play with any combination of Player Cards (Unique, Super Rare or Rare) who are eligible for that region (Europe, America or Asia)

Training League: Our Training League contains various Divisions that the user can play with any combination of Player Cards (Unique, Super Rare, or Rare)

Weekly Challenges: Our Weekly Challenges are one of the specialized tournament criteria that the user can play with multiple combinations of the Player Cards (Unique, Super Rare, or Rare) providing they fit the entry criteria.

Note: You have the exclusive right to remove the player or user who does not comply with the rules or play fraudulently. 

Wallet Integration

Your users can integrate their crypto wallets for playing the sorare like nft game. Some of the promising features of our wallet integration are

  • Wallet creation
  • Funding it with the Ramp
  • Multiple cryptocurrency wallets backed by Ethereum blockchain
  • Mail verification and specification
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Tracking payments.

Where to Get the Best Sorare-like NFT Gaming Platform?

WeAlwin Technologies offers the best in class NFT marketplace development solutions and has a wide experience in providing business-specific solutions to various clients. We have researched on Sorare and have come up with a readymade sorare clone script software that can help you to create your nft gaming platform on the fantasy zonor. All you need to do is to reach us and get your instant, reliable, and efficient sorare like NFT platform with WeAlwin Technologies. 

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