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Compound Clone Script- An Overview

Compound clone script is an entirely decentralized protocol used to borrow and lend a wide range of crypto assets. The compound clone is a ready-made solution created only for enthusiasts and investors. As the crypto industry grows day by day, the demand for developing crypto platforms for lending and borrowing has increased. At this time, a completely decentralized platform like a compound clone will be of great need.

The Workflow of the Compound Clone Script

For lending

At first, the lender should deposit the tokens or assets. The wallet of the decentralized platform will store the funds and accounts of the users. The compound clone platform has an automated measuring system for calculating interest rates. The interest rates are calculated based on the amount received and transferred to the users.

For borrowing

The platform makes the borrower deposit a certain amount as assurance. Usually, the deposited amount would be larger than the borrowed amount. When the transaction is completed, the user receives the agreed-upon amount.

Though the Compound platform offers a lot of lending amounts to users, still it follows a set of rules and limitations for better functioning. When a user borrows digital assets from the platform, they must be ready to pay the interest regularly, which has a deadline.

Features of Our Compound Clone

Crypto lending and borrowing

As the platform is specially designed for lending and borrowing crypto assets, Users can enter the platform and access the financial services offered by the compound platform.

Ultra-responsive web panel

It is a completely responsive admin dashboard template that makes users comfortable. Users can clarify their doubts and get to know the details of the upcoming upgrades. This feature will instantly provide the response.

KYC verification

KYC & AML are two verification tools used to carry out personal verifications. User information and authentication are the most important ones. This will eradicate the issues related to trading.


The referral options provided on our platform benefit customers in many ways. We integrate this option to let users earn exclusive benefits and awards. The user needs to send referral requests to other parties, and with each successful referral, they are instantly rewarded.They can send the referral request to any friend or family asking them to participate in the lending or borrowing program of the DeFi platform.

Voting rights

Users can enroll their suggestions and exhibit other decisions. The COMP tokens are designed as governance tokens. They can use this in the voting process. Users with this token can participate in voting.

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Key Functions of Compound Clone Script


The compound clone features either borrowing or lending of crypto tokens. There are certain rules and regulations other than the eligibility criteria. This platform will guide the users in acquiring the required loan without any trouble.


The compound clone platform urges users to provide assurance before borrowing. In the decentralized platform, by using the assurance, the user gets to reclaim the losses.


Any user who has borrowed a loan from the platform ought to pay it back. The platform offers automated options that make paying the loan back easy. The interest amount will be mentioned in the user's account, so they need not get worried about the deadline.

Withdraw option

As users are provided with the option to deposit crypto tokens, we also offer the withdrawal option. In the same way, it allows them to withdraw the deposited crypto assets.

Benefits of Creating a DeFi Lending Protocol like Compound

Creating a compound clone brings you a lot of benefits, take a look at them.

  • The rising value of tokens like COMP speaks about the popularity of DeFi protocols and global approval.
  • The absence of intermediaries and third parties has gained the trust of users and built a strength to earn a yield on crypto assets.
  • Users are supplied with high interest than they get from conventional banks. It gives a win-win profit solution.
  • Advanced lending functionality featured by smart contracts makes the platform more secure with cutting-edge integrations.
  • The user need not waste their hard-earned assets in paying other fees as there is no need for third-party access. It creates a safe way for the execution of transactions.

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The premium features integrated with the compound clone are,Crypto lending and borrowing,Ultra-responsive web panel,KYC verification,Referral,Voting rights.
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Compound clone illustrates the key benefits for the users,it is the perfect time to develop a DeFi lending protocol like compound clone script.Advanced lending functionality, Zero additional costs,Win-win profit solution,Absence of intermediaries,Increased growth value.


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